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Q: 2022/23 You are the Chairman what do you do with Moyes?
a. Stick with him obviously, he's delivered two good seasons back to back and will see us out of this dip in form
b. If we're still lingering around the bottom three by the start of the WC then that's the time to get rid
c. What are we waiting for 2 wins in the last 20 PL games is reason enough to sack him, go now
d. I've just got my new Orange & White 3rd Kit with Moyesinho on the back, I can't wait to wear it down to the supermarket, they call me Mr West Ham around here

Chigwell 12:01 Tue Mar 15
Andy Carroll rethink?
He lasted most of the match at Old Trafford, made some useful touches, and ran rather more than I thought he could. He also showed how intimidating he can be near goal when the ball is in the air.
However for me it's still not enough to merit a starting place in the team. I don't know how good Emenike will turn out to be, but assuming he gains in confidence and hits a bit of form, I would think that Sakho and Emenike are more the kind of dynamic players to suit our talented and very mobile midfield.

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Jack_El_Biscuit 5:15 Mon Mar 21
Re: Andy Carroll rethink?
Nice to see a Carlton Cole type finish.

jimbo2. 5:13 Mon Mar 21
Re: Andy Carroll rethink?
Well I personally neve wrote him off, like some on here (the usual suspects). He will always offer us something different, which has to be an asset, as long as he stays fit! He will no doubt start some games, but be on the bench for others. He is sometimes unplayable & always hard to handle. He seems to enjoy playing for us & appears to have calmed down in his life. I'm def IN!

isolated hammer 4:40 Mon Mar 21
Re: Andy Carroll rethink?
With Payet and Lanzini, he will get different service from the pair of them which should suit him better and hopefully keep him fitter for longer.

Billy Blagg 4:32 Mon Mar 21
Re: Andy Carroll rethink?
I really like Carroll and perfectly happy for him to part of a group of strikers who can be started or come on at any time. Either as Plan A or B he can be really effective. It may well solve the injury issue too.

boltkunt 4:29 Mon Mar 21
Re: Andy Carroll rethink?
We play much better when he's not in the starting 11, however the bloke has had shit luck in last few years and really hope he does well for us.

The last few games his touch on the ball, distribution and all round game has looked a lot sharper.

Still our plan B for me, but glad to see him starting to show some form.

cornish 2:08 Mon Mar 21
Re: Andy Carroll rethink?
Very good player and English,lets hope his injury problems our behind him,a definite keep.

Fivetide 12:25 Mon Mar 21
Re: Andy Carroll rethink?
When fit, he's a joy to watch and I love seeing him up front.


Razzle 12:16 Mon Mar 21
Re: Andy Carroll rethink?
Andy Carroll is a far better player than Emenike.
I am disappointed with what I have seen from Emenike in terms of touch, movement and eye for goal. Andy Carroll is a terroist we should keep him as it looks like we have learned to manage his injuries (kiss of death)

Texas Iron 11:25 Sun Mar 20
Re: Andy Carroll rethink?
Same opinion...just honest comments re his performances...

eastend joker 8:23 Sun Mar 20
Re: Andy Carroll rethink?
if West Ham sold Andy Carroll the only people we will be "mugging off" is ourselves .

Romfordboy 8:23 Sun Mar 20
Re: Andy Carroll rethink?
so far everytime he has come on he has caused mayhem in the defence of the opposition

yesterday he scored and had 2 chances saved terry and cahill were all over the place

ajc123 8:22 Sun Mar 20
Re: Andy Carroll rethink?
I'm looking forward to him suddenly developing his ball skills and pace and having a twilight career. Still only 27, give him another 6 months with Slaven and we'll have a Boksic on our hands. Another 4-6 years of that will do nicely.

dicksie3 8:21 Sun Mar 20
Re: Andy Carroll rethink?
I like Carroll but I'd still sell him in the summer and I expect him to leave as well. Who to? I dunno, but there'll still be interest in him.

I'd also not bother with Emineke although I think that he's done alright so far, on-loan. I doubt he'll impress enough in the remaining games this season.

I'd also listen to any offers for Valencia. Not too sure about him. He's a useful option but, if we get our money back on him (or more), I'd sell.

A top-quality striker signing is a must this summer. We'll need other decent competition as well. Should be a main focus area this summer. I'm certain it will be as well.

Mr Kenzo 8:14 Sun Mar 20
Re: Andy Carroll rethink?
Great squad player, we have come a long way in the last couple of years our squad depth is great and im sure we will add more quality next season. The days of Carlton Cole are over thank god

Tomshardware 10:56 Sun Mar 20
Re: Andy Carroll rethink?
Showing what he can do when he plays, he's a massive asset to have at the club, if we can get more games out of him then we'd be foolish to sell him.

Steve P 9:59 Sun Mar 20
Re: Andy Carroll rethink?
Sold0 rates Carthorse higher than Carroll.

Buster 9:58 Sun Mar 20
Re: Andy Carroll rethink?
You change your tune on him every week, Tex.

ludo21 9:53 Sun Mar 20
Re: Andy Carroll rethink?
Anyone notice that when AC first came out to warm up (after about 30mins) he had the biggest smile on his face I've ever seen... bloke next to me mentioned it as well.

Glad for him that he got his goal... his header that also going in that was cleared off the line.

Great spirit in the squad which results like yesterday will only strenghen.

Texas Iron 8:08 Sun Mar 20
Re: Andy Carroll rethink?
Another good display by AC...

IF...IF...IF... he stays fit and keeps on delivering similar performances...he is well worth a squad role...

gph 6:05 Sun Mar 20
Re: Andy Carroll rethink?
I've always rated him when he's had a good run in the team.

If he stays fit for long enough he'll be a great player for us.

Unfortunately, that's a big if.

It would be a lot easier to decide what to do with him if I had the expert advice of the West Ham medical team.

Son of Anarchy 5:55 Sun Mar 20
Re: Andy Carroll rethink?
I like Carroll, today showed why we need him but we keep,saying it, he must stay fit.

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