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Eddie B 4:35 Mon Sep 26
From the Boardroom
Joint-Chairman David Sullivan and David Gold pen a personal message to West Ham United supporters....

There is no question that this has not been the start to the season that we were looking for but rest assured we are doing everything we can to fix the situation.

The facts are there for everyone to see. We know we are letting in too many goals and not scoring enough, but be assured we will sort the problems out.

There have been factors which have contributed to the poor start with injuries to key players and some key decisions which have gone against us.

But we are not going to make excuses and know that Slaven and his team will be working even harder on the training ground this week to get things right.

We have got to remain positive. These are the same players that helped us enjoy such a memorable final season at the Boleyn Ground.

We know this is a difficult time for our supporters at the moment but we want to thank you personally and wholeheartedly for staying with the Club.

We will turn our season around.

These are tough times but as Mark Noble said over the weekend, this is the time that the West Ham United family needs to come together.

We canít thank you enough for the impeccable way you pulled together and supported the team yesterday.

Our fans have always shown over the years the amazing support they have for the team and we have no doubts they will get behind the players even more over the coming weeks.

We stated last week that we would be putting measures in place to make the London Stadium experience something everyone can be proud of and we would like to thank all our supporters for their support in this regard.

Supporters can rest assured that we will not be slowing our efforts despite the match against Southampton being completely trouble-free, and we will not stop working until everyone feels they have a Stadium to be proud of Ė on and off the pitch.

We would like to thank all fans for their incredible support and continued cooperation.

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, 8:50 Tue Sep 27
Re: From the Boardroom
Squeaky diddums, stop carrying on like you discovered I do not like Bilic ( as a person that is ). You knew that because that was why I did not want him to manage us.

I can and do separate what I think of him as a coach from what I think of him as a person. Last season he did exceptionally well for us. Doubtless in your hysterical melt-view if the team plays badly it's nothing to do with poor old Bilic.

Now carry on concerning yourself about the trifling matters whilst the rest of us discuss our teams bad run of form.

Russ of the BML 3:33 Tue Sep 27
Re: From the Boardroom
Damned if they do and damned if they don't.

Johnson 2:01 Tue Sep 27
Re: From the Boardroom
Your club is it now?

Arrogant cunt.

And finally an admittance of something from you comma; you don't like Bilic.

I haven't picked you out either, I am responding to your many posts trying to deflect the negativity around the stadium (about the stadium) to suit your own ends.

Now you've admitted you don't like Bilic your snide ploy becomes even more obvious.

, 12:58 Tue Sep 27
Re: From the Boardroom
You sound paranoid about Bilic so why don't you go after each an every poster directly criticising him on this Board but pick out me instead? And whilst you're about it search through what I have posted about Bilic since the beginning of last season.

Have I banged on and on about Bilic, failed to give him credit for last season's exceptional performance? Emphatically not. So grow up and accept that I ( And I'm surely not the only one on here ) do not like the bloke.

Here is a thing, about BFS I was neutral but you in particular were one squeaking, hysterical tart about him probably only slightly less obsessed than nicey.

Grow up, try to act like an adult about things, learn to take it because you are demonstrably a melt about my club.

LeroysBoots 12:52 Tue Sep 27
Re: From the Boardroom
Hollow bleeding words from a pair of delusional twats.

Do they HONESTLY believe we fall for this rhetoric ?

How can they sit in their plush houses and say it will be OK ?

Short of changing everything back to what it was then they are deluding themselves if it will get any better

Johnson 12:47 Tue Sep 27
Re: From the Boardroom
, 12:26 Tue Sep 27

Of course my concern was off the pitch matters as people were fighting in many different pockets WHILST we were 2-0 up.

How much of that transferred out to the players and Watford seized on it?

West Ham fighting West Ham in the stands is also more of an indication of the demise of the club's soul than a defeat on the pitch.

You prefer to make it about Bilic because you have seized an opportunity to stick the knife in as you've never liked him and didn't want him from the start.

You're as obvious as you are snide comma.

JayeMPee 12:44 Tue Sep 27
Re: From the Boardroom
'but be assured we will solve the problems'

Does that mean they are seeking new owners or, at the very least, a top Recruiter and Negotiator of talented players rather than the lousy 'Egotiator' who screwed up big time in the summer transfer market?

