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mido1k 4:26 Mon Mar 21
Artificial Grass
Looking to purchase some artificial grass for my garden and get it installed. Any recommendations of who to use? Was thinking about lazylawn but haven't come across anyone that has used them. Cheers

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joe royal 2:08 Fri Mar 25
Re: Artificial Grass
Asda Dagenham has it at seventy quid a roll.

JONESY 3:17 Thu Mar 24
Re: Artificial Grass
my old garden was about 120 feet long by about 45 feet ish.

I had quotes from £8,000 up to £15,000.

this was about 10 years ago. after a good amount of talking/haggling, I got one of the higher quotes to do it for £10,000.

like to think prices are better now as probably a lot more companies do it.

I had 3 dogs leaving pissburn marks and two kids, and their mates, playing in garden and wearing grass out etc...

after it was done, kids could play all year round. I'm talking electric jeeps and endless football etc

always looked great and zero maintenance.

still looked good last year when I sold house.

Rodfarts 3:03 Thu Mar 24
Re: Artificial Grass
Would like to get it in my garden as the boy fucks the grass up by playing football out there all the time.

However I cringe to think what the price would be to do my garden as it's about 22ft by 180ft

Gavros 1:15 Thu Mar 24
Re: Artificial Grass
what you want is Desso Grassmaster.

the exile 12:47 Thu Mar 24
Re: Artificial Grass
Fucking horrible idea.

mongo 11:32 Wed Mar 23
Re: Artificial Grass
Neighbour has it. Looks laughably shit

Schoffie 8:37 Wed Mar 23
Re: Artificial Grass
Ive fitted it for clients but it's a pain job, especially if there is curves. It still needs yearly maintanence, brushing in kiln sand. Kings at Roneo corner are resonabile.

Rivs 2:21 Wed Mar 23
Re: Artificial Grass
I've got it and used Lazy Lawn I think they are slightly more expensive than most but did a really good job

Northern Sold 2:19 Wed Mar 23
Re: Artificial Grass
Classy that Dizzy....

gank 1:30 Wed Mar 23
Re: Artificial Grass
Dizzy, you have astroturf rugs inside your house?

Dizzy_uk 12:07 Wed Mar 23
Re: Artificial Grass
Also keep as many off cuts as possible, they make great rugs and doormats. I have grass everywhere lol

Dizzy_uk 12:06 Wed Mar 23
Re: Artificial Grass
I installed Lazyawn on and off for 5 years.. I could probably answer anything you need to.

I would recommend it if you can afford it and it is very good if you look after it, ie, buy yourself a blower and brush it down ect.

bruuuno 12:04 Wed Mar 23
Re: Artificial Grass
I might get some in my flat

Upton Park Mark 11:59 Tue Mar 22
Re: Artificial Grass

Tomshardware 11:29 Tue Mar 22
Re: Artificial Grass
Ok in the right circumstances but this stuff isn't great for nature.

Northern Sold 2:53 Tue Mar 22
Re: Artificial Grass
icwhs... If I was one of your neighbours I'd prefer to have a garden full of mud, cat shit and overgrown weeds than a load of plastic... I bet they all think you support Luton Town... or QPR

icwhs 5:34 Tue Mar 22
Re: Artificial Grass
I done this, front and back garden back in 2005, when my sons football team were getting there 7 a side pitch laid, i had a word with the guys laying it, about a week later, a van full of blokes came, cost me about 2k at the time, best money ive ever spent imho.
A few of my neighbours scoffed at me, looks like its just be laid 11 years later, i brush of the leaves in autumn, sweep off the snow in the winter, and sit holding a beer sniggering at my neighbours sweating early spring trying to gets theirs as nice as mine..
Which of course they can't.
My kids have had full on all day football matches on the back garden all year round.

mido1k 4:26 Tue Mar 22
Re: Artificial Grass
I only require approximately 30m2. So many different options I'd like to go for one based on recommendation.

gph 4:09 Mon Mar 21
Re: Artificial Grass
An occasional match on a 3-G pitch is great for cleaning your boots after playing proper football on proper grass.

hammer205 12:19 Mon Mar 21
Re: Artificial Grass
A neighbour across the road has it
No idea if he's any good
Try kings direct

Northern Sold 12:08 Mon Mar 21
Re: Artificial Grass..........
Having a hound I should get some to stop all the burn stains from where he cocks his leg on my lawn... but I won't as artificial grass is about as bent as a game of limp wristed tennis...

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