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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
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Hammers1993 11:15 Tue Aug 16
Chelsea (A) Review
- Serious question marks over Bilic. Okay playing Antonio there last season was makeshift, but he continued playing him there costing us games and to carry on doing so into the new season is not acceptable. Even more so when you have Byram on the bench who is a better option there.

As a side note on Antonio/Bilic I have to say Bilic can't be blamed completely for Antonio to decide running out with the ball at right back and then clicking the guys heels.. However, him trying to take that out of right mid wouldn't of been such a danger if he wasn't being played at right back. So yes, that definitely lies with Bilic and if he plays him at right back again then I think the crowd could actually start to turn. (Remember Allardyce with Nolan playing, if that was Allardyce in charge last night this whole place would be calling for him to be sacked).

- Valencia - This guy is absolute toilet and should of been sold at the beginning of the transfer window when the rumoured offers of a loan/6 mil/ANYTHING were there. To play him over Antonio on the wing and not putting Byram at right back from the start makes me question Bilic even more. Valencia had a whole pre season and showed exactly why he shouldn't be in the team.

- Tore - I think it is harsh people judging him on last night, however.. When he feautured in pre season he barely touched the ball, same as last night. Really worrying signs to be honest. Having said that I still feel it is too early to judge him and put it down to him integrating with the team and it will come good (hopefully).

- "Midfield 3" - This will upset a lot of you as most think Noble is undroppable, but sadly, if Bilic plays a 3, when everybody is fit the best 3 would have to be Nordveit, Kouyate and Lanzini as you need that creativity in the 3 to move things forward, having Noble/Nordveit is too much of the same thing and it really tells as the midfield slows to a halt at times.

- Ayew - Not a striker, just unfortunate him getting injured nothing he could of done. Does this mean we sign another winger because Bilic obviously doesn't want Antonio their, or do we finally sign a striker?

- Payet - Looked good when he came on, unfortunately for us without him we are bog standard. Main reason we did so well last year and it showed when he was out of the team, something like 5 draws wern't it?

- Carroll - Did nothing, but had no service so can't blame him. Is that going to be the case all season though? What will happen when he get's injured? There was no striker on the bench.. Yet the board/Bilic seem to be saying business is done. Surely they realise we need a striker. Pay Bacca. Now. If he does want to come just go and fucking sign him, fed up of broken promises over a striker and never getting one, this will be the difference this year.

Referee - Yes Kante and Costa arguably should of been off. Same old seems to be happening but why did Adrian feel the need to piss about with it in the first place?

- Arthur - Only positive from last night for me. He looks very, very good defensively and with someone better (Mr.Payet) in front of him he will do very well getting forward too. Looks a good signing at this stage.

Overall, we deserved nothing from last night and would of been very, very fortunate to come away with a point.

Let's hope Bilic starts putting right some of his wrongs in our next game by dropping players who have had more than enough chances and playing a right back, at right back.

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Alex V 3:13 Thu Aug 18
Re: Chelsea (A) Review
I think we always play a designated DM under Bilic - I don't think it's a question of not needing the role, but that depending on how we play it can seem disfunctional and Noble does at times cause issues by playing too deep alongside the DM rather than in the opponent's half - I think it unbalances the team. The fluidity and flexibility of the midfield is a good thing though - it's hard to set up against basically if you don't know where Payet or Kouyate will pop up during attacks.

But I have no idea what our best midfield or shape is under Bilic. I really don't think he knows either. While it's going well that can seem like a strength, but I worry that when the mood changes it might seem like a total mess!

stewie griffin 9:33 Thu Aug 18
Re: Chelsea (A) Review
I don't see it as weird, v, it's good to have options

On occasion - like arsenal and many city away last season - having this 'DM' works. On others, like Monday, it doesn't. One of the main reasons for that is that in those 2 games we had a mobile front man working the channels who was able to bring others into play that way. On Monday, there was no one within 50 yards of carroll if he did when a header. He needs someone near him. And quite apart from that, personally I think chelsea are defensively vulnerable (see the 10 minutes we attacked them) so sacrificing an attacking threat to accommodate the 'DM ' wasn't for me at all.

As for the defence being exposed, it depends what you're after. Cresswell spent all of last season being exposed by having PAYET in front of him and regularly found himself 2 on 1. Would I like to see Matt JARVIS there instead of PAYET because he tracks back a little better? No ta

Alex V 2:34 Thu Aug 18
Re: Chelsea (A) Review
To have so few certainties about the merits of the midfield set-up after a year under Bilic is weird. I do think some of the defensive issues last season that were blamed on defenders (Antonio, Reid, Jenkinson etc) were actually more due to the lack of cover and shape in midfield that left us exposed.

claretandblue 10:11 Wed Aug 17
Re: Chelsea (A) Review
Agree with what's been said. Midfield non-existant. Noble is passed his sell by date. continues to give ball away and give away goals.
Carroll tried up front. but nobody near him to support his flick on.s, etc.
Very worrying as ball given away to much by dribbling out of defence, When under pressure hoof it out of play.
Push up more.
Very poor display.

