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LeroysBoots 12:10 Fri Apr 29
Line of Duty
Fucking superb tv series

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ChesterRd 4:23 Tue Aug 4
Re: Line of Duty
People make mistakes when under extreme stress and pressure. The school boy error was not them barging in to the wrong flat, it was in the pre raid recce failing to pick up the issue with the flat number. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

Having said that, it's not a documentary and not pretending to be one.

The_Phantom 1:55 Tue Aug 4
Re: Line of Duty
Brilliant series.

Syd Puddefoot 1:37 Tue Aug 4
Re: Line of Duty
LeroysBoots 10:45 Tue Aug 4

Yes i get that but my point is that not even a paper boy would be stupid enough to not notice that the number on the door was wrong. Lazy script writing.

Sven Roeder 11:14 Tue Aug 4
Re: Line of Duty
Found it very interesting and a real eyeopener as only knew the bare bones of the story.
Not surprised to hear about the criminal connections with the police & Line of Duty seems more believable when you see cases like that.

With Line of Duty you just need to go with the melodramatic tone of it and suspend your disbelief. Then it’s cracking entertainment
Looking forward to the next one

Nurse Ratched 11:11 Tue Aug 4
Re: Line of Duty
They cost us a frigging fortune!

terry-h 11:05 Tue Aug 4
Re: Line of Duty
So do I,Nurse. We will have a permanent Tory majority for England if we can get rid of the jocks,Welsh and Northern Irish.

LeroysBoots 10:45 Tue Aug 4
Re: Line of Duty
Syd, that's the point of the whole series, to police the police

The bad apples, the corrupt, etc

Nurse Ratched 10:41 Tue Aug 4
Re: Line of Duty

I'm a supporter of Scottish Independence, too!

terry-h 10:37 Tue Aug 4
Re: Line of Duty
Compston is a supporter of Scottish independence yet he hides his Scottish accent in this part,and lives in Las Vegas. The man is a hypocritical cunt don't you think.

Hallerinthemorning 10:28 Tue Aug 4
Re: Line of Duty
Sven- watched it mate. Very eye opening. My wife worked with the girlfriend of the surviving PI...she had also been shagging the murdered one. Apparently the day the documentary came on, she came into work and warned eveyone not to believe what they watched. Got a phone call an hour into work and left never to be seen at her job again. She was seen out and about but obvs got told not to continue her job..
Did u see it? What did you think? U can see why people think line of duty comes from it

Syd Puddefoot 10:01 Tue Aug 4
Re: Line of Duty
Watched the last series on the recommendation of the missus and found it way too implausible and with very unconvincing characters, particularly Dunbar's.

First scene from the first series on last night (spoiler alert but not really) showed officers breaking down the door of a flat and killing an occupant before realising they had the wrong flat as one of the numbers (six) had a screw missing and was upside down so read nine. Would also have been out of line,

Really? I mean really? Insults the intelligence. Dont care how good (or not) the rest of it was.

Sven Roeder 9:03 Tue Aug 4
Re: Line of Duty
Ch4 had a 3 part series about the murder of Daniel Morgan called Murder In The Car Park on recently. Probably still on one of their catch up services.

Hallerinthemorning 8:56 Tue Aug 4
Re: Line of Duty
Chi-townHammer 3:45 Mon May 6
Actually I believe they lifted most of their themes and storylines including the son entering the police force or trying to from a real life crime.
The murder of a private investigator years ago that went unsolved in south london was probably the most corrupt police investigation there has ever been in the Met. It was said that the PI partner was involved in the killing as was the leading investigator of the case who was in the flying squad at the time but then left and partnered the surviving PI. They were involved with a load of millwall supporting gangsters of the time (in particular 2 brothers) and it was said that one of the gangsters actually did the killing on the instruction of either the PI or the flying squad cop. Loads of policemen arguing with each other about whose side they are on. Some wanted the case solved. Some were covering up for their colleague and to cover up other dodgy shit going on at their station. One of the gangsters son actually joined the old bill and when it was found it by investigators, he was suspended. To this day he thinks its outrageous he was sacked, denies ever tipping off his dad or uncle about later investigations and also says he is 100% sure his dad it uncle did the murder. The brothers and the PI and the bent cop (who later got done for child porn) all received compensation for failed investigations. Fact is they did it. The police of that manor at that time were bent as fuck and internal affairs are still to this day investigating.

It's been ssaid by others that its almost 100% that the show line of duty stems from this case.

White Pony 12:12 Tue Aug 4
Re: Line of Duty
I never really followed this so I have just watched it all. Barring a couple of weird anomalies, it's reasonably accurate for a TV show.

Martin Compston is good lad.

Athletico Easthamico 12:01 Tue Aug 4
Re: Line of Duty
First series on BBC 1 now if you want a catch up.

Deanooooo 12:09 Tue May 7
Re: Line of Duty
Thought the final episode was a bit of a let down to be honest, certainly not the action packed finale I thought we had in store. Far too much time in the interview room; got a little boring.

Still least its nailed on for another season.

w4hammer 11:57 Tue May 7
Re: Line of Duty
White Pony 11:47 Mon May 6
Re: Line of Duty
I'm not sure why everyone raves about Maxwell-Martin. The way she played that role was very much like a hackneyed panto villain.

The morse code bit was laughable.


same here. So many plot holes and implausibles however its always been like that and so we should just sit back and enjoy ;-()

daveyg 11:09 Tue May 7
Re: Line of Duty
Kaiser Zoso,

I thought in episode 3 (not sure ) Ted was seen on some adult site then shaking his head at what he was doing and closed down the laptop. When he went to the shop to dispose of it he looked releaved that he wouldn't be surfng porn agan. But we knew that it would come back to haunt him.

medwayhammer1 2:00 Tue May 7
Re: Line of Duty
Enjoyed it and love a bit of Polly Walker...could corrupt me any day of the week!

gph 1:23 Tue May 7
Re: Line of Duty
ted should've stuck to the weather.

The weather's more Frintony

Nurse Ratched 1:20 Tue May 7
Re: Line of Duty
Up until which point he was so skint the bloke on the desk was badgering him about the late payment of his bill.

This 'H' character has been running throughout 5 series now, and Ted has always had money worries. I doubt the role of H is a voluntary one. Whoever H is is rolling in dough. Otherwise, why arrange all those Brinks Mat style heists? Who's getting a cut of the drugs and whores money if it isn't H?

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