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norwich hammer 9:23 Mon Oct 26
Our club back.
I for one will never forget what happened to our club under fatty, he was everything our club isn't and the contempt shown to us time and time again by him was something that riles me and always will. Arrogant beyond belief and for so called experts acknowledging his one and only call to arms was to keep teams up and that's it,how shit is that,known for boring football but scrape enough wins to finish just above the three poorest teams in the league.

We now have a man who knows football, in less than three months he has united our club like no other since the halcyon days of Lyall and Greenwood and playing attractive stuff that we could only dream about over the last four years,Saturday in my mind was huge as to beat them the way we did I thnk a few of the so called football pundits will have to now take note as they all to a man thought we had a hit and run away policy that surprised teams but nothing as back up, we'll stick that up your fucking pipe as WEST HAM UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB are back and we ain't going away.

Lastly I hope the probably lovely Mrs Allerdyce reads this and realises that we are different people than your normal joe blogs and the West Ham way is to walk out of the Boleyn at 4.45 with a smile on our faces because we have just been entertained and bottom line is that's all we want!

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NHD 9:51 Tue Oct 27
Re: Our club back.
I wonder how many of the kids he put out to slaughter at Nottingham Forest were queuing up to thank him?

franksfat&slow&wank 9:10 Tue Oct 27
Re: Our club back.
I don't like him at all but he did what was asked of him IMO

norwich hammer 9:04 Tue Oct 27
Re: Our club back.
Still some of you think he done a good job 😡

Absolute clueless and classless and as a few have said got paid big dough for getting us up through the backdoor and playing some of the dullest football ever seen on a football pitch and every season us all looking at the table as the end of season came and just doing enough to stay up. There were far better options out there who could have stabilised us better and quicker than that piece of shit and I'm sorry but I will never forget his arrogance and judgement on the West Ham way.
Bilic above everything else comes across as intelegent and knows the game and what we stand for which to me is so important.
I have a season ticket again now after only going one home game last season as I did not want to watch the garbage his team served up.

Keep dreaming 7:42 Tue Oct 27
Re: Our club back.
Norwich hammer, bless you son

Coffee 4:50 Tue Oct 27
Re: Our club back.

In fairness, the owners knew what they were getting with BFS. Neither they nor the fans would have expected anything else. He got us back up at the first attempt, which was what was required. After we got relegated, there were plenty of people on here saying that they didn't care about the football and that all that mattered was promotion.

We're in better shape now than we've been for at least a generation, so let's consign BFS to WHU history and carpe diem.

Monk~koknee 4:47 Tue Oct 27
Re: Our club back.
Yes, he did OK but was amply rewarded.

Someone said he sorted the club out. That is exactly what Allardyce will never do and why so many of his former clubs got relegated after his departure. His approach is simply do enough today to survive there is no building for the future with him.

To get promoted first time around (and it was Reading and Southampton) was badly needed and that is appreciated.

Private Dancer 4:41 Tue Oct 27
Re: Our club back.
Thank him?? Some proper wets on here...3 mil a year is more than enough 'thanks'

Tossed away automatic promotion to the mights of Reading and QPR. 3 seasons in the PL and couldn't even reach 50 points once, despite money to spend in every window. Finished below Palace, Swansea and Stoke. Bored the pants off everyone and insulted the fans and the clubs history. Thanks, Sam.

AdamL 4:01 Tue Oct 27
Re: Our club back.
He's obviously a bit of a cock but to suggest he was a poor appointment and we've nothing to thank him for is completely absurd. Getting us into the top flight at the first time of asking and then having us be stable in mid-table for 3 seasons is very decent. Could it have been better? Of course. Could it have been an awful lot worse? Abso-fucking-lutely.

It's time to move on. (Well actually the time to move on was May, but now it's *definitely* time to move on.)

Re: Our club back.
AN in form Song with Payet and the rest of our side will be a site to behold.

I don't even think we've seen the best of this team.

Scully 1:11 Tue Oct 27
Re: Our club back.
Can't stand the man, glad he's gone and we can enjoy football again. Nothing to thank him for, he was well paid and a better choice of manager could have done just as well or better. It's all bollocks that he's the only one who could have got us back up and keep us in the Premier, sick of hearing that nonsense. Still, it doesn't matter any more, we've now got a manager who understands West Ham and we've got our club back!

SDKFZ 222 12:42 Tue Oct 27
Re: Our club back.
Mex Martillo

Exactly, we wouldn't be where we are today without his influence, whether supporters like it or not. We also had a record number of away wins under him, in the Champuonship, and I read today that some players have attributed our current defensive resilience to his influence as well.

That said, we have moved on so I just hope that many of our supporters also move on.

Mex Martillo 7:46 Mon Oct 26
Re: Our club back.
BFS sorted the club out. It was a mess.
It was not nice, but he did a good job.
No need to slag him, respect for his abilities.

Just great it is over and we are where we want to be.

stirlinghammer 2:56 Mon Oct 26
Re: Our club back.
kilbane was strangely quiet

stirlinghammer 2:55 Mon Oct 26
Re: Our club back.
grump - jason roberts also talking us up on final score, bbc1

norwich hammer 2:54 Mon Oct 26
Re: Our club back.
Never leave early after Wrexham home 81 cup 3 rd round when I was half way home asking my mate who he fancied in next round and he told me they had equalised deep into injury time, got knocked out in 2 nd replay 😳

Grumpster 11:43 Mon Oct 26
Re: Our club back.
Jonathan Pearce was the only commentator or person interviewed straight after our game who gave us credit and insisted we should receive as many headlines for our performance, that Chelsea/Mourinho were going to receive for losing and falling apart.

Ok, he's still a fat yid cunt though ;o)

subcutaneous 11:43 Mon Oct 26
Re: Our club back.
norwich hammer 9:23 Mon Oct 26

So you're one of those people that leaves the ground with two minutes to go?

Sxboy_66 11:42 Mon Oct 26
Re: Our club back.
Loving the passion in the OP Norwich.

There's still a way to go IMHO. We need to be able to adapt in the 2nd half of the season when we play everyone again and they think they've sussed us. (i.e. Stop Payet and Sakho and you stop West Ham)

That's where we fell down last season, BFS wasn't 'able' to change the limited system he played and teams knew exactly what was coming and how to stop it.

The signs are good that we won't have that problem this season, but until I know for sure I'm not going to go OTT. I've been around too long to make that mistake again.

The Joker 11:36 Mon Oct 26
Re: Our club back.
NHD 9:55 Mon Oct 26
Re: Our club back.

Jonathan Pearce has always been a vacuous, shouty prick of a commentator. I have a simmering hatred for him that goes back to his Capital Gold days.

chad sexington 10:00 Mon Oct 26
Re: Our club back.
The Halcyon Days of Lyall.

The same Lyall we booed out of the club forgetting his past service.

NHD 9:55 Mon Oct 26
Re: Our club back.

Yawn all you want.

The fact is, a large section of the press hate us, it seems to me that they cant wait for things to ho wrong. One example, johnathon pearce on motd when we took the lead on Saturday "would you BELIEVE it, west ham have taken the lead" cunt !

BFS has been all over the media since he left us, with his snide remarks. For someone who's not bothered about what we think, he's got a lot to say, snide cunt that he is,"my wife reads all the stuff online, I'm not bothered" cunt.

I belive Bilic wasn't our first choice, remember, G&S appointed Grant, he wasn't my first choice either but, hats off to the man, I haven't stopped smiling for weeks.

So, when the fat cunt stops having a pop at us, I'll forget about him. Until then,

Keep yawning mate.

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