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HairyHammer 7:18 Wed Aug 31
Your best ever dream
Last night I had a brilliant dream where I scored the winning goal for West ham at the FA cup final, for some reason the goal I scored in was through a gate of some front garden but funnily it did not feel out of place as I was surrounded by thousands of fans, I felt like a King, I then saw my beloved mum who has been departed from this earth for over 25 years and told her I loved her, she seemed really proud that I had scored then I woke up feeling great.

Do any of you lot have a dream you can remember that you absolutely loved

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Pancho 6:12 Thu Sep 1
Re: Your best ever dream
What the fuck has this got to do with West Ham Utd?

gank 6:10 Thu Sep 1
Re: Your best ever dream
riosleftsock 7:22 Wed Aug 31

I've had that exact same dream! Weird.

Dan M 1:44 Thu Sep 1
Re: Your best ever dream
This is the dream I had the night after playing Juventus. As background I'd been out to 4am on the Saturday then after four hours sleep in north London went straight to the ground and got back on it to postpone the hangover by a day.

My wife and I were checking out new nurseries for a kid we'd been given. The nursery seemed nice enough and we agreed that this little girl could stay there that morning. I walk out of the place, up some stairs through a door and I find myself on a grassy clifftop, not unlike those near The Needles on the IOW.

I walk along the cliff top and have to walk on a rather rickety old metal staircase built into the cliff. It's narrow and I need to use metal handholds. I find that there are various commercial buildings' roofs emerging from the ground. I realise that I need to get into one of them so I can get back to my missus and this kid. But none of them are open. Walking along I find the entrance to a socialites' party. It's vampire themed and under a canopy there are some actors dressed as "romantic-style" vampires hissing at me. I'm told by a bouncer and then a PR girl that it's a private party. They suggest I go to the Selfridges access door and get down to ground level that way.

I find the Selfridges door and go in. I'm on the top staff-only floor and persuade someone to let me go in the lift and use the special key which takes it down to the public areas. But it doesn't work. I'm directed through another door and I'm out on the cliff top again.

I find the metal walkway again but this time the handholds come away in my hand. I suddenly have a flashback (in the dream) of falling from the banks of the River Roding in Woodford and clinging to a rock. I'm holding on for dear life while thinking "this sort of thing doesn't happen to people like me."

However I get back on to solid ground and notice patches of sand everywhere. I'm convinced that these patches have been getting more common all through the adventure. I get to a path and everything is turning to sand around me. Grass, trees, walls all become sand. There's a metal ball in front of me which speaks. It's called Gary and it's an AI device controlling everything that's happened so far. A malfunction means that the computer program I'm in is shutting down which is why everything's turning to sand. But I (and Gary) are trapped in it. I turn around and come to a large sandy plain. There are others in the same predicament, each with their own Gary (some of which are in human form, one of which looks like a deflated Baymax from Big Hero 6).

I then realise that I'm in an episode of Black Mirror and everything makes sense. At that point I woke up.

That is what two nights out (including #partydeck and #RIBCLUB) can do to you...

Hani 1:39 Thu Sep 1
Re: Your best ever dream
Job interview with Iggy Azalea that got very messy in a good way.

Barnet Steve 1:32 Thu Sep 1
Re: Your best ever dream
I used to have an amazing recurring dream when I was a kid.

I used to live in a row of semi detached houses in Hampshire, and in the dream they were all being smashed and kicked to the ground by a giant, stone robot.

I found a plunger in our garden stuck to the floor. When I unstuck it from the ground, the robot would stop moving. I took the plunger to the council, and we burned it to stop the robot.

They gave me a tin of Quality Street to say thanks.

Darlo Debs 1:16 Thu Sep 1
Re: Your best ever dream
I used to have some fucked up.dreams when i was a kid. One of which involved me being locked in an office with Morecambe & Wise whilst a terrorist was shooting at us from.the other side and i was trying to hide in a metal filing cabinet.
Also once dreant that the tv had come to.life and was trying to attack us.....that may have had something to do with watching Willo the Wisp though.

Irish Hammer 12:14 Thu Sep 1
Re: Your best ever dream
Last night I had the strangest dream
I sailed away to China
In a little row boat to find ya
And you said you had to get your laundry cleaned

Grumpster 11:36 Thu Sep 1
Re: Your best ever dream
Dreaming that Pires would score the winning goal in the FA Cup final with a 1-0 score line.

May sound like a cunty dream, but won me £600.

Eggbert Nobacon 10:20 Thu Sep 1
Re: Your best ever dream
On holiday in Ibiza either 94 or 95, dreamt I was in the apartment and the Power Rangers were attacking from the apartments over the road

But I hid behind the curtain and knocked them out with a tea spoon as they came in through the window

I had had a lot of mid 90's strength e's that night so may or may not have been awake while I had this dream

Fifth Column 11:43 Wed Aug 31
Re: Your best ever dream
Did I dream the story that Everton taking Valencia on loan with option of 15 million purchase?

Now THAT would be a dream.

HairyHammer 9:23 Wed Aug 31
Re: Your best ever dream

Was that meant to be funny?
What is it that would make someone so bitter and nasty?

Have you never had a mother ?
Or have you never had a loving mother, because no half decent human being would be able to write such a disgusting thing.

This site allows racism on such a stark level that it becomes a norm.

All I did was share a true actual dream that took place, now you can shit on my dream rios but I will not allow you to shit on my mothers memory that is not rite , you might think you are being funny or a king troll which in reality shows you to be the tiny little cock of a human being that you are, are you that sad and lonely did your parents bring you up like a boiled potato without a semblance of civility or humanity that you feel you have to hurt others to get attention?

Bungo 7:46 Wed Aug 31
Re: Your best ever dream
Thinking that I was swimming around in a nice, warm pool until I woke up and discovered that a young no.2 son had climbed into our bed before wetting himself in a big way.

riosleftsock 7:22 Wed Aug 31
Re: Your best ever dream
Shagging some old, decrepit turkish bint until she popped her clogs, screaming my name and cunting off Mohammed and her useless son.

True story.

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