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bobbymoore 2:05 Wed Feb 3
Started a new contract with all 6 of us in the team starting the same time.

Within 2 days this guy is spouting how he's a Freemason, his dad is and brings in his little red book of mason things to learn, telling me about initiations and meetings etc.

Surely you keep it to yourself and don't use it as a self promotion tool?

Anyone? I know there are people who know / or are masons.

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michael 4:32 Fri Feb 5
Re: Freemasons
if you get the chance join the funny hand shake mob
purely based on the fact that they will pay if you get ill
been in 20 years, full of captain mainwarings imho

mashed in maryland 10:10 Fri Feb 5
Re: Freemasons
Lertie Button 6:21 Thu Feb 4

I'm pretty certain my old boss was one. Was a very well spoken lifelong builder from some small town in Dorset who'd grown his company into a reasonably sized and successful subcontractor (with or without being a mason fair play to him), he seemed to be very pally with pretty much every business owner in the south-west and was always on about being off to meetings and stuff after work, seemed to have a more active social life than the average 20 year old.

Way I see it it's just like networking but with a lot of ceremonial cloak and dagger bollocks that most people these days can't be arsed with. But if anyone's involved and done well out of it then fair play to them.

yngwies Cat 8:12 Thu Feb 4
Re: Freemasons
Are the spunk brothers er members?

riosleftsock 7:41 Thu Feb 4
Re: Freemasons
My lodge didn't have any police in it, nor did any others that I visited. I also know a fair few coppers that are not masons.

The police tend to have their own lodges, same as many trades/professions as they are a bit of a hangover from the guilds.

Freemasonry is extremely boring, no doubt ironsofcanada and norwaytipzzzz are masons.

bruuuno 7:36 Thu Feb 4
Re: Freemasons
I interviewed a bloke for a role recently (a woofter) and when I asked what he did in his spare time he explained that e was joining the Masons and started going on about that. I think he thought it would impress me but it was neutral. I don't see it as a good thing or bad thing.

WHOicidal Maniac 6:50 Thu Feb 4
Re: Freemasons
Lertie Button 6:21 Thu Feb 4
Re: Freemasons

"Can't believe there is a lodge in the whole world that doesn't have any cops in it. "

Its stuffed with them. I spent some years on the force and there are loads of them...

sidneyshitcunt 6:28 Thu Feb 4
Re: Freemasons
Best argument against joining Freemasonry: if you rise high enough you'll be obliged to speak with Piers Morgan, Andy Townsend, and Richard from Richard and Judy.

sidneyshitcunt 6:25 Thu Feb 4
Re: Freemasons
"mafia of the mediocre"

Lertie Button 6:21 Thu Feb 4
Re: Freemasons
Conservation little men who get on better in their careers than they should. In country towns Estate Agents, Solicitors, Bankers ect would do precious little business if they weren't Masons.
Can't believe there is a lodge in the whole world that doesn't have any cops in it.
Have to say with their handshakes, rings and phrases they pathetically laughable.

WHOicidal Maniac 11:00 Thu Feb 4
Re: Freemasons
I was offered, I said 'no ta'

Aalborg Hammer 10:54 Thu Feb 4
Re: Freemasons
Q. What do you get if you cross an Alsatian and a Freemason?

A. A police dog with very good career prospects

Davenport 10:26 Thu Feb 4
Re: Freemasons
LOADS of feds are masons

Flea 10:25 Thu Feb 4
Re: Freemasons
It's interesting but there are a lot of old men that are determined & doing their level best to make it boring.

Sussex_IRONS 6:39 Wed Feb 3
Re: Freemasons
It depends where the lodge is and what kind of Freemason, in Lewes at one stage most of the judges were Freemasons and probably still are.

mallard 5:49 Wed Feb 3
Re: Freemasons

Steve P 3:01 Wed Feb 3

riosleftsock 5:37 Wed Feb 3
Re: Freemasons
There's some cracking stuff on here about masonry.

Unfortunately, none of it is true.

I can sum up my experience of freemasonry in two words; Fucking tedium.

No goat-fucking, no old bill in the lodge, no judges, serial killers or government procurement officers.

Its just fucking dull.

That is the true secret that they don't want getting out there.

Jasnik 5:34 Wed Feb 3
Re: Freemasons
all I will say, is nothing is Free

WorldCupWilly 5:32 Wed Feb 3
Re: Freemasons
Part of their rituals is fucking goats!

Spandex Sidney 5:20 Wed Feb 3
Re: Freemasons
MASSIVE homoeroticism that grew popular in a time when homosexuality was illegal.

The 'Receiving of the Black Bull' initiation should sort you right out.

unknown1 4:47 Wed Feb 3
Re: Freemasons
A club for paedos.
Last may it was published that one of Britain’s most influential paedophiles was the head of aMasonic lodge founded and frequented by GCHQ spies. ... Keith Harding, former membership secretary of the Paedophile Information Exchange (Pie) was made Worshipful Master of the Mercurius Lodge in Cheltenham ...
Says it all

Mike Oxsaw 3:13 Wed Feb 3
Re: Freemasons
Steve P 3:01 Wed Feb 3

I'll ask my brother to sign your book the next time I see him.

He's in an Essex lodge. He says it's a load of old bollocks but as a result has made a pretty penny over the years by "accidentally" finding out what non-masonic competitors have bid for contracts then just undercutting them.

Helps that the people charged with letting said contracts are also in the same lodge, but, so far as the organisation buying the services are concerned, they're getting the best value contract and so no further checks are ever done.

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