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Far Cough 3:07 Sun Dec 20
My Phoenix has somehow disappeared

When I say disappeared, the main title Phoenix is there but the sub title Phoenix under it has gone

Has anybody else seen this?

It's my main repo for watching streams, so I'm a bit gutted


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tr3bor 9:22 Tue Oct 15
Re: Kodi XBMC

I'm with that provider too, very unreliable.

NeitherUpNorDown 9:14 Tue Oct 15
Re: Kodi XBMC

radox 11:51 Thu Oct 10
Re: Kodi XBMC
Whomail me as well please if you wouldn't mind. Thanks

Percy Dalton 9:18 Thu Oct 10
Re: Kodi XBMC
Ghost of Braderz you have WHO mail.

The Ghost of Braderz 10:56 Tue Oct 8
Re: Kodi XBMC
WHOmail me. I have a provider been using for a year now. They recovered from the Xstream takedown within a week.

claypole 7:36 Mon Oct 7
Re: Kodi XBMC
Looking for suggestions of a reasonable iptv service. Something different from ss

medwayhammer1 6:04 Sat Oct 5
Re: Kodi XBMC
Cheers for the replys people. Funnily enough the Salford game was on SS Mix anyway in the end! My IPTV still up and down, so currently watching the scouse game on Rising Tides...which has been excellent.

Percy Dalton 12:29 Fri Oct 4
Re: Kodi XBMC
Was a bit disappointed last night tried to watch Catherine the Great on Sky Atlantic constant buffering so it still needs some work done to it

Northern Sold 10:52 Fri Oct 4
Re: Kodi XBMC
Yup got mine running... another £30 for 12 months (even though I had 5 months left on old sub)... checked SS and BT sports they seemed OK... not a lot else on it loaded up...

Far Cough 9:32 Thu Oct 3
Re: Kodi XBMC
New SS is up and running, haven't tried on match day yet, anyone else tried it?

Takashi Miike 2:02 Thu Oct 3
Re: Kodi XBMC
med, whomail

East Auckland Hammer 2:01 Thu Oct 3
Re: Kodi XBMC
If Mobdro doesn't work, you could try CKAYTV. Same sort of thing.

Or try Rising Tides on KODI. Normally pretty good.

medwayhammer1 1:05 Thu Oct 3
Re: Kodi XBMC
Right hoping someone can help me? Basicaly what with all the shit going on in IPTV land, my service has decided to get rid of all the sports chanels! I wanna watch the rugby league Fri and over the weekend, so bit pissed off. Can anybody recomend any FREE alternatives via Kodi or any apk I can download? Want sly Arena specificaly. Tried down loading Modbro, but it aint having it for some reason.any alternatives that work? Cheers in advance.

Propodkin 11:05 Wed Oct 2
Re: Kodi XBMC
I can't believe he's asking for more money

jack flash 5:33 Wed Oct 2
Re: Kodi XBMC
OK. SS. Uninstalled all others & installed multi
Paid £20
Username & password same
Brilliant, just brilliant!

WHAM BAMM 6:59 Tue Oct 1
Re: Kodi XBMC
So what is the latest rated IPTV, My current one has gone belly up so it seems?

Percy Dalton 12:21 Tue Oct 1
Re: Kodi XBMC
That's correct he gives you a new username and password.
Initially he gives you a trial which I presume is 24 hrs.
My original subscription runs until April next year he's asked for another £25 to take me up to October next year.
I'm assuming it's going to be £50 a year from now on.

Northern Sold 11:56 Tue Oct 1
Re: Kodi XBMC
So reading between the lines the normal T*W app needs uninstalling and the new multi screen installed?? Then he sends you new log on details?? Is that it??

jack flash 10:51 Tue Oct 1
Re: Kodi XBMC
The way I understand it is that we all have to pay an additional 20, then we'll be given a new username & password in order to cover all the extra work done to get the thing up and running again
However, we also will receive an extra 2 months added on to our subs
I'm still awaiting instructions!

Northern Sold 12:32 Mon Sep 30
Re: Kodi XBMC
Cheers Jonah just seen that message... will give it a go tonight

East Auckland Hammer 10:43 Mon Sep 30
Re: Kodi XBMC
It looks to me like that update says we'll all need to pay a little bit extra depending on how long our subs have left. And presumably, we're going to need new logins or for him to enable our accounts for the new app/panel.

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