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Q: 2022/23 You are the Chairman what do you do with Moyes?
a. Stick with him obviously, he's delivered two good seasons back to back and will see us out of this dip in form
b. If we're still lingering around the bottom three by the start of the WC then that's the time to get rid
c. What are we waiting for 2 wins in the last 20 PL games is reason enough to sack him, go now
d. I've just got my new Orange & White 3rd Kit with Moyesinho on the back, I can't wait to wear it down to the supermarket, they call me Mr West Ham around here

crystal falace 9:51 Thu Mar 10
NFL (since 2016)
Free agency started last night and was pretty crazy some huge money being spent.

Osweiler getting £18m a year for the Texans, leaving the Broncos without a QB,

Giants have spent a fortune on good but not great players, Oliver Vernon has more guaranteed money than JJ Watt.

lots more deals but cant be bothered to list them all.

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El Scorchio 1:21 Fri Sep 30
Re: NFL (since 2016)
You have to hope he's OK both short term and long term. No-one wants to see things like that in any sport. Poor bloke has had quite a share of injuries in not a long career so far.

And I'll reiterate what I said yesterday- some people call them pussies for the pads and protective gear.

If there was EVER a time when the helmet and padding has hopefully stopped an even more potentially serious injury, then it's last night.

southbankbornnbred 1:19 Fri Sep 30
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Just seen the highlights of Fish v Bengals and that Tus injury definitely looks like it could be an accumulative thing.

The actual sack and slam was nothing particularly unusual in the NFL. It was a hard fall, but they often are in the NFL. But he clearly had some sort of problem the week before, and was rushed back in. Another jolt to the head - however 'normal' looking it was - and he ends up like that.

I'm no fan of the Fish, but I hope he's OK. You don't want to see people getting head injuries like that. Their fans have enough of them as it is...

zebthecat 10:46 Fri Sep 30
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Just caught up with last night's game.
That Tua head injury looked horrible and I hope he turns out OK. He needs a long time off to recover.. He should never have been put in that position after last week. I don't care what the so-called independent doctors said.
I chose to give up playing rugby (it was only club 2nd XV level) after 3 concussions in 10 weeks. Sometimes players are their own worst enemies and I came back twice after a month off to recover but it wasn't enough. The third time I was knocked sparko and still can't remember how it happened or anything else from that match day.
Still - Go 'FIns!

ironsofcanada 7:25 Fri Sep 30
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Former WWF wrestler now with a PhD in Neuroscience absolutely going off on the Dolphins and NFL.


ironsofcanada 4:58 Fri Sep 30
Re: NFL (since 2016)

Saw a conspiracy theory on a Saints board about magnets in the ball and why there are more uprights hit these days. Ha.


Yeah, wonder if anything now comes back on the Dolphins letting him play after last week.

Good luck Teddy.

crystal falace 4:58 Fri Sep 30
Re: NFL (since 2016)
FWIW Tua should never have been in the game to begin with. So obviously got concussed in the Bills game he couldnt even walk straight at one point but they swept it under the rug and blamed a bullshit back injury. 2 bad concussions like that in 4 days can end a career.

crystal falace 4:39 Fri Sep 30
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Happens when you get knocked out, called fencing. You see it in the ufc whole body goes stiff

ironsofcanada 4:31 Fri Sep 30
Re: NFL (since 2016)
But maybe more than that

ironsofcanada 4:31 Fri Sep 30
Re: NFL (since 2016)
That finger did not look go on Tua.

crystal falace 3:25 Fri Sep 30
Re: NFL (since 2016)
This white bengals against the classic dolphons teal is a beautiful uniform matchup

Takashi Miike 8:42 Thu Sep 29
Re: NFL (since 2016)
this is a brilliant watch, Steve Mcnair : A Football Life


Far Cough 8:35 Thu Sep 29
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Oops I forgot we had Brett Favre and Jim McMahon on the way down as well

Far Cough 8:32 Thu Sep 29
Re: NFL (since 2016)
My Vikings had Warren Moon for a while but he was on his way down, same with Randall Cunningham, The Vikings are the West Ham of the NFL

Lee Trundle 8:08 Thu Sep 29
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Warren MOON was brilliant.

Definitely one of the better players to have never won the Super Bowl.

ironsofcanada 8:02 Thu Sep 29
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Far Cough 7:42 Thu Sep 29

My first memories of this kind of football was Warren Moon winning stuff with the Edmonton (now formerly) Eskimos in the CFL. So I followed them from a far a bit.

Glanville's time with Atlanta was just before I found the Saints but Deion Sanders was all over Sports Illustrated and the like. It was the time that started the Dirty Birds, I think.

Far Cough 7:42 Thu Sep 29
Re: NFL (since 2016)
I loved Jerry Glanville's Smashmouth football at the House of Pain

ironsofcanada 7:08 Thu Sep 29
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Looking at old hits


Never got to see them but all indications were that the Saints Dome Patrol was the best set of linebackers with the worst bunch of dross around them.

Under-rated because they never won anything even a playoff game.

Takashi Miike 6:50 Thu Sep 29
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Mclaurin getting up after the Bucs Whitehead tries to decapitate him last year, it's why he's loved so much


Mr. Burns 6:47 Thu Sep 29
Re: NFL (since 2016)
You still get some good clean hits:


But also some filthy cheap shots as well:


Grumpster 6:25 Thu Sep 29
Re: NFL (since 2016)
Yanks can’t drink for shit, but definitely as gay as some of the shit over here now.

I don’t want to see players injured, but it is pathetic when our broadcasters refuse to show bad replays. Red zone will fucking show anything and personally I like to grimace at it 😂

ironsofcanada 6:23 Thu Sep 29
Re: NFL (since 2016)
I was surprised. Two weeks ago, there was a tackle in one of the games I was watching, a prime time one, I think, where the tackler basically hog-tied the carrier and body-slammed him right near the goal line and it wasn't called.

Looked it up, it was Kelce being tackled.


Immortalised in LA


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