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ludo21 9:30 Thu Nov 12
Chadwell Heath
Anyone know if the club has any plans to improve / replace our training facility?

I have just been browsing through the 'Training Grounds' thread on skyscrapercity:


There are some amazing facilites out there (City, Chelsea, Spurs, Southampton) but other clubs have ambitious plans (QPR, Charlton (!!), Wolves, Reading etc...) which all leave Chadwell Heath in the dark ages.

Bearing in mind it must take at least 5-6 years to turn plans into reality we are in serious danger of getting left behind.

A nice new shinny stadium is one thing but I fear that a quality player choosing between Chadwell Heath and Spurs new facility is only going to make one decision!

Do we have ANY plans?

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smartkev 10:59 Fri Dec 11
Re: Chadwell Heath

It's an old college campus. Pretty naff. Feels like being back at school

normannomates 1:41 Fri Dec 11
Re: Chadwell Heath
Not top draw mate no..but superior to ours..which says it all.
And they're moving to upgraded facilities I believe

smartkev 1:23 Fri Dec 11
Re: Chadwell Heath
QPR's is far worse than ours. It's ghastly

Gavros 1:09 Fri Dec 11
Re: Chadwell Heath
The Rush Green site will eventually be the Academy home, Im sure of it. Big load of land and proper facilities out in the countryside is what's needed.

Hermit Road 1:00 Fri Dec 11
Re: Chadwell Heath
riosleftsock 2:57 Thu Dec 10

I used to make a point of going by it so I could lob my bag of dog shit over the fence.

normannomates 12:59 Fri Dec 11
Re: Chadwell Heath
This should have been sorted out yrs ago.
The current owners don't seem see it as a priority.
shit clubs like Blackburn..Watford...Brighton..QPR and many more put us to shame...it really is pathetic.

Sven Roeder 12:54 Fri Dec 11
Re: Chadwell Heath
As said every manager since Redknapp has moaned about the sub-standard facilities and there has been talk of them contributing to injuries.
Bilic has been here six months and instead of moaning is doing something about it.

JohnnyL 10:44 Thu Dec 10
Re: Chadwell Heath
The issue with Chandwell Heath can't be resolved with better buildings - the soil and basic geology isn't right for suitable training. Rush Green is better for drainage etc although I am no expert whether we could have something better but sadly we can't have next door to OS.

As for Spurs old Luxborough Lane, Chigwell training facilities, that wasn't that great either and also suffered from local soil and drainage issues. The space age dome wasn't that great in reality although better than Chadwell Heath - interesting to see it gone now and building going on there.

ludo21 4:51 Thu Dec 10
Re: Chadwell Heath
As I said in the OP it will take several years to get new facilities worthy of a top 6 team in place.... I can't see Rush Green being the answer in the long term. It needs somewhere out in the Essex countryside and start from scratch.

Eddie B 4:50 Thu Dec 10
Re: Chadwell Heath
Pele shouldn't think that Rush Green is some sort of training paradise, although it is in Havering, so has to be an improvement.

Hasans Fish Bar RIP 3:56 Thu Dec 10
Re: Chadwell Heath
Chadwell heath LONDON is third world. The place and training ground

I CRINGE every time I pass it. It's an embarassment. Not sure if its there now but then old club shop portakabin was plotted up in the carpark.

Even though most of our injuries have happened away from the training ground in not sure what all the fuss is about the pitches, however good on slaven for getting out of there

Alwaysaniron 3:38 Thu Dec 10
Re: Chadwell Heath

Reply Seamouse 3:33 Thu Dec 10

Can you have penny pinching on a mega scale?

I though wholeheartedly agree with everything you've said.

Seamouse 3:33 Thu Dec 10
Re: Chadwell Heath
If we want to compete with the big boys, and attract the best players, our facilities have to be as good, and that takes a lot of moolah.

The idiotic question is, why has it taken one smart Croatian to see the problem and do something about it?

After all these years of crunching injuries that have fucked us up, season after season and probably relegated us on occasion too. You can't play on grass like thin green carpet on top off concrete, its lethal.

Obviously there is a drainage problem with the pitches at Chadwell Heath, but the fact it has taken so long to address this issue, is incompetence and penny pinching on a mega scale.

Alex V 3:26 Thu Dec 10
Re: Chadwell Heath
Astonishing that it's been an issue for so long. When this site first started 18 years ago it was a regular topic, and Harry and some of the players were quite open about how poor the facilities were back then. If any of us would have thought that it would still be a major issue two decades later...

Yet there are still those who will line up to defend the club for it. It is literally incredible.

cjpl203 3:24 Thu Dec 10
Re: Chadwell Heath
Slaven speaks out:

"I've decided, from Monday, we are going to move to Rush Green and start to train there because we can't continue to miss this much players with these kind of pitches, which are not in good shape.

i-Ron 3:17 Thu Dec 10
Re: Chadwell Heath
The time to finish the stadium as originally planned, and upgrading the training ground passed when we sacked Harry to appoint Roeder. That cunt destroyed us.

Ever since then we've suffered financially, but at least we're playing in the top flight.

Alwaysaniron 3:13 Thu Dec 10
Re: Chadwell Heath
I turned up at the new Spurs training ground (it's simply sensational) for a meeting and was blown away by how advanced it is. The good news is I got the contract (so I'm fleecing them on price) and everytime I visit I go through the manned guarded gates playing BUBBLES at full volume...

It really does put our facilities to total shame though.

B6NY B 3:10 Thu Dec 10
Re: Chadwell Heath

Steve Bacons Lenscap 12:43 Sun Nov 15
Re: Chadwell Heath

It's a bit galling given the alleged ambition of the club that an outfit like Brighton have a training facility that is miles better than what we've got.

And???? They had utter dross and 6K stadium for years. They have better training facilities than Everton and Liverpool too?

B6NY B 3:07 Thu Dec 10
Re: Chadwell Heath
I love the old 'Spurs gaff makes us look 2 bob'

They've won fuck all bar 2 league cups in 25 years.

Alex V 3:05 Thu Dec 10
Re: Chadwell Heath
>>> Well, you're wrong. Simple as that.

I'd like to see you try and justify that statement.

Obviously all the other clubs with better training facilities are wrong. And we, with our aged facilities, are in the right. Despite the fact we're about to abandon them because of injuries sustained there!


Terrywait 3:00 Thu Dec 10
Re: Chadwell Heath
Well its not that big for starters

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