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pardsisalegend 11:14 Sun Apr 24
Villa fans
What shit support.

I remember our non-game against Sunderland, having been relegated against Wigan, and it was a sell-out.

For all they've suffered this season, their attendances have been similarly terrible.

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gph 3:38 Tue Apr 26
Re: Villa fans
I haven't the time to follow Villa very closely, but from what I've read
a) Agbonlahor is a Villa fan;
b) has been one of the worst offenders for not putting in a shift.

How can he face himself in the mirror?

The Human Stain 2:23 Tue Apr 26
Re: Villa fans
Dicksie3. I'll add you to the growing list of people on this site that haven't yet learned to read.

Take a breath, put down Janet and John book, then read properly before spouting off.

Having done that, if you can tell me from your extensive research when we have been in the lower reaches of the division below following relegation, we can have a sensible chat.

dicksie3 12:13 Tue Apr 26
Re: Villa fans
The Human Stain 5:39 Mon Apr 2

Are you an idiot?!

Our support hasn't been tested?!

We've won fuck-all in 36 years and have been relegated 4 times since the late-80s... We've had some fucking dreadful teams in that time.

Our fans have been a lot more tested than Villa's. Villa finished 2nd in the 90s and won the League Cup (at least once in that decade, from memory) and have reached FA Cup finals and finished in the top-6 a fair few times. They've had most things going for them.

I think that you need to do some research, son.

You'll probably say that us averaging just under 31k in our last Championship campaign was terrible, next.

Russ of the BML 11:57 Tue Apr 26
Re: Villa fans
Sven Roeder 9:12 Tue Apr 26

Agree. Newcastle were poor when they went down but they had it in them to turn it round.

I look at this Villa squad and there is literally no hope.

Sven Roeder 9:12 Tue Apr 26
Re: Villa fans
Newcastle weren't an entirely dreadful team like Villa and had characters like Nolan.
Can recall just before the Championship season they went to Orient for a friendly and got beat 6-1 which led to some home truths being told.

I'm not sure who the strengths at Villa would be and it certainly wont be Laughing Gas Gabby.

Dr Moose 9:03 Tue Apr 26
Re: Villa fans
They'll bounce back like Newcastle did in 09. Despite every game at Villa Park being the oppositions cup final (bar the other 2 sides soon to be joining Villa) any decent championship player will be stupid not to take the chance to sign for Villa even if they don't come up at the first time of asking.

I know a lot of sides have gone down and never recovered, some even falling further (Leeds), but we managed to come back and I believe Villa will do the same as they have no players that will be snapped up by prem sides so they will keep their core players like Agbonlahor who, if they get their act together, will get Villa back up.

Sven Roeder 6:27 Mon Apr 25
Re: Villa fans
I think it's been hilarious. There isn't enough humour in football

Of course we only drew 1-1 at Villa as they got a dodgy pen & we had 3 stonewall ones denied.
Another couple of points to add to those cheated from us.

gph 6:22 Mon Apr 25
Re: Villa fans
Going down's one thing.

Villa's abject surrender is another.

Spandex Sidney 6:20 Mon Apr 25
Re: Villa fans
No one wanted it with the prospect of £150m a year in TV money alone.

Club must be worth fuck all. Is it right they have the 6th highest wage bill in the Prem and NO relegation clauses?! Ouch.

Marco Boogers 6:15 Mon Apr 25
Re: Villa fans
Swiss. 5:51 Mon Apr 25

I don't see their fans being screwed by Learner really. The guy has ploughed so much cash in ablet the managers buying shit that he has said enough is enough.

Been on the market since May 2014 and no one wants it.

The Human Stain 6:14 Mon Apr 25
Re: Villa fans
People have very little attention span. You can't give up on a book after a couple of pages.

Had people read my next sentence I clarified what I meant by tested; that is, to struggle in the division below after relegation. When we have been relegated we have tended to at least push for promotion and so not been tested in that way. If Villa do the same I expect crowds of at least 25,000.
I fear however, they will be towards the wrong end of the table and that will be a test like we have not gone through for 50 years.

gph 6:10 Mon Apr 25
Re: Villa fans
What I don't get about the "we got our first kit from Aston Villa" story is that our first two kits featuring C+B, 1900-01 (Sky shirts, claret restricted to a thin stripe down the sides of white shorts) and 1901-03 (a claret band added to the shirt of the 1900-01 kit) don't look like the Villa kits (claret body, blue sleeves) of anywhere near that era.

Eggbert Nobacon 6:03 Mon Apr 25
Re: Villa fans

Average was 30,900

still impressive,

Russ of the BML 6:01 Mon Apr 25
Re: Villa fans
The Human Stain 5:39 Mon Apr 25

Eh!?! Our support has not been tested.

What, getting 35k in the Championship whilst watching Sam's team is not a test?

Bloody hell.

Russ of the BML 5:59 Mon Apr 25
Re: Villa fans
I have a feeling Villa will not come back and end up being another Midlands mediocre club like Brum, Walsall, Cov, Wolves......

Only need West Brom to go down and it's a full house.

Far Cough 5:57 Mon Apr 25
Re: Villa fans

Spandex Sidney 5:55 Mon Apr 25
Re: Villa fans
w4hammer 12:45 Sun Apr 24

' - I think brighton might sneak the second spot - again dont mind a trio down there...'

Fucking hell w4, going to Brighton for a 'trio' involves a major lifestyle decision. And a giant black bloke called 'Apollo Meat Trousers'

Fair play.

, 5:53 Mon Apr 25
Re: Villa fans
farc 5.49, didn't they run out of dough?

Hermit Road 5:51 Mon Apr 25
Re: Villa fans
"Our support has not in living memory been so tested."


Swiss. 5:51 Mon Apr 25
Re: Villa fans
Don't really have a problem with Villa. Their supporters have been continual screwed by owners. Up to recently a good steady attendance around 40K. But they constantly sold their best players and hardly invested in buying new ones. the squad they have now is aweful.

Recon they will really struggle to to get back up especially if Newcastle and Sunderland join them.

Far Cough 5:49 Mon Apr 25
Re: Villa fans
Baking works as well, weren't they biscuit barons as well?


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