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crystal falace 9:51 Thu Mar 10
NFL (since 2016)
Free agency started last night and was pretty crazy some huge money being spent.

Osweiler getting £18m a year for the Texans, leaving the Broncos without a QB,

Giants have spent a fortune on good but not great players, Oliver Vernon has more guaranteed money than JJ Watt.

lots more deals but cant be bothered to list them all.

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southbankbornnbred 10:36 Wed Apr 7
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Lastly, the other QB to keep an eye on in this year's draft is Kellen Mond at Texas A&M.

He's gone under the radar for a lot of people because there has been so much focus on Lawrence, Wilson and Justin Fields.

Chris Simms and other good judges of QB skills and techniques, have Mond as a better prospect than the likes of Fields. The kid has a cannon for an arm and is as accurate over mid and long distances as any other QB this year. He threw just 3 interceptions last season in a strong college conference, so he keeps the ball.

Keep an eye on him later in round 1, because there are many folk who rate him above Fields (decent player), Mac Jones and Trey Lance - who are considered the 'next best' QBs outside the top two.

If Mond slips into the second round, then somebody is going to pick up a match-winner on the cheap.

southbankbornnbred 10:25 Wed Apr 7
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Interestingly, Chris Simms (son of Phil) - who is now an analyst and has an excellent track record in rating/breaking-down QBs - claims that Zach Wilson is the best QB in this year's draft.

He rates Wilson above Lawrence, which is a big call.

Simms wasn't a great NFL QB (unlike his dad), but is a widely respected analyst. His track record is good - for example, he had Lamaar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen as the best QBs in their respective classes when few others did. Proved right with each call.

He's had his failures, of course, and it's so difficult to rank QBs entering the NFL because you just never know how anybody will respond to the professional game/ranks. But Simms rates Wilson very highly and sees him as a similar figure to Rodgers.

Interesting that he rates him higher than Lawrence - who is most people's nailed-on #1 and will go to the Jags with the #1 pick.

southbankbornnbred 9:42 Wed Apr 7
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Joe C - that's right. It's only a sixth-rounder this year, and a second and fourth-rounder in 2022.

Zeb/Joe - We've been stockpiling picks for a little while now. But historically, we've been useless at drafting players with high picks (with a few notable exceptions like Revis), so it's a risky ploy.

It's like giving a child the money to go out shopping for you: you know they will come back with some empty sweet wrappers, pet food for an animal you don't own, something shiny, and an overly expensive car without an engine.

Zach Wilson does look like a very good quarterback, though. My only issues with him are that he hasn't always played against good college opposition, and he looks a bit fragile for the NFL (he needs to put on half a stone of muscle).

I liked Darnold and felt we could have persevered with him - and actually put some weapons around him. But there you have it. It'll be just our luck that he'll now do what Drew Brees did when he left San Diego!

zebthecat 10:06 Tue Apr 6
Re: NFL (since 2016)
southbankbornnbred 8:33 Tue Apr 6

Read today that the Jets have 22 picks over the next two years.
That's a hell of a lot.

Joe C 9:43 Tue Apr 6
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Not all picks are for this year though are they sbb?

southbankbornnbred 8:33 Tue Apr 6
Re: NFL (since 2016)
You never know, of course, but I think Sam Darnold could be a decent acquisition for the Panthers.

He was wasted by Adam Gase, the worst NFL coach for many years. But Darnold has talent and is still only 23 years-old. Could see him playing well there, providing they have a decent QB coach.

I think we got a second, fourth and sixth rounder for Darnold - so we now have more draft picks than we can list.

Clearly, Zach Wilson (most likely) or Justin Fields (less likely) is heading to New York with the #2 pick.

Not sure I'm comfortable with a Jets quarterback called 'Zach'. It feels too all-American and that is not our style!

southbankbornnbred 8:28 Tue Apr 6
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Cough - we released him after a few practice games. He signed with Dallas, I think, as a practice squad member.

But I've just read that he then went back to Aussie rugby league. Not sure it worked out for him. The Jets have had a few folk join us from other sports or codes, but few of them last because each position has become so specialist (as with their original sports).

