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crystal falace 9:51 Thu Mar 10
2016 NFL Season
Free agency started last night and was pretty crazy some huge money being spent.

Osweiler getting £18m a year for the Texans, leaving the Broncos without a QB,

Giants have spent a fortune on good but not great players, Oliver Vernon has more guaranteed money than JJ Watt.

lots more deals but cant be bothered to list them all.

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cockney hammer 8:21 Tue Nov 20
Re: 2016 NFL Season
go rams we will not win the super bowl though

crystal falace 4:51 Tue Nov 20
Re: 2016 NFL Season
And that was with 4 interceptions and 2 lost fumbles

bobbymoore 4:12 Tue Nov 20
Re: 2016 NFL Season
Mahomes saved me from 4 fantasy defeats this week...... 35 points... lovely

crystal falace 3:00 Tue Nov 20
Re: 2016 NFL Season
Yes there were alot of points scored but remember there were 3 defensive touchdowns!

There were always going to be alot of points in this game as both offences are outstanding.

southbankbornnbred 11:36 Tue Nov 20
Re: 2016 NFL Season
What a game that was! Proper offensive slug fest. One of the best I've seen in many years.

Ppl saying that the two defences didn't turn up, but there were some amazing defensive plays on that side of the ball. Felt for Mahomes, who looks excellent for a second-year QB.

Lee Trundle 10:54 Tue Nov 20
Re: 2016 NFL Season
Lee Trundle 11:38 Wed Jan 31
"Mahomes looks an outstanding prospect. I think he'll do well for the Chiefs."

(I'm gonna be milking that post for a long time I reckon)

Grumpster 10:35 Tue Nov 20
Re: 2016 NFL Season
Another 4 superbowls and you can be just like us son.

Far Cough 10:24 Tue Nov 20
Re: 2016 NFL Season
Shit Fuck Bollocks

Mr. Burns 10:16 Tue Nov 20
Re: 2016 NFL Season
You might be right there Grumps, but at least we ain’t the 49ers eh?!

Grumpster 9:20 Tue Nov 20
Re: 2016 NFL Season
I was all about the Rams from the beginning of the season without backing anyone, but that defence really is fucking atrocious, with the Chiefs one being even worse.

Have just stuck a bullseye on the Saints at 7/2.

They are at least capable of stopping the odd drive and Brees won't be freezing on the big stage if he gets there.

37 TD's for Mahones already, incredible start to his career.

Takashi Miike 9:01 Tue Nov 20
Re: 2016 NFL Season
really exciting game but the lack of defence on both teams may seem them fall short of winning a superbowl. great to watch though, especially the speed of hunt & hill

colchesterhammer 7:35 Tue Nov 20
Re: 2016 NFL Season
What a game, although really frustrating to lose. A poor secondary and giving up a stupid number of penalties may cost us getting to a SB. It's been that way all season. Mahomes put up some ridiculous numbers but made a couple of poor decisions at crucial times but he is young and will learn. The boy is destined for great things.

Takashi Miike 12:49 Tue Nov 20
Re: 2016 NFL Season
he's worked with a couple of our coaches at other clubs, i don't mind as long as mccoy stays fit. it's his team now

southbankbornnbred 12:41 Tue Nov 20
Re: 2016 NFL Season
I really feel for Smith, too.

That's a terrible injury - double break in the same leg and it will take a very long time before he will have the sort of mobility that will allow him to play again. Could well be the end of the road for the fella. He's 34 now and, realistically, you're looking at him being at least 36 by the time he returns. That's if he heals up properly.

southbankbornnbred 12:18 Tue Nov 20
Re: 2016 NFL Season
Blimey - the 'Skins must be desperate to have trawled that 'talent'(less) pool and come up with Sanchez.

I'm a long-suffering Jets fan who watched Sanch's form fall of a cliff in season three, and never return. Personally, I'd say you could immerse yourself in a gasseous broth of oxygen-less stagnant and toxic waste at the bottom of an empty skip in a Lidl car park...and still come up with something more useful than Sanch.

Good luck.

zebthecat 12:04 Tue Nov 20
Re: 2016 NFL Season
Mark Sanchez?!

Takashi Miike 11:40 Mon Nov 19
Re: 2016 NFL Season
watched gruden's press conference and it was a clean break on both bones but will be a long way back. sanchez is the new back up :.)

crystal falace 11:36 Mon Nov 19
Re: 2016 NFL Season
Happened 33 years to the day since thiesman’s injury

He was in the stadium yesterday

The score in the game finished the same

They were both hurt at the same yard marker

They both had 301 passing attempts in the season before they got hurt.

Weird how some of these things fall into place

Takashi Miike 7:02 Mon Nov 19
Re: 2016 NFL Season
was just looking at his contract and the fuckwit snyder indeed agreed to $71m guaranteed. also if you look at the five year deal they gave him, he'd be earning the best of the money $20+m in the final year aged 38/39. haha, him (snyder) buying the franchise is on a par with the porn dwarves :.)

Lee Trundle 6:52 Mon Nov 19
Re: 2016 NFL Season
Kaepernick will be linked to whoever has a space for a while yet. But you're dead right about not wanting him or his baggage.

It's a real shame for Smith, as I like him too. I think I've already mentioned to you that I don't think he's good enough to win the Super Bowl on his own, but the last thing I wanted to see was an injury like that to him to deny him a shot this year. I hope he makes a speedy and a full recovery.

Takashi Miike 6:42 Mon Nov 19
Re: 2016 NFL Season
lee, not sure if derek carr will be available after his sideline rows with gruden snr yesterday (they nade uo later), but if the worst happened we'd have to draft a qb or trade for one

we just don't want that toxic cunt kaepernick anywhere near the club, even though are plenty of knobends wanting him and the press almost demanding it happen

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