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LeroysBoots 12:10 Fri Apr 29
Line of Duty
Fucking superb tv series

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BRANDED 10:45 Wed Apr 21
Re: Line of Duty
Erm . No

I just posted it.

I’ve never watched the line of duty. But this documentary is very entertaining.

Proper bent conservative coppers.

Side of Ham 9:30 Wed Apr 21
Re: Line of Duty
Branded is an oddball, as he must have seen your post bumping the thread Mashed?

mashed in maryland 9:26 Wed Apr 21
Re: Line of Duty

BRANDED 9:22 Wed Apr 21
Re: Line of Duty
Superb documentary about proper bent coppers in the 1960s and 1970s


Very very entertaining

mashed in maryland 9:14 Wed Apr 21
Re: Line of Duty
Not been watching this, but there's a documentary on catch up called

Bent Coppers: Crossing the Line of Duty

Which is good. About corruption in the met in the old days. Lots of old London footage that people off here will enjoy

Romfordboy 10:54 Mon Apr 19
Re: Line of Duty
I thought the dodgy cash was part of settlement of a property scheme that went tits up and he lost a load of money in

daveyg 10:40 Mon Apr 19
Re: Line of Duty
I don't get that part either with Ted's money.
Was it something to do with Jill Bigilow when she was trying to bed him. Kept giving him money and he just sent it on to Steph Corbett

LeroysBoots 10:57 Mon Apr 19
Re: Line of Duty
Fucking hell, it is complicated, I mean who the fuck is Donaldson, when did he turn up !?!

Maybe you meant Davidson


ChillTheKeel 10:06 Mon Apr 19
Re: Line of Duty
PwoperNaughtyButNot 9:20

They dd throw in Jimmy Saville too though.

Rossal 9:22 Mon Apr 19
Re: Line of Duty
Would make sense if they killed off Kate as Ryan was only on the loose because of Ted....he said no to bringing him in so Kate's death is sort of on his hands same as John Corbetts

Carmichael now looks bent as she called off the surveillance to possibly help getting rid of Kate

Still not sure if Hargreaves is 100% bent or if he is thick as shit and stiched up

Expertly written the last few episodes by Jed Mercurio......thought the asian top bod was bent last week then dispelled in about 15 seconds this week. Twist and turns every ep great stuff

Can someone remind me the story with Ted and taking the 50-100k dodgy money what was the plot behind that?

PwoperNaughtyButNot 9:20 Mon Apr 19
Re: Line of Duty
What is really strange in all of this is that BBC are making sideways glancing to a number of real life cases. What are they trying to reveal or are they that smug that they are part of the collusion.

So far we have had:

Jill Dando
Stephen Lawrence

PwoperNaughtyButNot 8:42 Mon Apr 19
Re: Line of Duty
exile I think it is a red herring

Ted did out Corbett and his guilt meant he helped out Steph Corbett.

Carmichael will rock up at the site now with Ted and arnott and will now finally believe what is going on and will help.

Carmichael and the Asian top bod fella who have been planted as against Ted will now turn out to be great allies as they bring down the chief commissioner

Kate will be shot and in a coma. Pilkington dead and Donaldson will claim pilkington kidknapped her and will be off the hook .....until late regains consciousness

zico 1:38 Mon Apr 19
Re: Line of Duty
Well the BBC's advert for next week says "AC12 struggle to come to terms with tragic events" which either means Kates dead or their source of information in Pilkington is. That Carmichael is a walking disaster isn't she. Wouldn't be surprised if she is corrupt.

the exile 1:31 Mon Apr 19
Re: Line of Duty
Personally I wouldn't be too surprised if they have killed off Kate.

What I don't understand is all this business about Ted and the money found at Mrs Corbett's place. What's that all about and how does it fit in with the main part of the plot?

The Fonz 12:38 Mon Apr 19
Re: Line of Duty
Last two episodes have been excellent.

Much prefer watching a series on TV when a new episode comes out every week than binge a series in two days.

AKA ERNIE 12:09 Mon Apr 19
Re: Line of Duty
This series gets better every episode
Cant see them killing off kate

El Scorchio 12:03 Mon Apr 19
Re: Line of Duty
Mother of God.

Skooby 11:58 Sun Apr 18
Re: Line of Duty
I particularly enjoyed the ten minute Stephen Lawrence monologue tonight

goose 11:34 Sun Apr 18
Re: Line of Duty
All gone a bit Stephen Lawrence tonight.

LeroysBoots 8:52 Sun Apr 18
Re: Line of Duty
Rumours abound that a main character gets killed tonight, Kate ?

LeroysBoots 7:15 Thu Apr 15
Re: Line of Duty
Martin Compston ( Steve Arnott ) said we will all need a lie down after this Sunday's episode !

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