I think Christian Wade is still with the Bills, though. He seems to have made the change better than most. He's not a first-teamer, but he gets some back-up roles.

the coming of gary 7:44 Tue Apr 6
Re: NFL (since 2016)
.. 2021 international games

2 x Tottenham
1 x Germany
1 x Mexico

Jaguars in separate talks with Wembley for an additional game

the coming of gary 7:07 Tue Apr 6
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Return of London NFL ; Atlanta Falcons to play a home game at Tottenham this year

Joe C 11:24 Mon Apr 5
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Darnold gone to the Panthers

Far Cough 2:30 Mon Apr 5
Re: NFL (since 2016)
sbb, just been watching a Youtube video of an ex Aussie Rugby League player called Valentine Holmes trying out for the Jets, how did it work out in the end for him?

southbankbornnbred 1:18 Tue Mar 30
Re: NFL (since 2016)
I honestly think somebody should take a punt on Darnold.

The Jets wasted him by putting him under the worst 'coach' in our franchise history (which, given we had Rich Kotite is saying something).

He's a #3 pick QB with strong fundamentals and a decent arm. He needs work, because the Jets left him to his own devices, but he's still only 23 years-old and has plenty of time to develop under a decent QB coach/HC.

He's a punt, because he regressed last year (no surpise, given we had Gase). But he could go somewhere build a strong career.

Personally, I think the Jets are mad to want to part ways with him while he's still 23. But Saleh seems to want to build from scratch under a new QB of his choice - and he likes the look of BYU's Zach Wilson. So it looks like the Jets are moving on from Darnold.

I've got a feeling he go somewhere less pressured and thrive.

Looking around the league, he'd suit the non-Skins, the Bears, Saints and Colts. He'd probably do well under BB at the Patsies, too, but that's a nightmare scenario for Jets fans.

Hermit Road 4:08 Sat Mar 27
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Eagles are definitely just sitting this season out by trading down.

Got serious cap problems this year but next year they should have 3 first round picks and 60 million cap space.

This year could be pretty gruesome though

Holstebro Hammer 3:40 Sat Mar 27
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Trades kicking off at the moment. San Fran must be looking for a new QB which makes you wonder where Garoppolo will end up.
Trading up for a QB hasn't worked out well for team recently. Mitch Trubisky, Goff, Darnold. Only going to get more interesting the closer we get to the draft. Is it worth giving up Picks to move a few places up in the draft? Rarely works out.

zebthecat 11:58 Fri Mar 19
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Matt Stafford is a huge upgrade on Jared Goff.
The Lions have been shite but give him the ball late in game and he can still do it.

Takashi Miike 10:00 Thu Mar 18
Re: NFL (since 2016)
two more great signings, william jackson (CB) & curtis samuel. just LB to sort out and we're set :.)

crystal falace 12:24 Wed Mar 17
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Huge contract for Trent williams joining the 49ers

southbankbornnbred 9:16 Tue Mar 16
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Btw, strong signs that the Jets are more decided now on what they are going to do with the #2 pick in the draft.

The #1 pick for the Jags is nailed on as Lawrence. So the big mystery is what the Jets do: stick with Darnold and draft his nailed-on line blocker in Sewell; break the bank with a megatrade for Deshaun Watson; or draft another QB?

All the sounds emerging from New York indicate that they are going to opt for BYU's Zach Wilson as their new QB with the #2 pick.

Could be a bluff, but Saleh, LaFleur and Douglas have spent a lot of time assessing this kid. He's clearly high on their agenda.

No idea if that's the right choice. Wilson does look very good. But I feel like Darnold has been poorly treated in New Jersey.

southbankbornnbred 4:48 Tue Mar 16
Re: NFL (since 2016)
I like the Jets' new-found preference for peak-age players (26 to 29) in free agency. They cost a little more, but they can still be improved while giving you a few years more than an out-and-out veteran.

That's a solid start by Robert Saleh/Joe Douglas.

southbankbornnbred 4:44 Tue Mar 16
Re: NFL (since 2016)
They say if you can't go accurate, go big.

Jets have nabbed Corey Davis (6ft 4) from the Titans at WR and can now pair him up with Denzel Mims (6ft 3).

Those cornerbacks in the AFC East had better be tall!

Decent, if unspectacular, first day of free agency for new coach Saleh. Davis is 26 years old and hit almost 1,000 yards receiving last season. He's a decent WR and gives us another big receiving target in the play-action system favoured by our new offensive co-ordinator.

They also nabbed a decent pass-rusher in Lawson from Cincinatti. Again, he's 26 and his best years are ahead of him providing he can stay healthy.

crystal falace 4:20 Tue Mar 16
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Patriots have also now got hunter henry. Best two TEs on the market

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