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Nicey 9:05 Tue Oct 11
I think this might have been mentioned and I am sure you have seen the ads.

Mate of mine bought an adult and two kids West Ham shirts from there. 2 weeks later the adult shirt has arrived and is authentic as as far as can tell. The kids ones have not arrived so perhaps in a serparate delivery.

Think he paid £40 for all three and hasn't had his card rinsed.....yet

That is all

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Leonard Hatred 1:58 Thu Oct 13
Re: 11kits
Pancho 11.32

One of the best comments I have read in over 11 years on this forum.

Ronald_antly 1:04 Thu Oct 13
Re: 11kits
greenie1 11:02 Tue Oct 11

It sounds like things are really getting out of hand, doesn't it.

Taking advantage of the 'mug punters'.

Wonderkid 9:48 Wed Oct 12
Re: 11kits
Best thing to do is buy the real shirt officially and then return the 11 kits shirt as the returned official one. It works

Pancho 11:32 Tue Oct 11
Re: 11kits
You are confusing anger with contempt and thinking you're a fat cunt.

Anger is what you get when your kids call another man Dad and you burn down his potting shed you Fred West cunt.

greenie1 11:02 Tue Oct 11
Re: 11kits
11 kits? I thought WHU marketing had brought out a few new shirts.

Nicey 10:57 Tue Oct 11
Re: 11kits
Quick read through opening post. i thought I was posting some info that might help some that had been talking about this before but it appears i was posting something that would make grown men get really angry.

Terribly sorry. Go about your business.

Trevor B 10:31 Tue Oct 11
Re: 11kits
You're right, there aren't. I doubt I could say the same for you though my friend.

Johnson 10:27 Tue Oct 11
Re: 11kits
No flies on you, Trev.

Trevor B 10:25 Tue Oct 11
Re: 11kits
Company buys legitimate shirts for this season from Umbro and sells them for 14 a shirt?

Of course they are fake.

Face 10:24 Tue Oct 11
Re: 11kits
ag ag ag

WSM Hammer 10:21 Tue Oct 11
Re: 11kits
An adult and 2 kids?
What happened to the other 8 kits?

Face 10:20 Tue Oct 11
Re: 11kits
You forgot to add 'cheap' 'gypo' and 'cunt' in there somewhere, Panch0.

I suggest...

You cheap boring fat gypo pyromaniac shit dad cunt.

Pancho 10:16 Tue Oct 11
Re: 11kits
You boring fat pyromaniac shit dad.

icwhs 9:21 Tue Oct 11
Re: 11kits


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