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snuck 2:30 Wed Oct 26
Danny Ings
We clearly need a striker who can score goals at the moment so what are people thoughts on Danny Ings?

He's young, can clearly find the back of the net in the premiership and he's not getting any league playing time at Liverpool - he's also way down their striking pecking order.

He could be a good option for a loan move in Jan?

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Sniper 1:16 Thu Nov 3
Re: Danny Ings
He did both knees before when at Burnley as well didn't he?

Shame with players like him and Carroll - it's not just not playing, it's also that at a key time in their early/mid twenties they aren't progressing at all either so can never be the player they could have potentially been. The target becomes 'getting back to how good you were before' instead of progressing from there.

Ashton would have been gone within the year if it wasn't for that injury - I could definitely have seen fergie coming in for him. Fans outside of us, Norwich and Crewe don't properly understand how good he was and could have been.

Kearley 10:08 Thu Nov 3
Re: Danny Ings
Sorry, I was slow there.

Kearley 10:05 Thu Nov 3
Re: Danny Ings
Out for the season.

Looks like we are nailed on to sign him next summer then.

Chopper Toshack 9:00 Wed Nov 2
Re: Danny Ings
No sympathy for the diving slag.

Spandex Sidney 7:22 Wed Nov 2
Re: Danny Ings
How fucking much could we do with Dean Ashton now?

Face 5:45 Wed Nov 2
Re: Danny Ings
That's his career fucked. He'll be a permo injury lister from now on.

claretandblue 5:30 Wed Nov 2
Re: Danny Ings
Permanent crock.

SteveJacko 2:52 Wed Nov 2
Re: Danny Ings
Andre Gray from Burnley.

Got the Antonio/Vardy hunger having progressed from non league.

Takes away the best goal scorer from a "relegation" rival too.

dealcanvey 2:45 Wed Nov 2
Re: Danny Ings

You could of told me earlier!

Sven Roeder 2:19 Wed Nov 2
Re: Danny Ings
Obviously much sorrier for Ashton

Our player
A much BETTER player
Injured in the most brainless way ever by the cunt SWP

El Scorchio 2:19 Wed Nov 2
Re: Danny Ings
Likewise for Carroll actually. I sense that he's pretty comfortable with his 'outside of football' life and wouldn't be all that gutted if he didn't play again. I think he likes the money and lifestyle his career affords him.

Ashton is clearly the kind of guy that just lived to play football and probably would have walked over hot coals to have done it for free.

El Scorchio 2:16 Wed Nov 2
Re: Danny Ings
I felt much sorrier for Ashton, as he was our player.

Couldn't really give a shit about Liverpool's Danny Ings. He'll still have a career after this, and more money in the bank than I'll ever earn if he decides to just call it a day and live a very comfortable life of leisure.

Grumpster 2:14 Wed Nov 2
Re: Danny Ings
Same for Carroll.

I know these blokes are all multi millionaires, but I know from playing the game that I would have been gutted if I had been injured a lot and had been unable to roll around in the dirt every weekend. I just loved playing every Sunday in any weather.

With the odd exception (that afro cunt who played for Spurs for example), they all want to be out there playing themselves.

Sven Roeder 2:10 Wed Nov 2
Re: Danny Ings
You have to feel sorry for Ings.
Was breaking through as a Premier league and England player and hasn't played since.
He is no Dean Ashton and I guess the only redeeming feature is that he is convalescing on Liverpool's wage bill.

After his promising season with Fulham was slightly astonished that Celtic picked up Moussa Dembele on the cheap especially as Spurs etc were supposedly taking him.
Presume he will move next summer at a big profit.

Grumpster 2:00 Wed Nov 2
Re: Danny Ings
Should get him in in January, he'd be a perfect fit for our treatment room.

El Scorchio 1:48 Wed Nov 2
Re: Danny Ings
Wouldn't touch Ings with a barge pole after two serious injuries in consecutive seasons.

As it is, I think he's overrated when fit anyway and only got to play for England because Liverpool signed him and Hodgson was obsessed with picking Liverpool players for the national side.

Lily Hammer 1:42 Wed Nov 2
Re: Danny Ings
dealcanvey 1:15 Wed Nov 2

The breaking news is that as soon as he gave a wink that he was interested, when approached by one of West Ham's undercover scouts, his knee immediately exploded. The search for the missing pieces is expected to take 9 months.

Somebody just suggested we shouyld try to get Celtic's Dembele. I imagine his head just fell off.

Buster 1:39 Wed Nov 2
Re: Danny Ings
dealcanvey 1:15 Wed Nov 2

He's just been ruled out for the season.

Herts Hammer 1:27 Wed Nov 2
Re: Danny Ings
Sign Lukaku. It's the way forwards.

dealcanvey 1:16 Wed Nov 2
Re: Danny Ings
master 1:13 Wed Nov 2

They want 40 million for him!

dealcanvey 1:15 Wed Nov 2
Re: Danny Ings
Scored goals in a poor Burnley side. Rotting at Liverpool and they will let him go. Loan with option to buy in January would be good option.

Seen a few hammer fans mentioning this lad and I think it is someone we should be going for.

Young, English and proven at this level.

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