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defjam 10:55 Mon Mar 14
Westham67 (Dave) - (Updated) :-)
Morning chaps.

Just a quick message, I spoke to balders over the weekend & i had noticed my self that
Westham67 hadn't posted for a while.

I know he had a minor stroke towards the end of last year so i got in touch with his family over the weekend and he's back here in the UK as he's still not recovered.

I know a few of you know him, I've met him many times, proper top bloke who'd help anyone out, i stayed and went to work with him a few days in Malaysia a few years ago,well i say work, we ended up on an old iron bridge in middle of a thunderstorm with him holding an umbrella above my while i lay on the tracks taking photos! :-)

I know a lot of ex-pats know him, Private dancer etc

I'm hopefully going to go see him soon so i thought I'd get some messages and print them off to hopefully help him along with his recovery.


OK so apologies for the late update i wanted to make sure all the info i had was correct.

So it seems that WH67 didn't have a stroke as first diagnosed in Thailand, he'd been given the wrong meds over there.
He was given half the dose over here at first then completely new meds which didn't work either.
He was suffering from paranoia and psychosis and extreme loss of memory.
I was still trying to go see him but wasn't sure how he'd be, i still haven't managed to go.
I spoke to his family last week at length and towards the end of the week they said the doctors think that he has a condition called Korsakoff , which is a form of dementia in young people, Caused by alcohol use.

He doesn't know where he is or who anyone is.
He's been taken to a mental health unit to be assessed and hopefully there will be results tomorrow.
The family have read this thread and they said thanks to everyone for their kind words and are happy that lots of people care about him.

There's quite a few of us on here that have met Dave through the years so this'll be a shock to us all, he's an intelligent quick minded bloke so whats happened is even more surprising.

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Westham67 7:32 Fri Jan 27
Re: Westham67 (Dave) - (Updated) :-)
Lucky Bastard, I had a blood test here yesterday , there not like the ones at home where they don't tell you the results

I had massive Penicillin treatment a few months back. drip fed for 4 days solid. So the infection got a bloody nose and receded. It takes a long time for the Penicillen to finish off the last of the infection, So Yesterday because I had no record of tests in the UK i had a Penicillen G injection a the top of my bum muscles, Had i had the test report from previous blood tests they woulnd have jabbed me as the reading was well down on the last test I did in the uk, I have to go back next Thursday and the one after for a jab in the bottom , hurt a bit actually

riosleftsock 12:17 Thu Jan 26
Re: Westham67 (Dave) - (Updated) :-)
Small consolation, Nietzsche only had sex once in his entire life and managed to contract gonorrheah.

Westham67 11:18 Thu Jan 26
Re: Westham67 (Dave) - (Updated) :-)
China's Syphilis epidemic


Westham67 2:17 Thu Jan 26
Re: Westham67 (Dave) - (Updated) :-)

Scroll down on link for 10 days weather

Westham67 2:03 Thu Jan 26
Re: Westham67 (Dave) - (Updated) :-)
Yeah its a tricky one, I doubt they will bring up health , I can do a Medical at Bangkok Pattaya hospital, i did one there for Singapore

Cheezey Bell-End 1:58 Thu Jan 26
Re: Westham67 (Dave) - (Updated) :-)
So if you have a job interview and they ask about the time off and your general health, do you tell them that it was nothing major, just syphilis?

Westham67 1:55 Thu Jan 26
Re: Westham67 (Dave) - (Updated) :-)
what about anti-biotics ? Did you nearly die of Penicillen poisoning, sounds nasty

J.Riddle 1:50 Thu Jan 26
Re: Westham67 (Dave) - (Updated) :-)
Good to see you enjoying yourself 67. Sometimes wonder if my allergy to Penicillin will be my downfall cometh the the day, nearly killed me last time I was given it. Yes there are other drugs but it does seem to be the mother of all drugs in many cases.

Westham67 1:38 Thu Jan 26
Re: Westham67 (Dave) - Stroke.
Fell over last night missed the last step on the foot bridge joing 23 to 18, staying in 18. met up with my mate from UK and an Aussie ive not seen for years who is a safety consultant. he likes a beer or 12 and is going to get me a start in vietnam probably, interview after CNY

Mike Oxsaw 12:56 Thu Jan 26
Re: Westham67 (Dave) - Stroke.
Cheezey Bell-End 9:25 Wed Jan 25

Siamese Twins, I reckon.

normannomates 10:42 Wed Jan 25
Re: Westham67 (Dave) - Stroke.
Pleased to hear you're pukka 67.
Good man

Cheezey Bell-End 9:25 Wed Jan 25
Re: Westham67 (Dave) - Stroke.
A go-go on soi 23? That would be Crazy House? Next to the Dutch pub. Nice.

Spandex Sidney 11:24 Wed Jan 25
Re: Westham67 (Dave) - Stroke.
Eddie B 10:36 Wed Jan 25

Ag Ag Ag!!!

From wiki:
Neurosyphilis is an infection of the brain or spinal cord caused by the spirochete Treponema pallidum. It usually occurs in people who have had chronic, untreated syphilis, usually about 10 to 20 years after first infection and develops in about 25%–40% of persons who are not treated.


Westham67 11:11 Wed Jan 25
Re: Westham67 (Dave) - Stroke.
hello syders , yeah im not joking about the high fiving and i was laughing after a while

Out tonight soi 23 not Cowboy though of course

I recall in one Gogo bar buying 6 Jaegers and 6 Tequilas in some kind of deal for large parties of people but I bought it for me and my mate was fucking wrecked after a full day on the piss and then that

Sydney_Iron 11:00 Wed Jan 25
Re: Westham67 (Dave) - Stroke.
It is ironic isn’t it, to most people being told they have a dose would be there worst nightmare, but if you have already been diagnosed with dementia and Parkinson’s amongst others, then getting told its actually syphilis must be the best feeling in the world……………

Funny old world.

Glad to hear you back on the mend (and the piss!) though, only 7 bottles, you got some catching up to do???

Westham67 10:54 Wed Jan 25
Re: Westham67 (Dave) - Stroke.
Actually when they told me they had discovered what was wrong with me I couldnt get the smile off my face "Thats Curable isnt it ?" Brother and Sister were Hi Fiving

Westham67 10:51 Wed Jan 25
Re: Westham67 (Dave) - Stroke.
Thanks Gents probably back to work in a month in KL or The Nam , just need a Medical which a piss eye and BP test so no worries there

Coffee hahaha , I already have shares in them

Coffee 10:44 Wed Jan 25
Re: Westham67 (Dave) - Stroke.
LJC 10:37 Wed Jan 25

Consider donating your shares in the London Rubber Company to 67?

Hammer and Pickle 10:43 Wed Jan 25
Re: Westham67 (Dave) - Stroke.
What Baggins said.

Baggins 10:42 Wed Jan 25
Re: Westham67 (Dave) - Stroke.
Get well soon, 67, son! Good to hear you on the road to recovery.

Westham67 10:42 Wed Jan 25
Re: Westham67 (Dave) - Stroke.
LJC 10:37 Wed Jan 25

Met a mate in Bangkok yesterday and he couldnt believe I was back to my old self knocked about 7 bottles down at a long lunch. Symptoms have gone but it can take years to get negative blood tests

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