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w4hammer 9:02 Sat Jul 2
R.I.P to a true Hammer
dropped into the Wentworth in Mile End earlier today and heard the sad, but not unexpected news that Sheiia the Landlady died last week.

She's battled cancer for a long time, and fought it to the end- if anyone was proper west ham, including marrying a **d it was Sheila.

Ive known her for 10 years-lots know her alot more- she ran a proper west ham pub, earlies, lates, sarnies on the bar, fierce and honest every day - her funeral is the 14th at 2pm and they will take her from there to Plaistow.

Anyone who knows her or who's ever drunk there - a time for reflection


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Any Old Iron 3:22 Sun Jul 3
Re: R.I.P to a true Hammer
Went in there 6 months ago when meeting my lad. Nice and tidy, old school back street pub, but all they had was fizz on tap. So walked 5 minutes up the road to the Coborn Arms for a proper pint.

wanstead_hammer 10:03 Sun Jul 3
Re: R.I.P to a true Hammer
Been in there few times last couple years. When West Ham on.
Old school. Sad news. RIP.
(w4 - I cut through there yesterday afternoon funny enough).

Troy McClure 3:12 Sun Jul 3
Re: R.I.P to a true Hammer
Been in there quite a bit in recent years coming in from the west - Is this the blonde old girl?

the peckham cod 2:41 Sun Jul 3
Re: R.I.P to a true Hammer
Drank in there fair a few times. Gravelly voiced, funny sort of the earth type. A lovely woman. Ran a top pub. Real shame. RIP.

joe royal 9:45 Sat Jul 2
Re: R.I.P to a true Hammer

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