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joe royal 8:17 Mon Jul 11
Montego Bay
Looking to go in Jan , looks nice and is cheaper than Barbados .

Is it as bad as it is made out to be or just scaremongering ?

Mixed views on trip advisor etc.

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Schoffie 11:38 Thu Jul 28
Re: Montego Bay
Ive booked the reggae for a week end of Feb, Mrs schof 50th birthday. Joe, let me know what's it like etc, hope they do sport fishing nearby? Highlight of Mexico trip this year, fucking hilarious!

Far Cough 7:02 Wed Jul 27
Re: Montego Bay
Haha, Jack you old Taig

JACK1 6:36 Wed Jul 27
Re: Montego Bay
Black Lives Matter Cough you old fart

Far Cough 1:31 Wed Jul 27
Re: Montego Bay
Ilford is Irie

joe royal 1:19 Wed Jul 27
Re: Montego Bay
I never just stay in the hotel, I always hire a car or motorcycle and go for a sightseeing trip.

Just use the same basic precautions as a night out/drive in ilford.

Brucies_Star_Prize 1:13 Wed Jul 27
Re: Montego Bay
Been to Jamaica. Spent a week in the heart of Kingston, went to bars, restaurants, strip clubs, the lot. Didn't get the slightest bit of trouble. Absolutely nothing. Same went for Negril.

Went to Barbados last year and found myself in a pretty uncomfortable situation, but that was due to wandering into an area we probably shouldn't have been in.

Never understood the whole 'stay in the compound' advice when visiting the Caribbean. Might as well go to a nice beach resort in Europe.

joe royal 1:07 Wed Jul 27
Re: Montego Bay
Staying in the Riu Reggae (it's opposite to the Riu Palace) not built yet , gets completed in December. Will hire a car and go to the falls and ricks cafe for the sunset.(like every other tourist)although I don't think that the sunset there will be any better than Kuta beach in Bali.


JACK1 11:37 Wed Jul 27
Re: Montego Bay
where you staying then Joe ?

JACK1 11:36 Wed Jul 27
Re: Montego Bay
Joe - it is a nice place i went a few years back with the family- also been to Negril - tbh I would stay on an all inclusive and venture out for day trips - it is not that bad outside the complexs - most Jamaicans are friendly in the complex but expect you to* check them out* ie tip tip them when you are leaving - they are not slow in coming forward - check with Pringle he went about 2 years ago .

Mo bay is nice

ammerman 9:36 Tue Jul 26
Re: Montego Bay
there will be no knobs in my arris
bruno you know you fancy it xxx

ammerman 4:01 Tue Jul 26
Re: Montego Bay
i am off to motego on dec. 16th for 5 all inclusive nights at rose hall hotel
looks fabulous 5 star hotel

kylay 3:27 Tue Jul 26
Re: Montego Bay
I've been twice to Jamaica both times in gated communities, although first time was in Kingston so it was definitely necessary (that trip was not for pleasure). Seocnd time was for my honeymoon. There are certainly tours from Montego Bay to pretty much any part of the north coast you want to visit. I've heard of people renting a car and driving the island rather than all-expense-paid option and have heard no horror stories to speak of but no personal experience.

Personally, I love the place and find it a much better experience than the bahamas, mexico, and even US virgin islands. Having said that, it is a third-world country so rule of law is iffy at best. basically, like any foreign country, use your head, and don't go tempting fate. I'd absolutely recommend it though. It has a very real salt-of-the-earth quality to it. If that's not your bag, you probably want to look elsewhere.

Jam rock Ammer 8:53 Tue Jul 26
Re: Montego Bay
Prefer Negril than Mobay however in general Jamaica is fantastic.

joe royal 3:11 Tue Jul 26
Re: Montego Bay
Everyting will be irie

Mart O 2:27 Tue Jul 26
Re: Montego Bay
I noticed that on the photo on jr's link the caption is ''planned appearance''.

Sounds like 830 quid for a weeks holiday on a building site. Bring your toolbox, you might get some work.

joe royal 1:07 Tue Jul 26
Re: Montego Bay
*buys Vaseline

bruuuno 12:56 Tue Jul 26
Re: Montego Bay
Apart from the fact you're gonna get gang raped by negros

Takashi Miike 12:52 Tue Jul 26
Re: Montego Bay
sounds really good and great value

joe royal 12:51 Tue Jul 26
Re: Montego Bay
All inclusive and transfers , Riu hotels are pretty good , stayed in one last year in Mexico that was fantastic and a only four star , this one is spankers new and four plus (what ever that is) and adults only.

Takashi Miike 12:30 Tue Jul 26
Re: Montego Bay
all inclusive?

joe royal 12:27 Tue Jul 26
Re: Montego Bay

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