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clem132 9:08 Sat Oct 22
my old man
anyone on here see anything on the central line at stratford after the game the loughton bound side, as my Dad aged 74 had his West Ham bag snatched from him, luckily they only got a cap and a few programmes and other bits but still a shock for a disabled 74 year old who goes to football to have a nice day out, i hope the person enjoys the programmes but doubt the druggie can read sad

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Alfs 9:00 Wed Oct 26
Re: my old man
This has the MO of Huffers all over it.

clem132 5:40 Wed Oct 26
Re: my old man
thanks Bungo replied, he was born disabled not sure how you spell it but it was a war disease he has a short arm and short leg most people who go to the games prob know him or have seen him

Why would i make something like this up GANK

gank 5:31 Wed Oct 26
Re: my old man
Instead of admitting I was wrong, could a moderator please delete my post, and this one?

Or better still, delete this one only and the word 'disabled' from the OP.

Biggie Biggs 3:26 Wed Oct 26
Re: my old man
I'll help gank out here as he is clearly to thick to read "shock for a disabled 74 year "

Bungo 3:24 Wed Oct 26
Re: my old man
Hmm, third line on mine.

I get the feeling that we may not all be using exactly the same display and settings to read WHO?

Jim C 2:57 Wed Oct 26
Re: my old man
Make that the fifth line.

Jim C 2:52 Wed Oct 26
Re: my old man
Well PC Gank if you read the original post it says so in the fourth line.

I hope that helps.

gank 11:30 Wed Oct 26
Re: my old man
Jim C 9:51
What kind of cunt robs a disabled old man?

And where exactly did he say the old man was disabled?


Jim C, please explain your whereabouts when you commit- I mean, when this incident took place.

Bungo 10:58 Wed Oct 26
Re: my old man

You have WhoMail.

joe royal 2:50 Mon Oct 24
Re: my old man
Holy joes?

Mart O 1:30 Mon Oct 24
Re: my old man
Cunts. Hope the old boy's ok.

CasualKen 1:16 Mon Oct 24
Re: my old man
Sorry Clem even

CasualKen 1:16 Mon Oct 24
Re: my old man
Clam if it happened on the platform this will be on film. Go to the station supervisiors offlice or BT police, hope your dad is ok. Fucking scum

chim chim cha boo 2:46 Sun Oct 23
Re: my old man
I read recently that the square between where you come out of Stratford station (is it Reliant Sq?) facing the old Stratford shopping centre where all the Holy Joes are is Britain's worst crime hot-spot.

Something like a crime every fifteen minutes, 24 hours a day.

I find it hard to believe that an old boy should have his West Ham bag snatched and no supporters get involved. I like to think if me or any of the people who sit around me would have seen it this cunt would have ended up on the track.

All the best to your old man mate.

Private Dancer 2:30 Sun Oct 23
Re: my old man
A lot of scum about. Old folk are vulnerable, especially when alone, always dread a phone call that my Mum has been a victim when out and about. Glad he's ok.

ted fenton 12:33 Sun Oct 23
Re: my old man
So much of this shit happening hope your Dad is ok clem !
My brothers mother in-law had her bag snatched last week she's 93 FFS.

This country is fucked !

simon.s 12:26 Sun Oct 23
Re: my old man
Went home that way, about half sixish. It's so mobbed over there, with football and shopping crowds, there are probably a lot of these opportunist cunts about. Glad he's ok.

Pop Robson 12:16 Sun Oct 23
Re: my old man
Hope it don't put him off,

there are some right wronguns about at Stratford

Nicey 11:46 Sun Oct 23
Re: my old man
I hope that isn't Irish whisky

I don't think three points of whisky will be good for him

Seriously though - hope he is ok and sorry to hear that happened

clem132 10:52 Sat Oct 22
Re: my old man
cheers for the words boys, he is fine i reckon they see the west ham bag from the shop and thought touch we will have a shirt or something they got an england baseball cap a couple of this seasons home programmes, and three lions that his mate brought him from the last England game and a few teamsheets from youth and reserve games, they can get replaced and better to take the bag than attack him, nothing to major as u say just gutted some fellow hammers who must have been there didnt do anything. 3 points a whisky and match of the day he will be fine

Jim C 9:53 Sat Oct 22
Re: my old man

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