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Texas Iron 12:29 Thu Sep 1
So how did we do...for 2016/17
Above average window in my opinion...

Been unlucky with injuries to key imports...Ayew...Feghouli...

Zaha should be good as a lead striker...some backup from Fletcher...Calleri...Sakho if fit mentally and physically...and A.C. if can stay fit...

Question marks at CB...

Lack a very good DFM...Nordtveit doesn't inspire me...

Could have done better...but a good window overall...

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Romfordboy 11:33 Fri Sep 2
Re: So how did we do...for 2016/17
Daily mail has us as 5th net spenders... Interestingly over the last 5 years we are apparently 5th overall on the net spending above Liverpool!!!

arsegrapes 9:53 Thu Sep 1
Re: So how did we do...for 2016/17
I could blow through our powder puff midfield and that should have been a priority, and who do we get some Norwegian with highlights? Viking he ain't.

We could have done with a couple of tough as old boots DM's, and I'm not talking about my old 12 hole steel toe caps long gone. Souness would have done a job in there.

After8 9:32 Thu Sep 1
Re: So how did we do...for 2016/17
We fixed the right back and left back issues where we didn't have enough depth and we brought in attacking players.

I'm happy.

Sir Alf 9:30 Thu Sep 1
Re: So how did we do...for 2016/17
Full Claret Jacket 7:29 Thu Sep 1

Agree with that. Just that central midfield defensive role. Hoping Nordveit gets better.

As someone else has said, the central midfield of Noble and Kouyate is what will need to be upgraded if we want progress further IMO but for now they are a pretty decent pair so long as we have that DM :-)

Romfordboy 9:08 Thu Sep 1
Re: So how did we do...for 2016/17
If you want a good giggle go overto the grand old team forum....

100m for transfers apparently and they are roughly net 0 spenders

jack flash 8:47 Thu Sep 1
Re: So how did we do...for 2016/17
LeroysBoots ~ Very true about Fernandes, he kind of quietly slipped in under the radar
He could very well be a key signing
In all honesty I forgot we signed him!

Romfordboy 8:43 Thu Sep 1
Re: So how did we do...for 2016/17
As he is a Henry signing I have high expectations for him...

LeroysBoots 8:38 Thu Sep 1
Re: So how did we do...for 2016/17
Nobody is talking about Fernandes, would love it if he turned out to be the best of the lot

jack flash 8:31 Thu Sep 1
Re: So how did we do...for 2016/17
Pretty much agree with Texas Iron's original post

Keeping hold of Payet was always the most important issue this window

We tried very hard for some of the worlds best striker but it was always going to be tough. We're not a big club yet!

We had a good squad last season & have reinforced several positions where we were obviously short

I'm glad that we now have 2 proper RBs to choose from & (when Cresswell recovers) 2 proper LBs

We've 3 senior CHs plus Oxford or Burke ready to step up (which leaves us a bit light with Tomkins leaving) The thought of Nordtveit playing at CH (or anywhere else for that matter!) scares me to death
Surely he can't be consistently as bad as what we've seen so far?

Our midfield looks pretty strong with a mix of playmakers & ball players but without a real enforcer

Out of Zaza, Ayew, Calleri, Foster, Carroll & possibly Sakho a good pairing should be possible (if we're playing a front 2)

Overall then a 7/10

Nothing startling but steady progress

Sven Roeder 7:39 Thu Sep 1
Re: So how did we do...for 2016/17
If you'd presented a list of our ins and outs as they are today when last season ended I would have signed for it no question.
Prices are crazy and the competition fierce.
Like most fans I am greedy and I'd still like us to make a SPECTACULAR signing but I still feel like we are moving forward.
Just want to see the likes of Payet, Lanzini, Ayew, Zaza etc on the pitch tormenting some cunts.

Nagel 7:33 Thu Sep 1
Re: So how did we do...for 2016/17
The list that says we're 7th not 5th probably either doesn't include the 10m spent on Lanzini or the 10m in loan fees for Zaza, Calleri or Tore.

These are all included in the Mirror article, where the data comes from Transfermarkt (which I'm not sure is very accurate.)

