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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
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c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
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e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

crystal falace 9:51 Thu Mar 10
NFL (since 2016)
Free agency started last night and was pretty crazy some huge money being spent.

Osweiler getting £18m a year for the Texans, leaving the Broncos without a QB,

Giants have spent a fortune on good but not great players, Oliver Vernon has more guaranteed money than JJ Watt.

lots more deals but cant be bothered to list them all.

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southbankbornnbred 8:02 Wed Mar 3
Re: NFL (since 2016)
I was half-wondering whether Saleh might take a Klecko-style punt on Watt at the Jets (when Gang Green gave Klecko a contract despite his knee injury - a move which worked out superbly when he moved from DE to DT).

Clearly not. Probably the right choice when you're trying to rebuild with younger players. But we could do with some more experience on the D-line.

southbankbornnbred 7:59 Wed Mar 3
Re: NFL (since 2016)
CF - yeah, I had a feeling he might go to the Cards once some of the other offers came in on the 'lower' (for his expectations) side of things. He was a beast of a player, but he has played around half of NFL games in the past five seasons and, some say, he might be one more injury away from calling it a day. Reckon he's balancing his pre-retirement cash with the desire to win. Don't blame him - it's an unforgiving sport and he has had more than his fair share of injuries due to his intensity.

Superb player when he's fully fit and raging.

crystal falace 1:09 Wed Mar 3
Re: NFL (since 2016)
JJ Watt to the Cardinals then. Seems like he went middle of the road on money and calibre of team. Seems like he had bigger offers for lesser teams and bigger teams with smaller offers so chose quite well in the end.

11MDE 3:23 Mon Mar 1
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Found a decent UK based podcast called '4th and Out', which for a simplton NFL fan like me made good listening.

Takashi Miike 2:46 Fri Feb 19
Re: NFL (since 2016)
hermit, it can be sorted as shown at our place but wiseman needs to go and that's unlikely as he seems to have similar influence to what bruce allen had in washington

Hermit Road 1:14 Fri Feb 19
Re: NFL (since 2016)
I agree. They have totally fucked up this whole situation. Handed him a huge contract, drafted a QB in the 2nd round a couple of months after, were left with no weapons and no O Line, shock horror, Wentz has a bad season and they trade him away whilst swallowing over $30 million in dead cap!

Takashi Miike 12:42 Fri Feb 19
Re: NFL (since 2016)
I don't listen to the 'bad leader' shit. the biggest problem in philadelphia are the numbskulls in their front office. little will improve until that changes

Hermit Road 12:24 Fri Feb 19
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Wentz has got a cannon of an arm and with the right set up, could do very well.

This signing also puts to bed some of the rumours about how he is a negative influence in the locker room. The Colts’ HC and Press Taylor know Wentz as well as anyone, if he is that bad a leader then they wouldn’t have wanted anything to do with him.

I think the Eagles got bent over and rammed pretty hard with this deal. It was clear they were holding out for more and Wentz forced their arm. They should have held tight. They have let him go for nothing and still are into him for £30 million of dead cap. It’s a terrible deal

Takashi Miike 10:42 Thu Feb 18
Re: NFL (since 2016)
I'm not a fan of wentz. he's far too reckless, and turns the ball over far too much but at least he'll be playing now for a coach who believes in the run game so he may get his confidence back

crystal falace 7:56 Thu Feb 18
Re: NFL (since 2016)
22 QBs taken in the first round from 2009-16 and not one of them is still with the team who drafted them.

crystal falace 7:40 Thu Feb 18
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Eagles trading Wentz to the Colts for a third and conditional 2nd round pick.

May be the missing piece the colts need?

Takashi Miike 3:05 Wed Feb 17
Re: NFL (since 2016)
looks like Watt fancies a few years in Cleveland :.)

El Scorchio 2:05 Tue Feb 16
Re: NFL (since 2016)
That's shit. Sounds like unfortunately it could be a suicide, which would be incredibly sad.

southbankbornnbred 1:58 Tue Feb 16
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Sad news - he was a fine wideout. Sounds like his family reported him missing, the police located him at the hotel and then found him dead a few days later.

crystal falace 12:35 Tue Feb 16
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Former pro bowl WR vincent jackson has been found dead at his home ge 38. Police are currently investigating foul play

Joe C 11:07 Sat Feb 13
Re: NFL (since 2016)
It’s mental how far over the Saints are

RBshorty 7:53 Sat Feb 13
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Cheers Joe.

Joe C 7:53 Sat Feb 13
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Rams will struggle too


RBshorty 7:38 Sat Feb 13
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Bills would be a good fit. However it’s still the AFC. Maybe the Rams or the Packers.?

Joe C 7:11 Sat Feb 13
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Steamers? Cheers phone...


Joe C 7:11 Sat Feb 13
Re: NFL (since 2016)
zebthecat 11:19 Fri Feb 12

Streamers have salary cap issues - wouldn’t be able to do it without moving a fair few out

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