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westhammerer 10:32 Sat May 21
David Haye
Fighting tonight - anyone got a stream?

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connolly8 11:03 Mon May 23
Re: David Haye
I think Hayes doing the right thing easing back into it. Look what happend to Ricky Hatton when he jumped straight back in the deep end.

HairyHammer 10:49 Mon May 23
Re: David Haye
Frank Bruno would have given Haye more of a challenge.

East Auckland Hammer 10:37 Mon May 23
Re: David Haye
Quite right ,

Iirc there are WORLD champions from

I think those are the major ones?

And of course there are a whole host of other minor organisations too.

Not to mention all of the Pan-this or Pan-that, or International this and that belts within all those organisations.

Joseph Parker, for instance holds the following:
WBA Oceania
WBO Africa
WBO Oriental

And a whole host of other titles. He's nearly got as many titles as he has had fights, and his fight against Takam the other day was the biggest if his career and he didn't even win a belt out or title out of it.

, 3:16 Mon May 23
Re: David Haye
The problem with modern day boxing is that every other fighter seems to hold some sort of title. That and the fact that to be a world champion should mean that you are the best boxer at that weight instead of every weight category seeming to have four champs or more.

worm 3:09 Mon May 23
Re: David Haye
Modern day boxing is shit.

dealcanvey 12:38 Mon May 23
Re: David Haye
Alot of British boxers around at the moment picking easy fights.

AJ first defence and he could not of picked an easier fight. Eubank jr fighting the same night against Tom Doran. Eubank such a talented boxer who is too good at british level. Keep him in the ring for too long against Doran and he is going to hurt him like he did Blackwell. Something very tasteless about it all.

tiddingtoniron 12:31 Mon May 23
Re: David Haye
Worst TV boxing show I have seen in 35 years- for many reasons.
Dave coverage pathetic...everything about it awful.
A commentator who was too dreadful for words.
2 "top of the bill" fights were a disgrace.
Haye walk on was endless and tedious.

Made it clear how well Sky do their job almost every time.

Russ of the BML 11:19 Mon May 23
Re: David Haye
NigelKhazi 11:13 Mon May 23


mashed in maryland 11:17 Mon May 23
Re: David Haye
That won't happen surely, it would be over in seconds.

I'm nowhere near an expert on boxing (casual viewer at best) but it honestly wouldn't surprise me if that Hungarian bloke was paid off. He spent the fight looking like he was being dragged round Asda by his missus with a hangover. Fournier could have stood there pointing at his chin and matey would probably have shrugged and walked off.

NigelKhazi 11:13 Mon May 23
Re: David Haye
Did you hear them say Fournier should be targeting Tony Bellew?!

mashed in maryland 11:07 Mon May 23
Re: David Haye
That Joe Fournier fight was probably the worst thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

Russ of the BML 10:55 Mon May 23
Re: David Haye
You can't blame Haye. He is a fighter doing what he does.....Fight. People need to make their own decision if they buy a ticket and go. Haye can make the fight something its not and hype it up but it is in his interest to do that. People buy a ticket if they want or don't if they don't want. No one is forcing them to go.

NigelKhazi 9:54 Mon May 23
Re: David Haye
How much were those tickets?
Can't believe so many people went, surely they knew what a farce this was going to be?!

Shin Chan 9:44 Mon May 23
Re: David Haye
rumour has it that it his next opponent ISN'T Shannon Briggs it is in fact Muhammed Ali! They wanted to see him fight someone who might actually fight back.

Uncle Junior 8:29 Sun May 22
Re: David Haye
What the fuck with his shorts last night ' looked like he was wearing a great big nappy ! First decent apponent he gets will be on his arse

Hermit Road 8:26 Sun May 22
Re: David Haye
I wouldn't pay to watch his fights, and it looks like rhe tv companies are thinking along the same lines.

Briano 6:08 Sun May 22
Re: David Haye

You hit the nail on the head

He's not a pug fighter, he's a businessman

And for that reason I'm oot

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 5:54 Sun May 22
Re: David Haye
Iron2010 1:23 Sun May 22

'Haye has played us all whilst earning millions and kept his faculties intact'

How dare he not be punch-drunk.

Ricky 5:52 Sun May 22
Re: David Haye
If people are stupid enough to pay to watch him fight obvious bums, then why should it be regulated?

No-one is hiding the fact these fighters are absolute tosh and if people want to pay for it, more fool them.

There is no con, just people who know nothing about boxing wanting to put a selfie on social media to show how cool it is they are at the event.

Briano 4:53 Sun May 22
Re: David Haye
Haye is skint and hyping himself up for a big payday

He will probably get it

HairyHammer 4:01 Sun May 22
Re: David Haye

You probably know more than I do I just find it rather difficult to believe GB boxers hold all the titles and cards right now.

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