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bell 9:17 Fri May 27
England Australia
Anybody giving two fucks about this tonight?

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Sven Roeder 10:39 Sun May 29
Re: England Australia
Germany lost 3-1 at home to Slovakia who are in England's Euro group.

eric5bellies 3:36 Sat May 28
Re: England Australia
I gotta hand it to Australia. They held possession well and attacked with purpose. Unfortunately their last third play was shite. England look great going forward but the defense looks very shakey. Up against the big teams they will be found out

daveyg 2:59 Sat May 28
Re: England Australia
No team apart from N Ireland will play the same players throughout the group stages.

Dier is a certainty as Rooney and Kane.

All other places from the midfield are up for grabs.
Alli should be and under less media pressure due to Rashford's inclusion

collyrob 2:31 Sat May 28
Re: England Australia
Not what I'd pick but I think he'll go with

------dier Wilshere-----

Milner Rooney sterling


Admiral Lard 2:16 Sat May 28
Re: England Australia
2 well taken goals plastered of a barrel of kack.

Pointless fixture at the end of a long season

Move on

i-Ron 2:15 Sat May 28
Re: England Australia
The problem is that there's only 23 men in the squad.

I reckon you only need to be flexible if there's not enough decent players. I don't think we have that problem.

I think Hogson will be creating problems by shoe horning Wilshere, Sterling, Rooney...

boltkunt 2:11 Sat May 28
Re: England Australia
Ron, whilst I do see your point surely having options in midfield is a good thing? If we do play a diamond all those players can play within that system.

He just doesn't know which is his best four. Which is comical.

i-Ron 2:07 Sat May 28
Re: England Australia
He's gotta sort out that midfield or he'll end up going really overloaded in central midfield

Currently you could play

DM: Dier Drinkwater Wilshere maybe Henderson in front of the back 4 when I think only 2 is required

CM: Dier Drinkwater Wilshere Henderson Milner Alli Barkley Lallana when I think only 4 is required

AM: Lallana Barkley Sterling Alli Rooney even Townsend and 2 would be cover enough.

Townsend Lallana Sterling and maybe Rooney gives you the option of playing wingers. Even Vardy could.

The one who sticks out for me is Milner. He can play all kinds of positions but I don't think he beats any England players for one particular area. If he goes I think it would be a mistake.

daveyg 1:36 Sat May 28
Re: England Australia
I agree I-ron
based on the overloading of central midfield Townsend and Sterling have to go,they are not brilliant but offer something different. Lallana you could argue is simliar but is off form and where the hell is his best position ? Roy likes him because her runs around a bit,much like his other Liverpool team mates Milner and Henderson.Even Klopp wouldn't play all 3 in the same team.
Leave out at least one of those 3 plus Delph.
Now we have only 3 center backs Drinkwater has to go to replace Dier if needed.
If Sturridge fails his fitness test Hodgson's problem is solved. Rashford is going

boltkunt 1:29 Sat May 28
Re: England Australia



El Scorchio 1:04 Sat May 28
Re: England Australia
Can't believe at this late stage he's fucking around and trying Dier at CB etc.

He hasn't got a fucking clue. He didn't have a proper plan when he picked his squad which isn't properly balanced and is half full of injured and out of form players.

What a senile old cunt.

i-Ron 12:21 Sat May 28
Re: England Australia
I think Roy has given himself a massive headache trying to shoe horn 3/4 players into this diamond.

There's no use for 5 strikers in a diamond so Rooney will be a midfielder if Sturridge goes.

There's no use for potentially 3 wingers so Lallana Sterling and Townsend is a headache.

There's no use for more than 2 players in attacking midfield. You could argue Rooney Sterling Lallana Barkley and Alli could all play there.

For central midfield it's overloaded for 4 places in the diamond. Wilshere Milner Henderson Alli Barkley Drinkwater...there's too many.

There should only be 2 holding midfielders but with him shoe horning Wilshere then Drinkwater is surplus.

Milner is a problem for me. I don't see where he fits in but he's versatile I guess.

Sven Roeder 12:21 Sat May 28
Re: England Australia
Whadya mean?
I've seen the pics of the Chelsea Champions league win & John Terry was there!
Was so good at defending in the final that he didn't break sweat or have a mark on his shorts. #StayOnYourFeet

stewie griffin 11:43 Sat May 28
Re: England Australia
I think Cahill gets an extremely unfair ride, if I'm honest.

I'm Chelsea's (lucky ) champions league win; grand leader cuntface got himself sent off in the Nou Camp and then subsequently missed the final. Up against Barcelona for an hour and Bayern for 2 hours, Cahill was absolutely immense and carried them after cuntface let everyone down yet again.

Granted his form hasn't been as good, but he's a very good centre back

Ronald_antly 11:25 Sat May 28
Re: England Australia
Being a BIG fan of Samuel Allardyce, I wanted Sunderland to avoid the drop, and was very pleased that they managed to do so.

However, after the disgraceful booing of Townsend, I hope they lose every game next season.

I've a good mind to log on to SO, and tell those scoundrels as much.

Sven Roeder 10:50 Sat May 28
Re: England Australia
He is still England's best centre half which probably tells you something.
Always used to be a strong position for England but it does seem a bit lacking at the moment.
Cahill always strikes me as someone who needs a strong partner as he isn't much of a leader.
Stones was better yesterday but he didn't really have a direct opponent with Tim Cahill not playing.

Ronald_antly 10:30 Sat May 28
Re: England Australia
Sydney_Iron wrote...

"Looks like Smalling picked up an injury, hopefully just a knock but all the same we dont look to flash at the back, if he is out then................................. "

You know all those penalties he SHOULD be conceding when playing for Man Utd?
Well, if he does the same thing for England, then he WILL concede them.

Best out of the side, in my opinion.

ludo21 9:48 Sat May 28
Re: England Australia
Didn't watch the game but given the potential injuries at CB he would be crazy not to take another CB, not that there are any decent ones out there.... I think I would take Shawcross if I was him, but he won't... he'll probably take Jones!

With Delph and Sturridge out anyway I would leave Wilshere (who by all accounts did nothing, and despite needing game time only got 45mims) and Barkley behind.

Tomshardware 9:42 Sat May 28
Re: England Australia
Will be a familiar story when we get to the euro's, England managers never seem to learn.

Private Dancer 8:45 Sat May 28
Re: England Australia
Almost forgot about Lalana, he will go but for the same reasons as Barklay I can't see him getting on the pitch much, if at all.

Sven Roeder 8:42 Sat May 28
Re: England Australia
Barkley's form has fallen off a cliff under Martinez & it is hard to see where he fits in.
Especially if Rooney is supposedly going to drop back into midfield and Alli is going to be in there somewhere. Plus Hodgson seems to like Lallana for some reason.
He will want water carriers like Milner & Henderson especially as he has lost Welbeck.

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