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penners28 3:28 Fri Oct 14
Anyone had it done. Asking for a mate....

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J.Riddle 11:25 Fri Oct 14
Re: The SNIP
30 Jaffa's

LondonE3 11:14 Fri Oct 14
Re: The SNIP
Had mine just over 2 years ago.
All went fine except temperatures were in the 30s and the doc told me not to bath or shower my balls for at least a few days untill it starts to heal.
After a day of peeling my slighly swollen but very sweaty balls off my inner thighs I jumped in the shower.
2 weeks later I was back getting it restitced after it had become infected and a nice 5p size hole in my bollocks oozing green/blood pus.

Good times

Queens Fish Bar 10:39 Fri Oct 14
Re: The SNIP
Had mine doe about 15 years ago. Rode a motorbike home.

Spent a few lazy days in bed with my thighs going purple. No pain and def helps the sex life. Just have to watch for stis as contraception is never an issue.

Sex life is better. Vegetarian jizz is the way to go. Even vegans will gulp it down.

Mad Dog 10:17 Fri Oct 14
Re: The SNIP
One johnny Stevens

Try it after you've had a bollock removed.

One Johnny Sissons 10:09 Fri Oct 14
Re: The SNIP
Had it done about fifteen years ago. Absolutely no problem with the procedure. Did exactly what they told me to do afterwards which was to take a couple of paracetamol go to bed for the rest of the day and were a jock strap for a week afterwards.

The only problem was I didn't have a dump in the morning so by about 5pm that day I needed to unload.

Having to cup your bollocks whilst having a dump isn't advised !!!

Gavros 8:07 Fri Oct 14
Re: The SNIP
Scottish cunts can fuck off as far as I'm concerned.

AKA ERNIE 8:01 Fri Oct 14
Re: The SNIP
Had it done about 10yrs ago
No problem at all walked out about hr after finishing bit sore next day but fine

Fivetide 6:45 Fri Oct 14
Re: The SNIP
Golden Oldie 6:10 Fri Oct 14
Re: The SNIP
The "snip" is a term that's ambivalent enough to define both practices


Golden Oldie 6:34 Fri Oct 14
Re: The SNIP
Mart O

What conspiracy pray tell?

PS - Are you or are you not aware that the term "The snip", has more than one medical practice associated with it?


Sadly as is usually the case in these practices, the wrong bit gets tossed away.

Mart O 6:31 Fri Oct 14
Re: The SNIP
Hah ! Gets pulled up for being a spaz and others are hysterical.

This from a semi-literate retard who's been rambling hysterically about bizarre conspiracy theories for Christ knows how long.

Anyway, that's my dealings with the special needs community done for now.

Dan M 6:27 Fri Oct 14
Re: The SNIP
I can't wait to bump into you again one day T.

Golden Oldie 6:21 Fri Oct 14
Re: The SNIP
LoL, nuff respect to the hysterical kvetching and screeching,

I wonder what it is about this tiny innocent and powerless minority that makes them so comically neurotic and tetchy when they see their best laid plans all unravelling in front of their very eyes...

Mart O 6:15 Fri Oct 14
Re: The SNIP
Fuck off you twat. You were all over it as you thought it yet another opportunity to bore us all rigid, yet again, with your frankly disturbing obsession with 'The Jews'.

You are indeed a proper wrong'un.

Golden Oldie 6:10 Fri Oct 14
Re: The SNIP
Fair do.

The "snip" is a term that's ambivalent enough to define both practices and I was only responding with the preponderance of the= key readership of this site in mind...

Perhaps leave nature to run its course, or stop having affairs that may compromise the marriage.

After all, having kids is the very entire foundation and purpose to get married is built on, unless you're a regressive/progressive or a tranny freak of some sort.

Buster 6:03 Fri Oct 14
Re: The SNIP
Why the fuck were you even searching for shit like that? you proper fucking wron'un.

Mart O 6:02 Fri Oct 14
Re: The SNIP
The OP is talking about having a vasectomy, not being circumcised, you halfwit, monomaniac spastic.

Golden Oldie 5:59 Fri Oct 14
Re: The SNIP
Mart O
Perhaps this particular type of inexplicable fringe perversion is strictly limited to only those few monsters who practice it...

Mart O 5:35 Fri Oct 14
Re: The SNIP
Great big *woosh* there for not-so-Golden Oldie.

Quelle fackin' surprise...

Mad Dog 5:31 Fri Oct 14
Re: The SNIP
Yes. 2 months ago.

They didn't administer enough anaesthetic, so when they got the laser out I fucking felt it.

They gave me a load more anaesthetic and it was fine after

Golden Oldie 5:11 Fri Oct 14
Re: The SNIP
gank @ 3:31 gave the best answer

A backward primitive and disgusting alien practice conducted in our parallel societies by perverted arabs around the world even in our own countries.

Should be illegal in Britain except for the very few rare cases it may be medically required, if at all ever.


Fifth Column 4:28 Fri Oct 14
Re: The SNIP
Ray W... I thought this was going to be about the Jocks as well

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