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madeeasy 1:36 Fri Dec 4
Golf Days
Setting up a charity golf day for next year.

Where is a decent place that does it around the M25 that people have been. going to be golf during day and dinner at night.

Anyone that's been and had a good day that isn't ridiculously priced then it would be much appreciated.


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normannomates 10:30 Fri Dec 4
Re: Golf Days
My first job at 16 was working as one of the greenkeepers at Pinner Hill.

Load of old cunts mainly..who never shouted 'FORE'...pelted plenty.
The only saving grace was I had the pleasure of knowing Johnny Speight..who was a member.
Proper gent..old School...dont make em like that know more

Sarge 10:22 Fri Dec 4
Re: Golf Days

Sarge 10:21 Fri Dec 4
Re: Golf Days
As a kent boy residing in surrey, there are some decnt courses south of the river for a society..

value - Silvermere - Cobham - M25 jct 10 then less than a mile - we had a WHO day there a few years ago - one of my local pay and plays - decent challenge - great last two holes - 130 yd par 3 over water then a par 4 with a 9 iron to an island green in front of the club house - go out first and laugh at everyone else coming home.

Remember to pay homage to the WHO blue plaque at the thrids commemorating Kirk St Moritz's attempt to claim a free ddrop for 'animal scrapings' after shonking a drive 75 yards against the fence of the driving range.

Mid price - Hever Castle - only played there the once but a really good set up - feels like you're in the middle of nowhere - you'll need some volunteers to drive - 600+ par 5 coming home is fun into the wind.

top whack - east sussex national - Uckfield. 2 championship courses - time it right and you can get on both in one day. Hosted the European open in the 90's - holds open quallies now. Great place to play. last time the open was at Royal St Georges I played there on the Tuesday - John Daly was doing an exhibition for members. He out drove the driving range - and the 50 yards of scrub over the back, to land a ball 10 ft from the pin on one of the holes out the back. Harveys Best Bitter in the bar. Whenever I play there I get the train to Uckfield (from London Bridge) - cab is

Bags 9:45 Fri Dec 4
Re: Golf Days
Hever Castle Golf Club

, 9:36 Fri Dec 4
Re: Golf Days
madeeasy, it will boil down to numbers and how much golf you play. If you have say 100 then a 27 hole course like Warley Park will suit. If you have a lot fewer then a private members club like Bentley will do.

Warley Park will also, as a business, be a lot more amenable to the course being taken over for the day. It is hilly unlike say Bentley but there are plenty of buggies for hire.

Slim Shady 9:32 Fri Dec 4
Re: Golf Days
North Weald is not great, they have moved the clubhouse and its rubbish. Toot Hill is very good as is the Bently.

One Flew 4:26 Fri Dec 4
Re: Golf Days
South of the river and for a start
Pedham Place J3
Birchwood J2
And a bit further round
All decent society courses

Takashi Miike 4:19 Fri Dec 4
Re: Golf Days

Takashi Miike 4:18 Fri Dec 4
Re: Golf Days
SOA, just looked at that courses website, green fees are very reasonable

Son of Anarchy 4:16 Fri Dec 4
Re: Golf Days

You need a new record fatty, yours is broken.

Mr Polite 4:14 Fri Dec 4
Re: Golf Days
are you actually doing that today SoA or are you 'Marathoning' it. ie saying you'll do it but lie through your teeeth

Son of Anarchy 4:11 Fri Dec 4
Re: Golf Days
Boom tish

Far Cough 4:11 Fri Dec 4
Re: Golf Days
I routinely shoot a 70

Over 2 holes

Son of Anarchy 4:09 Fri Dec 4
Re: Golf Days
I got the day off today, taking my father in law out as its his 60th tomorrow.

Playing The Royal Links, each hole is a replica of a famous hole from a british open course.

Got the hip flask full of whiskey, looking to shoot an 88

Pagey 4:08 Fri Dec 4
Re: Golf Days
Toot Hill is probably the best course I've played in Essex.

We were chilling having a drink and overlooking the 18th green when a couple of blokes approached it. One of them took his putter out but his motorised golf trolley decided to keep on going and went straight into the water. Cue the bloke jumping in to fish it out, including his phone and wallet!

A proper lashed up bloke came up to us from out of the clubhouse and was cracking up after watching it all.

Billy Go Wings 4:04 Fri Dec 4
Re: Golf Days
The Warren does a cracking deal, has great practise facilities, the course is superb, the clubhouse has just been refurbed and the food is lovely. I'd highly recommend.

One Johnny Sissons 3:58 Fri Dec 4
Re: Golf Days
Better off looking at Kent and Surrey. Most Essex courses aren't all that.

Takashi Miike 3:12 Fri Dec 4
Re: Golf Days
love Toot Hill too, lovely little course that

NDT 3:11 Fri Dec 4
Re: Golf Days
Bentley defo do society days

, 3:09 Fri Dec 4
Re: Golf Days
Warley Park is close to Brentwood so why leave it out? Twenty seven holes too and ample catering facilities.

Westside 3:08 Fri Dec 4
Re: Golf Days
I'd endorse Brentwood golf club as a choice.

Could also look at Toot Hill.

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