Full Claret Jacket 7:29 Thu Sep 1
Re: So how did we do...for 2016/17
I thought we did really well given how difficult it is to attract players without having your pants pulled down on wages. The loans for Tore and Calleri look justified but they need time and a bit of patience. Don't know about Zaza yet but he has some pedigree.
Think the defence is ok now with the full back cover. Centre backs are really good compared to a lot of other clubs but I see the weakness as the centre midfield and defensive midfield areas.This can leave them exposed.
Hopefully we'll find a better balance there as players get fit and more accustomed to a formation but not upset by the quality of those brought in.

Alex V 7:12 Thu Sep 1
Re: So how did we do...for 2016/17
On this list we're 5th...


FOMB 6:55 Thu Sep 1
Re: So how did we do...for 2016/17
To the people moaning about penny pinching and doing it on the cheap.

We were the 7th highest NET spenders behind Man City, Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea, Leicester and Tottenham.

So basically the usual top 4 plus last seasons champions and Tottenham.

Alex V 6:44 Thu Sep 1
Re: So how did we do...for 2016/17
In terms of incomings, the only signing I have a real problem with is Ayew. Given some of the odd targets we've seen come up this Summer, I could have been pretty angry at this stage. But it's worked out to be a generally progressive window I think. Still think we could do a lot better at shifting out players, but it's been the same for years so not unexpected.

Texas Iron 6:30 Thu Sep 1
Re: So how did we do...for 2016/17
They got mugged for those players....

Romfordboy 11:02 Thu Sep 1
Re: So how did we do...for 2016/17
Sissoko 30m
Bolasie 25m

I think we have had a great window when you look at some of the transfers...

Rossal 10:58 Thu Sep 1
Re: So how did we do...for 2016/17
Our SQUAD is stronger as when all are fit we have a tremendous squad and bench to call on.

However the two priorities were a top striker and a right back. We failed to really address either and after missing out on so many targets i'd say the window should have gone better for us.

We have done well if Zaza turns out good but with the hype created by the club it should have been better

Grumpster 10:42 Thu Sep 1
Re: So how did we do...for 2016/17
I'm excited about Zaza, so hopefully he'll deliver and hands up as a huge tosser if anyone who wasn't overly impressed with getting him are proved right.

For West Ham's sake, he needs to be the real deal and stay fit or we're very short up front.

goose 10:32 Thu Sep 1
Re: So how did we do...for 2016/17
7/10 i'd say............... maybe 8/10 if Zaza is the real deal.
start of the summer i wanted a proper centre forward, cover at full back, a proper holding midfielder and a top class centre back.

most has been achieved, centre half worries me and Nordviet is still tbc.

Stubbo 10:28 Thu Sep 1
Re: So how did we do...for 2016/17
I'd go along with an 8 out of 10.

To strengthen the first Xi we needed to:

1. Get a better striker
2. Get a proper right back playing there so Antonio could go back to playing further forward
3. Improve our central defence, for which we have good individual players bu no great partnership
4. Replace either Noble or Kouyate with a significant upgrade

1. Is currently an open question, for which time will tell, but the player has been bought.
2. Is resolved. Byram has started playing there and Arbeloa is now also an option. This could only have been better by getting in a world class right back like Aurier or some such.
3. Nothing has happened here. For me this is the weakest area of our team as our two best players do not play well together.
4. We were never realistically going to replace Noble or Kouyate. To truly move to the next level we may need to, but I've seen nothing to suggest their is appetite for this.

What this really says is that there wasn't huge room for improvement in our first XI. And rightly so - it didn't need major surgery as our first choice XI was a match for anyone last year. What was evident was when 1 or 2 key players were out we couldn't cope. Now ironically, it's taking 6 or 7 key players out for us to struggle to cope. If it was just Payet and Lanzini out I suspect we'd be doing just fine. Sadly, with Ayew and Feghouli also out, and the striker only available from the next game on, we've been screwed.

See no reason for pessimism though. The players brought in are by and large upgrades on those they've replaced (Tore excepted on current showing). Just that aside from up front we didn't set out to replace our so-called first XI (although you could argue there is now a debate about who our first XI is, so the players added have increased the pool of players considered to be starting XI players).

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