Bilic is hurting as much, if not more, than us and I welcome his comment that selection will now be based on what players are achieving in training rather than what they did last season. He should have done that before and perhaps he should consider bringing some of the loanees back eg Burke.

goose 11:42 Tue Sep 27
Re: From the Boardroom
defeat on saturday and we may as well get rid. if we cant get a point from watford/west brom/soton/boro then we have zero chance of going to palace or everton and gettign something.

we are in big trouble.

COOL HAND LUKE 11:37 Tue Sep 27
Re: From the Boardroom
The direct comparison with those two consecutive seasons under Pardew are very worrying.

Same problems, sounds like... manager starts to believe his own publicity, board not watching the ball closely, fans sensing issues in the background, player power / disgruntlement / cliques forming... plus this time, the OS issues, and Brady's attempts to gentrify the support.

And Bilic has a new nipper, too - he'll have been getting little enough sleep before all this silly bollocks engulfed him.

I can't believe anybody in the West Ham fan base bothers watching any of the tv soaps - real life is MUCH more interesting...

Sir Alf 11:07 Tue Sep 27
Re: From the Boardroom
Part of the problem for Bilic and the board and why there is so much concern and impatience / demand for change so early:

(1) Financial catastrophe of relegation nowadays. 150 million a season possibly more.
(2) Grant factor. We stuck rather than twisted and lost.
(3) New stadium and expectations and requirement to fill it.
(4) The nature of our defeats. Not one half decent performance and heavy, demoralising defeats. It gets to the point where it becomes psychological and we have to roll the dice.
(5) Owners will not want another relegation on their watch at any cost.

These are some reasons why Bilic will not be given much time.

Private Dancer 6:48 Tue Sep 27
Re: From the Boardroom
I've noticed that Bilic throws around the terms 'great player' 'top player' quite often. When asked abiut Zaza before we signed him he called him a top player, how the fuck did he ever arrive at that conclusion? Yes, he's not going to slag him off of course, but why called him a top player when he clearly isn't? Talking about Troy Deeney the other week he called him a 'great player'?? Deeney a great player?? Sort of stuff a kid would come out with. Weird.

Son of Anarchy 6:07 Tue Sep 27
Re: From the Boardroom
Norman no mates knows whats what

The White Horse 1:35 Tue Sep 27
Re: From the Boardroom
It's all blowing up in the faces of these money grubbing sleazy old shitheads and their chamber maid.
They really are self serving condescending fuckers of the highest order.

, 12:26 Tue Sep 27
Re: From the Boardroom
Of course I'm calling you hysterical. Just go back to your thread posted when we capitulated to Watford where your concern was entirely with non on the pitch matters.

You are a melt, a Boleyn ground remainer who cannot get over the move to the OS.

To use a term you are familiar with I suppose you are gutted.

penners28 12:23 Tue Sep 27
Re: From the Boardroom

East Auckland Hammer 12:22 Tue Sep 27
Re: From the Boardroom
, 11:39 Mon Sep 26

Exactly. If we were 6 wins from 6 in the Premier League and in the group stages of the Europa, then there wouldn't be anywhere near the same shouting, fighting and whining as there is now about absolutely everything else.

Johnson 12:19 Tue Sep 27
Re: From the Boardroom
When there will still be thirty games left?

And you're calling me hysterical?

You pathetic wretch.

, 12:12 Tue Sep 27
Re: From the Boardroom
It does appear squeaky that you are melting only about the stadium and owners. Whilst normal non squeaking fans have a concern about our current run of form.

The thing is right now to stick with Bilic. We have not lost touch with fourth bottom. The coaching staff and players have got time to sort this out. More than three points adrift though and it really will be squeaky bum time.

Johnson 12:05 Tue Sep 27
Re: From the Boardroom
We're less than 10 games in, no need for any desperation so you can stop trying to suggest it's desperate at the moment.

, 11:59 Mon Sep 26
Re: From the Boardroom
I am desperate to stay up is what I am.

How about you, you hysterical tart?

Johnson 11:54 Mon Sep 26
Re: From the Boardroom
You're desperate for people to turn on the team so you can point the finger straight at Bilic aren't you comma as you've never liked him.

You've posted that same post pretty much word for word a few times now such is your desperation, you despicable transparent cunt.

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