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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

w4hammer 10:26 Tue Apr 26
Tit MonDaY..
..latest year ever, this year? Its freeeezing out there, and no prospect of Tit MonDay in sight

Ted Fenton- sort it out FFS

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strong dreams 9:51 Tue Apr 26
Re: Tit MonDaY..
I dont anticipate tit MonDay to come before mid May, maybe later.
Looking forward as usual to this seasonal treat.

Bungo 6:41 Tue Apr 26
Re: Tit MonDaY..
Got hailed on hard twice today.

Any nips out today would have been in danger of being sheared off.

chim chim cha boo 6:18 Tue Apr 26
Re: Tit MonDaY..
Tit day is a thing of the past because of the widespread adoption of the wonder-bra. So-called because when they take their bra off you wonder where their tits went.

It's a proud nipple indeed that manages to get noticed from behind the ridiculous amount of padding in a wonder-bra.

Sometimes I wonder if women really get us. Maybe we should wear badges that say 'I'd rather see your real tits in a normal bra with a bit of nip than you pretend you've got bigger tits than you really have thanks missus'.

The irony there is that you'd need a massive chest to display a badge with all those words on it.

I'll rework the badge design and you convince your missus to go to work tomorrow with a normal bra on- if she even has one.

jayjones 5:20 Tue Apr 26
Re: Tit MonDaY..
Just wait until Fat Twat Thursday comes around Human Stain

The Human Stain 5:11 Tue Apr 26
Re: Tit MonDaY..
I look down and realise it is Gut Tuesday. Realised something similar yesterday. Wonder what tomorrow brings?

w4hammer 4:47 Tue Apr 26
Re: Tit MonDaY..
Mr Strug 12:56 Tue Apr 26
Re: Tit MonDaY..
You're a tit every day of the fucking week



Herts Hammer 4:42 Tue Apr 26
Re: Tit MonDaY..
Surely Tuesday is the day in question. Nipple Tuesday in fact is what it is called.

Doesn't ever happen on a monday.

Why not?

Because, women need to come to work on Monday, dressed in their normal winter clothes, as they've done for several months previous.

On the monday, they will go out at lunch, and find the climate has changed, and the weather is positively balmy. Then at home time, they will don their coats, scarves and hats before venturing home in the chilly evening air.

The experience at lunch, followed by the insulated journey home is the key.

On Tuesday morning, they will remember the lunch experience, and dress in far more summery attire. They'll also ditch the winter coats and scarves.

They'll go out at lunch, and things will be fine, as they were they day before.

Then, come home time, is when the magic happens. They leave their offices, only to find that the evening is far more chilly than they ever expected. This is where the nipple show comes into play.

Grumpster 4:27 Tue Apr 26
Re: Tit MonDaY..
I don't like to have specific tit days, every single one of them should have some boobage around to keep us going.

Thankfully I work in an office that has an absolute sort in it and although her baps are of an average size, her derriere really is something to behold.

Hermit Road 3:34 Tue Apr 26
Re: Tit MonDaY..
Shrunken todger Tuesday in the east end.

WorldCupWilly 3:17 Tue Apr 26
Re: Tit MonDaY..
There's some flakes of snow here in Hertfordshire - more like Nipple Tuesday.

ted fenton 1:14 Tue Apr 26
Re: Tit MonDaY..
I knew it would be cold so I f#cked off to Cyprus !!

Mr Strug 12:56 Tue Apr 26
Re: Tit MonDaY..
You're a tit every day of the fucking week

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