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i-Ron 6:29 Sat Sep 10
Great servant and all that but FMOB


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13 Brentford Rd 2:38 Sun Sep 11
Re: Collins
.........not good enough to start for WALES though.

collyrob 2:37 Sun Sep 11
Re: Collins
BILIC is wrong so.

13 Brentford Rd 2:37 Sun Sep 11
Re: Collins
Well he's better than Ogbonna and Tomkins according to Billic

defjam 2:00 Sun Sep 11
Re: Collins
Been saying it for seasons, he's smply not good enough.
Can head a ball, thats about it.
He's a liability more than he is an asset.

i-Ron 12:14 Sun Sep 11
Re: Collins
Cost us the game. That mistake changed the entire match.

Fucking gutted

Eddie B 11:41 Sun Sep 11
Re: Collins
Collins should've cleared it into row Z, whether Adrian shouted or not. Take no chances.

grasshopper 10:30 Sun Sep 11
Re: Collins
Should play Collins as striker - world class goal against Chelsea. Better than zaza

Coffee 10:19 Sun Sep 11
Re: Collins
dealcanvey 1:42 Sun Sep 11

mentor 9:53 Sun Sep 11
Re: Collins
Watford's second goal sums this Championship player perfectly. He wasn't up to standard when we sold him to Villa and I was gutted when we re-signed him. His positive rapport with a small section of the fans should not be an excuse to put him on the teamsheet ahead of Ogbonna.

dealcanvey 1:42 Sun Sep 11
Re: Collins
The second goal was a mix up but it was Adrian's fault and not Collins.

We know have a big enough squad that if someone fucks up or has a poor game they are punished.

Too many players today thought they could breeze through the game.

gph 1:36 Sun Sep 11
Re: Collins
For their equaliser, Adrian played like players at my level, who think they are so much better than anyone else, who take the ball off your toes, and then fuck it up.

Collins was the clear winner of that ball, put it where Adrian could have easily dealt with it if he'd stayed back and trusted Collins to put it into his hands.

Collins only fault was not reacting to Adrian's doing something spectacularly stupid.

unitedsound 1:23 Sun Sep 11
Re: Collins
cost us 5 goals far this season.
tomkins was shit too, no pace

Eerie Descent 11:26 Sat Sep 10
Re: Collins
I've been caned on here for suggesting it, but I'm fucking telling all of you idiots, Ogbonna & KOUYATE should be our first choice centre back pairing. Kouyate is a centre back, always has been, always will be, and he could be one of the best if persisted with there.

We should've tried to move on Reid instead of Tomkins, Reid is on the slide and has been for a while, Collins is what he is, and should be a 4th choice option.

NEVER SAY DIE 11:21 Sat Sep 10
Re: Collins
They're all backing off attackers like Roger Johnson clones. They've been doing it all season thus far, might as well let the likes of Ighalo walk the ball in. Back 4 needs a major shake up everyone dropped bar Masuaku cos they were all shite.

:^) 11:17 Sat Sep 10
Re: Collins
I'd rather Oxford or Burke get a chance over Collins too. For all his EXPERIENCE he don't half make a lot of fucking costly errors.

Cost us Europa group stage 2 years on the trot.

Charoo 11:09 Sat Sep 10
Re: Collins
I've said it before but I'd rather be blooding Oxford, we aren't winning anything this season, he can't do any worse than what's out there. Ogbonna and Oxford as CB's for me.

Love Ginge but the time has come and he has no Euro place to play for this season.

chelmsfordhammer 10:55 Sat Sep 10
Re: Collins
stewie, spot on, both equally to blame.

stewie griffin 10:29 Sat Sep 10
Re: Collins
Fwiw...I think both were at fault. Collins shouldn't let it bounce, but once he has Adrian has to come and clear out everything

LaindonHammer16 10:27 Sat Sep 10
Re: Collins
Adrian called for it hence his running out when there was no real danger otherwise Collins would of dealt with it.

Adrian called and came and then did not take command of his area
My opinion

hornchurchsteve 10:23 Sat Sep 10
Re: Collins
I think Reid is a fucking liability aswell.

CR 10:20 Sat Sep 10
Re: Collins
He was dreadful today.

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