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crystal falace 9:51 Thu Mar 10
2016 NFL Season
Free agency started last night and was pretty crazy some huge money being spent.

Osweiler getting £18m a year for the Texans, leaving the Broncos without a QB,

Giants have spent a fortune on good but not great players, Oliver Vernon has more guaranteed money than JJ Watt.

lots more deals but cant be bothered to list them all.

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crystal falace 9:56 Wed Feb 13
Re: 2016 NFL Season
Wounds like haskins is the top qb in this draft and may well be going to the giants, after that there doesnt seem to be many prospects

Except this lad murray who is a couple of inches shorter than russell wilson and is only about 180 pounds but he’s a real wildcard

Takashi Miike 9:35 Wed Feb 13
Re: 2016 NFL Season
I wonder if they'll draft a QB? I'm just glad we avoided him

crystal falace 9:01 Wed Feb 13
Re: 2016 NFL Season
Broncos have agreed a deal to trade for joe flacco, seems an odd very sideways move

Guess that thin air in denver will help him chuck high deep balls to try and get a phantom PI call.

ironsofcanada 3:25 Tue Feb 12
Re: 2016 NFL Season
Takashi Miike 3:24 Tue Feb 12

This is the league of Ray Lewis.

Takashi Miike 3:24 Tue Feb 12
Re: 2016 NFL Season
what's the media reaction been like to this signing? a player that actually assaulted someone rather than allgedly, like foster? are they collectively hating the browns like they did/do the redskins?

crystal falace 3:12 Tue Feb 12
Re: 2016 NFL Season
Browns are signing Kareem hunt even though he's facing at least a 6 game suspension,

Seems a strange one when they're building a good young team and already have Nick Chubb who looks like a superstar in the making.

Sounds like the Browns GM has a personal relationship with Hunt so may be throwing him a bone

medwayhammer1 6:09 Mon Feb 11
Re: 2016 NFL Season
Watched the first half of the San Antonio game. Was ok, Defense is a lot more developed then the offense, but thats understandable at this stage. Obviously not as slick playwise as the Nfl, but will get better and quite enjoyable to watch.

Decided to addopt San Antonio as my team....so thats them fucked then :-)

crystal falace 11:56 Mon Feb 11
Re: 2016 NFL Season
Has anyone watched any of this AAF yet?

All I've seen is the few snippets on twitter, some big hits being put in, but the quarterback play specifically seems very lacking

Tomsdad 7:29 Tue Feb 5
Re: 2016 NFL Season
More importantly, what was the half time show like and who done the best advert?

bobbymoore 6:12 Tue Feb 5
Re: 2016 NFL Season
just got back from Atlanta... fooking shattered!

Takashi Miike 6:04 Tue Feb 5
Re: 2016 NFL Season
*Rypien's nephew*

fucking Taylor?

Takashi Miike 6:02 Tue Feb 5
Re: 2016 NFL Season
I've watched a lot of videos and there are some decent qbs in this year's group, not necessarily the ones being touted by the media. our old superbowl qb Taylor's nephew is very talented and due to hype around others will be available in the mid to late rounds. some other decent options too, not that we can afford without neglecting if he areas of the team, but the last thing we need to do is commit another $15-20m a year on a veteran QB with his best years behind him. though, moronic decisions like that are what our cunt of an owner does best

ironsofcanada 6:02 Tue Feb 5
Re: 2016 NFL Season
Thoughts on who free agency is going to hit the worst (of the playoff teams)

crystal falace 5:56 Tue Feb 5
Re: 2016 NFL Season
Not many high end QBs available, Foles probably the pick of the bunch and who knows which version of him you'll get at any given moment.

Everything I'm reading says its a pretty poor draft class for QBs too, might be just about getting a bridge guy for a year until the likes of Tua and/or Lawrence are available

Takashi Miike 5:47 Tue Feb 5
Re: 2016 NFL Season
don't want flacco, we should draft a young qb. his best years are gone and his wages are a non starter considering how much dead money we owe smith

bubbleblower 5:38 Tue Feb 5
Re: 2016 NFL Season
When's the next All or Nothing out and who's it focus on this time?

ooooh Morley Morley 5:29 Tue Feb 5
Re: 2016 NFL Season
Alex Smith likely to miss 2019 season and Flacco to the Redskins...

Far Cough 12:52 Mon Feb 4
Re: 2016 NFL Season
CUNTS win again?

ironsofcanada 12:47 Mon Feb 4
Re: 2016 NFL Season
Lee Trundle 10:05 Mon Feb 4

Didn't watch so can't really judge but from highlights it seemed close for most of it. Which is more than you can say for a lot of them.

But it does depend on who you ask


(To be fair, you really don't need much to get New Orleans to party.)

Pagey 12:40 Mon Feb 4
Re: 2016 NFL Season
I’m not a big fan of American Football at all but watched the Super Bowl last year and it was brilliant. Last night was proper hard work.

I don’t think I’ll ever get into it but the Super Bowl is such a huge occasion it’s always worth getting involved if possible.

Lee Trundle 10:05 Mon Feb 4
Re: 2016 NFL Season
Must go down as the worst SB in living memory.

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