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Far Cough 3:07 Sun Dec 20
My Phoenix has somehow disappeared

When I say disappeared, the main title Phoenix is there but the sub title Phoenix under it has gone

Has anybody else seen this?

It's my main repo for watching streams, so I'm a bit gutted


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East Auckland Hammer 11:11 Sat Aug 10
Re: Kodi XBMC
I'm sure you already know Cough. We got deservedly thrashed.

Hasn't clicked yet this year.

Northern Sold 10:52 Sat Aug 10
Re: Kodi XBMC
Jonah... yeah didn't bother with the full on HD BT Sports one but the normal one was more than decent... second half watched it on Bein... again more than decent

Far Cough 10:35 Sat Aug 10
Re: Kodi XBMC
Lomas, how did your boys get on at the Rugby?

East Auckland Hammer 10:33 Sat Aug 10
Re: Kodi XBMC
Tried the BT Sports FHD stream and it was pretty clunky so switched to the standard one and all good for the whole game.

Which one did you guys use?

Northern Sold 9:32 Sat Aug 10
Re: Kodi XBMC
Yeah good as gold Cough son... just paid me £30 for 6 months sub this am and was good to go a few mins later... great service

ted fenton 9:30 Sat Aug 10
Re: Kodi XBMC
Rising Tides was pretty good today wish it hadn't been though !!!

Far Cough 9:28 Sat Aug 10
Re: Kodi XBMC
Good stuff, thanks Mike

Takashi Miike 9:05 Sat Aug 10
Re: Kodi XBMC

Far Cough 7:37 Sat Aug 10
Re: Kodi XBMC
I was at the game, so couldn't test the new TIW on SS, was it good?

DukeofDevo 1:19 Sat Aug 10
Re: Kodi XBMC

DukeofDevo 1:18 Sat Aug 10
Re: Kodi XBMC
Kodi plus a good build or single add ons has been a revelation in the home entertainment world!

Rising tides or sport 365 best for live streams I like to pick up a yank or Canadian stream Eason or TSN usually get a good one!

Yank adverts are better big trucks food and drugs brilliant stuff!

gank 3:34 Sat Aug 10
Re: Kodi XBMC
So we're ok to stick with Kodi again for now, lads? Despite everyone INSISTING on here for 3 years now that you have to have a paid VPN and a paid IPTV subscription?

Genuine question because apart from taking a while to find a good stream, over these last 3 years I've almost always found one. Often last season on Rising Tides.

So I am genuinely asking if it's business as usual?

East Auckland Hammer 11:40 Thu Aug 8
Re: Kodi XBMC
First test of the new SS with everyone on it.

Hope it works.

cartis 10:08 Thu Aug 8
Re: Kodi XBMC
Can anyone advise of a good add on for South American football please.

ted fenton 7:18 Wed Jul 31
Re: Kodi XBMC
Good news Rising Tides is up and running !!!!!

ted fenton 1:20 Wed Jul 31
Re: Kodi XBMC
I loaded Venom but no luck but Yoda seems to be ok again !!

happygilmore 1:51 Sun Jul 28
Re: Kodi XBMC
more than happy with Tron myself. real debrid sorted ..thanks

Alan 1:28 Sun Jul 28
Re: Kodi XBMC
I'm happy with the Tron build, but the gf will want Nouveau soon to replace her old one.

happygilmore 1:05 Sun Jul 28
Re: Kodi XBMC

Thanks. Are you going to try the Noveau Build? Would be interested in feedback. Certainly was a big file when I downloaded it.

Alan 1:02 Sun Jul 28
Re: Kodi XBMC
...also, you don't need to get back to the Estuary skin to initialize Debrid.
System/System/Addons/Manage Dependencies - scroll to find URL Resolver and Resolve URL
Initialize Debrid in both of those.

Alan 12:54 Sun Jul 28
Re: Kodi XBMC
Thought so.
From your post earlier when you said "some were saying I need to "pair" and go to some website ".
This indicates that you hadn't authorized your Debrid on the Nouveau build. You won't get that message once Debrid is activated.

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