Romfordboy 7:27 Wed Aug 17
Re: Chelsea (A) Review
Just seen the highlights.... Antonio first rule of right back is clear your lines!! Bilic has to wake up..

The costa goal no one was close enough!!

No harm in a 2-1 loss to somes champions elect with half our team missing

grasshopper 7:13 Wed Aug 17
Re: Chelsea (A) Review
Noble should not be in the starting 11 imo. Too slow and obiang is better

Tomsdad 7:11 Wed Aug 17
Re: Chelsea (A) Review

Tomsdad 7:10 Wed Aug 17
Re: Chelsea (A) Review
What where the new words to "stick your blue flag up your arse"?

One McAvennieeeeee 2:28 Wed Aug 17
Re: Chelsea (A) Review
Too many goals for what?

Hammers1993 2:24 Wed Aug 17
Re: Chelsea (A) Review
We conceded far too many goals last season though. I am not saying it is entirely down to a DM playing, but it does help.

stewie griffin 1:38 Wed Aug 17
Re: Chelsea (A) Review
I'm not sure that's the case given how rarely we used one last year; and I think we looked a MUCH better side when we dispensed with the 'DM' on Monday; just like we looked a much better side when our 'DM' (Song) didn't play last season.

Hammers1993 1:32 Wed Aug 17
Re: Chelsea (A) Review
I don't think there is an obsession with it, I just think when Bilic does want to play with 3 in midfield, he obviously likes playing a DM.

stewie griffin 1:29 Wed Aug 17
Re: Chelsea (A) Review
Hammers1993 11:24 Wed Aug 17
Re: Chelsea (A) Review

if I'm honest, I can't stand this obsession with 'DM'. It isn't required. Most of our best performances to watch last season - with the exception of away games where we ground out results - were with Noble, Kouyate and Lanzini as the 'midfield 3'. None of those played as a 'DM'. They don't need to because they have brains. Noble and Kouyate played as 'CM', and if one went forward, the other one stayed. Sometimes, it didn't work and we got exposed by over committing like Swansea at home, but generally speaking, I'd rather watch us in that set up than some specifically created 'DM' role that bears all the hallmarks of the fat oaf and trying to win games 1-0.

J.Riddle 12:24 Wed Aug 17
Re: Chelsea (A) Review
Bilic was a coward turning his back on Antonio when he came off, gone right down in my estimation. Should never have taken him off, should have moved him to RW and taken the dogshit Valencia off, at least have put an arm around his shoulder. He obviously wants Fegouli on the wing instead, can see Antonio leaving there will be many takers for the best English right winger, second top scorer with 8 from half a season most at RB? Didn't handle Amifatano well , or Sakho well either. Makes some strange decisions like Emenike who he persisted to play. Tore and Norveit are are also a worry on first look.

Hammers1993 12:07 Wed Aug 17
Re: Chelsea (A) Review
Alex V 11:42 Wed Aug 17

That's the point I was making as well, if you have a sitting DM and Kouyate plays as well, who do you play further forward out of Noble or Lanzini in the 3?

Personally I think Lanzini is our second best player so if we do play a 3 when everyone is fit I just don't see how Noble starts. As you say he isn't a DM and hopefully after a few games Nordveit adjusts and can play that role. Be interesting to see what happens when Lanzini is back and we decide to go with a 3.

BournemouthHammer 12:00 Wed Aug 17
Re: Chelsea (A) Review
I thought Nordtveidt was rubbish on Monday night. Was glad when he came off. He gave the ball away too much. Having said that it was his first PL start. You cant pick too many holes against Chelsea (who should be a lot better this season).

Everyone is concerned with Antonio at RB so we wont go into that detail.

I just wonder if Sakho will play again for the club? I would like to see him up front and starting instead of Valencia (who needs to be sold).

Swiss. 11:49 Wed Aug 17
Re: Chelsea (A) Review
Alex V. I agree. I think Noble is a terrible DM player. Always giving away free kicks around the box. Much more effective further forward.

However not seen enough of Nordveit to see if he's the answer at DM but after 3 years in this role in the Bundesliga I should think so.

One McAvennieeeeee 11:44 Wed Aug 17
Re: Chelsea (A) Review
Another answer is never ever dare to lose a game?

RM10 11:43 Wed Aug 17
Re: Chelsea (A) Review
Slav went down in my estimation the way he handled Antonio mon night.

Alex V 11:42 Wed Aug 17
Re: Chelsea (A) Review
>>> having Noble/Nordveit is too much of the same thing

We often had the same issue with Noble/Song too. One answer is simply to tell Noble to play further up the pitch, which is really what he should be doing. Let the DM do the covering and move up more.

camel-with-3-humps 11:37 Wed Aug 17
Re: Chelsea (A) Review
It's fucking criminal that the useless streak of piss Valencia got the nod. He has to be dropped or Billic could lose the crowd.

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