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Pea Hammer 3:08 Mon Jan 4
Joey O'Brien
The forgotten man?

Seem's to have just been ignored as one of our players altogether? whats going on here? Even the injury updates on the official site don't mention him anymore.

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Billy Blagg 6:02 Sun Jan 31
Re: Joey O'Brien
Never lets us down

Hammer I am 5:45 Sun Jan 31
Re: Joey O'Brien
:^) 2:37 Sun Jan 31
Re: Joey O'Brien

You like building strawmen don't you.

Yes football fans are a forgiving lot and prone to bouts of pity.

And yes if he cost the club millions, the fans would demand more of him, an obvious yet irrelevent point. Everyone knows he's not a first 11 player but he's great to have as backup.

NIce unicorn though.

Alex V 5:01 Sun Jan 31
Re: Joey O'Brien
Good to see him back on the pitch - I feel he is underrated and can still do a good job for us.

CasualKen 4:50 Sun Jan 31
Re: Joey O'Brien
Joey O Bolton

Roby 4:46 Sun Jan 31
Re: Joey O'Brien
Someone either said on here on on Kumb a few years back that Joey looks like Tarantino when he turns into a vampire in From Dusk Til Dawn!

I like him though, a hard working player and a tough tackler.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 3:56 Sun Jan 31
Re: Joey O'Brien
JOB in first professional footballer to ever have a shit shot on goal scandal!

terry-h 3:29 Sun Jan 31
Re: Joey O'Brien
Nolan will want him at Orient soon. By then Carroll will have enough in his piggy bank to buy the freehold of Brisbane Road from Hearn, and the three amigos can get together again.

collyrob 3:27 Sun Jan 31
Re: Joey O'Brien
No surprise out two best players yesterday were the Irish boys.

If nobes had have played it would have been a hat trick

dicksie3 3:15 Sun Jan 31
Re: Joey O'Brien
He was a decent free-transfer signing for us...

Got to respect BORING BOLLOCKS for taking a gamble on him considering that O'Brien was out injured for so long...

pdcwhu 1:12 Sun Jan 31
Re: Joey O'Brien
JOB is a tough customer,will do a job for us as squad member,,,end of

Garth Algar 1:10 Sun Jan 31
Re: Joey O'Brien
Only 29 is Joey. Feels like he has been around for ever.

Good servant to the club and a decent squad player.

If he's happy with his role at the club, there's every chance he'll get a new contract.

Maybe a testimonial beckons!

Buster 12:59 Sun Jan 31
Re: Joey O'Brien
flyingV 12:43 Sun Jan 31

Ha ha!

NEVER SAY DIE 12:58 Sun Jan 31
Re: Joey O'Brien
Put in a superb cross, beat 3 players on the touchline and set up Payet in a great position which then Antonio wasted. He was very good yesterday and one of the few bright spots out there in Claret and Blue.

Whilst we may now want to keep him, he's already stated he wants to play to get into the Irish squad for the Euros.

flyingV 12:43 Sun Jan 31
Re: Joey O'Brien
Does a fantastic job of balancing professional footballer with being an estate agent in Loughton. For that reason alone, I am a big fan.

Sir Alf 12:34 Sun Jan 31
Re: Joey O'Brien
Steady Eddy type player. Good squad man, rarely lets us down and can defend. Not that great going forward but if he was he would probably not accept being a squad man.

Did ok yesterday for someone who has not played for months.

Private Dancer 5:25 Sun Jan 31
Re: Joey O'Brien
Aaprt from that pathetic shot he did very well. Clearly. I said on another thread yesteday that I hope he is gone by Monday, but with Jenko now fucked I am happy for him to stay until the summer, which is looking very likely now anyway.

Sydney_Iron 5:08 Sun Jan 31
Re: Joey O'Brien
Looked ok to me? not sure why some think hes a bit shit, decent squad player and always puts in a shift.

Dont think we will see much of him apart from the odd spot of bench warming, but not sure what people expect from a squad of players, they cant be all first team regulars, and if there that good thats what they will want or be off, rather have the likes of JOB who will train hard and always put in a shift when asked than some moody primadona who will want out if not getting regular first team games.

norwaytips 3:01 Sun Jan 31
Re: Joey O'Brien
Apart from a terrible, sliced, shot, I thought he did well today. Decent squad player and back up.

Gutted? 2:43 Sun Jan 31
Re: Joey O'Brien

:^) 2:37 Sun Jan 31
Re: Joey O'Brien
Because it is true. If he was incredibly fat, or short, arms longer than his legs, or had a bulbous right foot that to run fast awkwardly involved him painfully swinging it to gain pace, I'd mention it too.

My analogy was of him receiving pity, and the resulting low expectation being saviour to his less than average performance.

Had he cost us a huge transfer fee NO-ONE wouldn't be clamouring to defend him.

Not sure how to draw that in picture form, but feel free to print off this picture of a unicorn.


Mr Anon 2:10 Sun Jan 31
Re: Joey O'Brien
I understand you made a feeble attempt at an analogy, but it wasn't a very good one.

I still don't understand why you mentioned a player's looks.

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