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Eddie B 1:01 Wed Feb 10
Your MOTM?
Either one of Antonio or Ogbonna for me. Nothing to do with the fact they both scored, both had an excellent game.

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Tomshardware 9:13 Wed Feb 10
Re: Your MOTM?
Antonio for me, he was superb again.

1985 9:04 Wed Feb 10
Re: Your MOTM?
Obiang or Antonio

Athletico Easthamico 8:56 Wed Feb 10
Re: Your MOTM?

Must be a starter now.

Spandex Sidney 7:11 Wed Feb 10
Re: Your MOTM?
I can't believe how Antonio has come on. Hopefully Byram can emulate him and Cresswell in the step up.

The blokes an utter marauding beast.

Jam rock Ammer 7:04 Wed Feb 10
Re: Your MOTM?
Am looking forward to a Ginger Pele & Ogbonna partnership.

normannomates 7:03 Wed Feb 10
Re: Your MOTM?
Can't split Ogbonna Randolph and Antonio.
Maybe Antonio for the shift he put in at RB..IMMENSE

Jam rock Ammer 6:58 Wed Feb 10
Re: Your MOTM?
Am trying to single out 1 but can't so here's my few that stood out Pedro, Randolph, Ogbonna, Antonio, Valencia (although Valencia is very frustrating to me cos I feel he has the ability to push on but seems to fuck up too much.

Sven Roeder 4:25 Wed Feb 10
Re: Your MOTM?
His mazy run starts for the first goal because the Liverpool defender pushes him and that takes him past the next defender & into space.
Can't recall a game where players spent more time trying to push players over. Must be a German thing.

COOL HAND LUKE 4:20 Wed Feb 10
Re: Your MOTM?
Valencia... great mazy run and cross for the first goal, and defo pulled back cynically otherwise he would have scored too.

Needs to learn to stay on his feet more, then he might get the genuine decisions.

13 Brentford Rd 4:18 Wed Feb 10
Re: Your MOTM?
I kid you not Talksport reckoned it was valencia.

COOL HAND LUKE 4:14 Wed Feb 10
Re: Your MOTM?
Song tries to be too clever - those into the body passes might work at Barca, but they are too complex for our game more often than not.

Obiang doesn't seem to be flavour of the month for some reason, but for me he is neat, efficient and effective. He doesn't do anything fancy, and as such often goes unnoticed, but I reckon if he got to play more regularly he'd develop very quickly as per Antonio.

MOTM? I'd say Antonio, but Kouyate was really working very hard and chasing everything down as well.

Fivetide 3:59 Wed Feb 10
Re: Your MOTM?
joey5000 1:28 Wed Feb 10


But I wouldn't argue against MOM for any of half a dozen of our players

Mongymax 3:51 Wed Feb 10
Re: Your MOTM?
Ogbonna... Stand out...

Antonio surprised me at right back, did very well there...

we've got Antonio... you've got our stereo...

glenny boy 3:09 Wed Feb 10
Re: Your MOTM?
Daily mail obviously wasn't watching the game. Randolph 7, Ogbonna and Obiang 6...... MOM was Mignolet???
Thought our three above plus Antonio were brilliant last night.

The Stoat 3:04 Wed Feb 10
Re: Your MOTM?
Ogbonna was top drawer last night and for me easily MOTM

Obiang also had a great game

Northern Sold 12:10 Wed Feb 10
Re: Your MOTM?
Obiang > Song

OLD GEEZER 12:07 Wed Feb 10
Re: Your MOTM?
Amazing the difference watching live and then on the box. Just watched it again and Obiang hardly got a mention but anyone that was there should have seen what a great game he had last night. He never put a foot wrong and held our midfield together. He is so much more reliable than Song and we really should play him as our main holding midfielder over a player that perhaps flatters to deceive with his supposed class but gets caught in possession far too often.

tazman 11:52 Wed Feb 10
Re: Your MOTM?

Think Antonio just done it for me from being up and down the field
scoring a good goal and then have to play at right back,
but good effert by them all.

norwich hammer 11:44 Wed Feb 10
Re: Your MOTM?
Antonio, Randolph very close 2nd 👍

-[Rasta]- 11:36 Wed Feb 10
Re: Your MOTM?
Randolph kept us in it with 3 great saves but could give it to Antonio, Oggy or Obi 1 easily

Grumpster 11:26 Wed Feb 10
Re: Your MOTM?
Randolph has to be pushing for the No.1 spot.

I think he's been brilliant.

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