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LeroysBoots 12:10 Fri Apr 29
Line of Duty
Fucking superb tv series

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SurfaceAgentX2Zero 2:36 Wed May 5
Re: Line of Duty
letsalldotheBarthez 4:10 Tue May 4

'Wrap up with Kate and Steve romance. bosh.'

For this to happen, Steve would have to be batting well below his average.

Alfs 1:23 Wed May 5
Re: Line of Duty
As for whether Nesbitt was paid - only if his name appeared in the credits.

Alfs 1:20 Wed May 5
Re: Line of Duty
southbankbornnbred 12:28 Mon May 3

Totally agree with your comments. I honestly don't think the writer knew who H or the 4th man was himself. If he had it would have been subtly plotted in from the outset.

I was incredibly disappointed, but the cracks were appearing in the last series.

9 million viewers is not to be sniffed at nowadays, so S7 may well be on the cards.

letsalldotheBarthez 4:10 Tue May 4
Re: Line of Duty
Hastings and Jo Davidson dead (someone leaked her new alias) in first 5 mins of season 7. There's the hook to pull people back.

Down to the other 2 to piece together, finally drag in the chief of police plus Jimmy Nesbit (Thurwell) as main guys. OCG had never split, buckles story is nonsense. Wrap up with Kate and Steve romance. bosh.

Such a week ending for s6 but all for pay off in s7

Sven Roeder 1:24 Tue May 4
Re: Line of Duty
Yes, its a classic false ending which sets up Series 7 as everyone understands that the mastermind surely isnt the bumbling 'Boris' Buckells.
Series 7 can open with some BOMBSHELL that shows the OCG is still in full working order with bent coppers in place.

Passerby66 1:08 Tue May 4
Re: Line of Duty
\\It was a pathetic ending for a show that has clearly run out of ideas. TBH it was so bad that it made me feel like watching it for the last few years was a total waste of time. Terrible really.

But this is the problem with a lot of TV series, they don't have a clear beginning middle and end as this would ruin the potential for them to be renewed again and the production company to make more money. They carry on being renewed until they get so shit that nobody wants to see them anymore.


zebthecat 2:33 Tue May 4
Re: Line of Duty
It was a cop out as have other series finales in Line of Duty.
Buckells is oboviously not the main man dicatating strategy arranging multiple hits on vans etc. and there are more bent coppers to be found (not the Chief Constable of course)
There is a whiff of Jed Murcurio setting up season 7 with Cartright, Kate and Steve going after them.
Thurwell is not dead of course.

Rusta 2:07 Tue May 4
Re: Line of Duty
I was waiting for a twist right at the end still. Something like a shady call and not to know who was on the end of the line to set things up.

Nothing came that really was the end, if your gonna build summit up for 2 series it has to be better than that

Hallerinthemorning 9:02 Mon May 3
Re: Line of Duty

LeroysBoots 3:05 Mon May 3

Are u mad man! Lol everyone thought it him but then said it would be too SHIT for it to be him. Almost too obvious but as I say below that is not the basis of a good twist. Cop out it was

zico 6:12 Mon May 3
Re: Line of Duty
Considering "definitely" is also apparently the most misspelled word in the English language I suspect in real life at least it wouldn't be considered cast iron proof. After all if they sat the entire police force down and asked them to spell the word I am sure Buckles wouldn't be the only one to spell it incorrectly! I'm sure Mercurio was in limbo because of the uncertainty re any 7th series and if he had played it out with a more satisfactory ending, like bringing down the Commissioner he wouldn't have had anywhere to go with a new series. If that's not the case then it is indeed a lazy finish IMO.

smartkev 5:53 Mon May 3
Re: Line of Duty
H from Steps was an Ian as well so it makes sense really

southbankbornnbred 5:49 Mon May 3
Re: Line of Duty
Tonka - spot on. I think Ged Mercurio just overspent (plot-wise) on the first few episodes of this season. It looked and felt like he'd run out of ideas by the end.

So he settled on Buckles as a criminal mastermind. A Brummie who named his illegal offshore company after Aston Villa's ground, as a criminal mastermind who'd evaded justice for a decade?!

Basically, his level of intelligence matched Harry Redknapp when he named his offshore account after his dog!

A surefire way to undermine six seasons of decent work. It was so incredulous and underwhelming. Yet some people are trying to bestow a cleverness on it, retrospectively.

PS - Does nobody in the police talk to each other any more? If Buckles couldn't spell the word 'definitely', and was a huge Villa fan, that would have kinda' come up in general conversation, usually as a joke, in pub talk. His ID, linking him to all kinds of illicit accounts, would have been known years ago! "Oh, you mean thicko Buckles - the guy who can't spell properly? You didn't need to spend eight years on that. Mate."

bell 5:40 Mon May 3
Re: Line of Duty

There was a whole scene about it.

SecondOpinion 5:04 Mon May 3
Re: Line of Duty
Did Arnott ever get his piss checked for drugs?


charleyfarley 4:06 Mon May 3
Re: Line of Duty
Two things left me underwhelmed, the first was when they were interviewing Buckells I was waiting for the twist, which didn't happen and secondly Buckells didn't seem to fit the profile of H was expecting a senior officer or Government official

Nagel 3:54 Mon May 3
Re: Line of Duty
If you take it as done and dusted then Buckells being scared of the OCG and given a warning by them makes sense. Buckells doesn't call the shots, he obeys orders from the OCG and gets well paid for it. The only senior officer involved was the one who went senile.

zico 3:20 Mon May 3
Re: Line of Duty
El Scorchio 2:40 Mon May 3

Good point about The Usual Suspects.

Someone online picked up a good point that when Lakewell was killed in prison by Banks, Banks then said to Buckles who looked terrified, that ‘This is what happens to a rat.’ If Buckles is H, who was sending him a warning when they strangled Lakewell in front of him, unless it was OCG rather than any other bent copper?

LeroysBoots 3:05 Mon May 3
Re: Line of Duty
A lot of negative comments, in the cold light of day the Buckles thing was genius.

Not 1 single person, at all, thought it was him. I think that in itself is remarkable

tonka 2:57 Mon May 3
Re: Line of Duty
Also too many lingering looks from Hastings to camera, whispering of dialogue from Fleming and Arnotts dodgy dyed hair/beard and his inability to tie a tie annoyed me

JAC 2:55 Mon May 3
Re: Line of Duty
Poor ending...as disappointing as the end of Game of Thrones.

tonka 2:53 Mon May 3
Re: Line of Duty
southbankbornnbred 11:47 Mon May 3
Re: Line of Duty

The last couple of episodes were so meh. It was clear that they didn't know how to end it or was dependent on another series so was left loose. The fucking sentences about what happened to the protagonists was lazy.
The episode where the Neil from the office got attacked in the van was the best bit of the series, it was gripping and as a viewer you wasn't sure what was going on.

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