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marshboy 4:20 Tue May 17
E purse
Any idea when the money gets transferred from epurse to the new ticket trader site , I need to pay for my season ticket

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Long Lost 10:16 Sat May 28
Re: E purse
Sorry Thursday

Long Lost 10:15 Sat May 28
Re: E purse
I'll try again later but it didn't work on Wednesday

Rivs 9:02 Sat May 28
Re: E purse
I never got an email either but the credits were applied when I went to pay.

Bungo 6:08 Sat May 28
Re: E purse
I hadn't had an email, but I tried it anyway (put the tickets into my online basket), and the discount was automatically applied.

Worked for me. May not for you but worth a try. You can always not complete the purchase if the epurse credit doesn't appear on there for you I suppose.

Long Lost 9:35 Fri May 27
Re: E purse
If they got round to putting my balance in I'd buy my tickets and they wouldn't have to keep emailing me telling me to pay! I think they've done a lot of good stuff but fuck me it seems they still can't get a ticketing company that works.

Bungo 8:40 Fri May 27
Re: E purse
Just renewed my two (1 adult, 1 child) and had the pleasant surprise of having nearly £400 in the epurse.

Balance was therefore just over £127.

I can't remember ever getting a bill that was much less than I expected it to be. If only gas and electricity worked this way too..

marshboy 10:20 Tue May 24
Re: E purse
yup money in this morning

On The Ball 10:14 Tue May 24
Re: E purse
E-mail received - mine's working.

Brussels Sprout 10:09 Tue May 24
Re: E purse
My credit was uploaded today - ST now fully paid off.

Charoo 7:17 Tue May 24
Re: E purse
Mum and Dad went to the reservation centre today to pay for their ST's in person and the rep they spoke to said that the e-purse credits won't be available to discount from the season tickets until next Friday.

Hokey Kokey West Ham as always.

1964 8:11 Mon May 23
Re: E purse
I paid for my new STs before the e-purse thing was up and running so nothing was deducted from the total. I know I have about 20.

How and when will you be able to see your e-purse balance?

Mr Polite 10:27 Sun May 22
Re: E purse
I thought this was a thread about a Geoff Boycott's wallet

Syd Puddefoot 10:24 Sun May 22
Re: E purse
cambsiron 5:11 Sun May 2
I had a confirmation email for my Juve tickets okay.

Brussels Sprout 5:28 Sun May 22
Re: E purse
Thanks Stickle - just want to get it done and dusted!

cambsiron 5:11 Sun May 22
Re: E purse
On a similar note - has anyone had any kind of email from the new ticketing system.

Registers - no email
Books Juventus ticket - no email
epurse added to my account - no email
Pays season ticket balance - no email

Checked by account and the address is correct. Checked my junk email box - nothing there.

Bom Stickle 3:19 Sun May 22
Re: E purse
This Wednesday according to the ticket office yesterday Brussels. I'm pretty confident it won't be there though.

chajonbubble 3:19 Sun May 22
Re: E purse
mine was fine - decducted from the total when I bought next years ST

Brussels Sprout 2:54 Sun May 22
Re: E purse
My credit is still not being deducted from the cost...

Bom Stickle 1:52 Sun May 22
Re: E purse
I stayed there last night and went to the ticket office where (of course) I was told I couldn't pay the balance at Upton Park only at Stratford or online.

I told them that any credit will be added this Wednesday. They are useless in everything they do.

1964 1:30 Sun May 22
Re: E purse
Can you see your e-purse credit without actually using it. Can't find mine on there.

cambsiron 11:53 Sat May 21
Re: E purse
Yep mines sorted now. As was said previously it is automatically deducted at checkout.

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