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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

Mr Anon 1:45 Fri Oct 28
Playing behind closed doors
Considering we're only tennants, and not responsible for the smooth running of the stadium, I assume we could just sue for loss of earnings?

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Northern Sold 1:09 Sun Oct 30
Re: Playing behind closed doors

'This is what happens when politicians and bureaucrats get involved in professional sport. Instead of leaving West Ham a thoroughbred stadium, the legacy is that they have been left a donkey. The only way to get it right is to knock it down and rebuild it. There is no magic wand.

'I don't blame the West Ham owners. I don't think they realised how bad it would be. The stadium will be safe and has all the certificates to say it is fit for purpose, but will the fans enjoy it?

'I feel sorry for the fans. They have left Upton Park, one of the most intimidating and electric stadiums, with fans on top of the pitch, for this. Fans are now 40 metres away from the action, they won't enjoy it and the players won't enjoy it. Despite having a shiny new stadium it is not working. They've gone from one extreme to another.'


ChesterRd 12:52 Sun Oct 30
Re: Playing behind closed doors
Where are they going to take a piss?

Sven Roeder 11:45 Sat Oct 29
Re: Playing behind closed doors
Away fans can only be contained in the upper tier.
Give them a couple of sections up there with a section of empty seats on either side. The lower tier will be all WHU fans.
Train this HD CCTV on the away fans and any that try and throw anything on fans below or stand up at any time can be ejected.
Keep them in the stadium for at least 30 mins after the final whistle for their safety.

Baggins 11:11 Sat Oct 29
Re: Playing behind closed doors
Some of you have gone all tree hugger on here......the "feral fans" are to blame and not the stadium operators or the club?

Well, yes, we know those who like to go fighting at football aren't likely to be winning Mastermind anytime soon. But this misses the point completely. Every major club in the world has these types of supporters so there is no point in getting all preachy and arrogant and hoping these types of people will suddenly see the merits of sitting down for a chat, cup of tea and game of Scrabble with opposing fans.

It is up the police, stewards, stadium owners and clubs to make sure there is no opportunity for fans to start trouble. Because if you give fans an opportunity, a minority of them will happily take it. Anyone who has been football, ever, knows this. So why it's proving so hard to arrange at the new place is a mystery and has to go down as a monumental fuck up by all those concerned. It's been a fucking shambles and they need to sort it out.

I personally would start with having NO fans in the section behind the goal, next to the away supporters. The herberts are able to walk all the way around the stadium (a key difference from Upton Park) to plot up in that bit and start aggro. Stop supporters going in there and that problem is solved. Of course this would involve the club taking a small financial hit, so it probably won't happen.

tnb 10:52 Sat Oct 29
Re: Playing behind closed doors
The radio issue has been known sbout for years, since before the lease was signed and we were subsequently told that everything would be perfect.

I have heard rumblings from people connected to board level that as far as the club are concerned the Met are being awkward as the areas not covered are fairly irrelevant and not anything pitchside.

However, I can completely appreciate why the Met would have a 'full coverage, or nothing' policy and I reckon anyone who can envision having a family member or loved one in the force would be entirely on board with not sending them into any situation whereby they might be left unable to call for backup. If you allow that line to be blurred, where does it stop?

The club want more police, and have asked for them, but it's not simply an issue of paying for them. Nevertheless, the buck lies with the board as they realised this far too late and attempted to rectify it in a blaze of spin and by trying to place the blame on the police for an issue they should have foreseen right at the start.

Again, the same contact told me with regards to the standing 'issue' that as Arsenal was our model, the board didn't anticipate any issues as at the Emirates everyone was happy to sit down and keep quiet from day one. That's the kind of short sighted thinking we are dealing with.

The whole thing boils down to the fact that the club only has a limited amount of control over the stewarding, security etc and so we are at the mercy of the owners/ operators who want to do everything on the cheap. Policing in the ground isn't a legal requirement for football grounds and nor is stewarding with experience of such crowds. And therefore, if it's not compulsory then from the owner's/ operator's point of view then why pay for extras? Except every other top level club in the country who owns their own stadium recognises that it is essential, obligation or not - as we did at UP.

That's why the stadium isn't fit for purpose. As bricks and mortar, there is no reason it shouldn't be. But the management has made it not so - the other night, for example, as I understand it (I couldn't go), the trouble only really kicked off when exiting Chelsea fans were forced to walk closer to the segregation in order to leave. There's no other stadium in the world who would think that is a sensible arrangement.

All this should have been sorted out at the due diligence stage. That it wasn't is a disgrace, and once again it's the fans who are getting the stick for the consequences - including from a member of the board who took special responsibility for the move and is happy to take the credit when times are good.


Ernest Faulkner 10:29 Sat Oct 29
Re: Playing behind closed doors
Shouldn't need a single steward or police officer.

Just needs people to take responsibility for their ownactions. Go to the game, watch the game, have a laugh, sing, shout, chant, stand if you can. Go home happy/fed-up depending on the result and see your family/mates. Have a drink and a curry.

Anyone who can't manage that without wanting to throw a punch or hurl a coin or whatever is an embarrassment to themselves and the club.

Surfinglizard 11:07 Fri Oct 28
Re: Playing behind closed doors
you are suggesting the trouble is caused by the move the new stadium. Anyone causing trouble because of that needs to either get over it or fuck off out of the club. It's happened. it's not going to change again, move on. It IS the fault of the minority fans, no question at all.

riosleftsock 11:04 Fri Oct 28
Re: Playing behind closed doors
That game against Astra, there were fourteen police officers on duty, two police horses (iirc).

The Police are so short on numbers now, it takes a massive effort to get a decent number to a game, and the political leaders don't want to.

This will not really change, if more police are needed, somebody will have to pay; be it the club and stadium through higher charges, or other areas having crimes uninvestigated or unsolved due to a lack of available officers.

Everybody in the OB knows this.

bruuuno 10:57 Fri Oct 28
Re: Playing behind closed doors
They would get a signed photo of Karen Brady's minge

Tomsdad 10:54 Fri Oct 28
Re: Playing behind closed doors
Sorry, should of added, or could they pay them back with a voucher for the same value for the club shop?

Tomsdad 10:41 Fri Oct 28
Re: Playing behind closed doors
What would happen to season ticket holders. Would they be able to get a full refund for the matches that are behind closed doors?

Roger Mellie 10:26 Fri Oct 28
Re: Playing behind closed doors
Legia Warsaw V Real Madrid will be played behind closed doors next week.

Something about homophobic chants towards a team mates bird shagging son of a dealer.


kylay 10:23 Fri Oct 28
Re: Playing behind closed doors
If it's just due to the fans, why wasn't this a problem at UP (at least for a better part of the last decade)?

Fifth Column 9:48 Fri Oct 28
Re: Playing behind closed doors

According to someone on here the radio infrastructure was ripped out when the "conversion" happened post Olympics

Surfinglizard 9:38 Fri Oct 28
Re: Playing behind closed doors
Are you all mad?

Trouble in the ground and is immediately the club, the ground owners or the police to blame?

What about the mindless shits throwing coins and chairs at families with children. They should hang their heads in shame.

If you were crossing a road and nearly got hit by a reckless driver would you blame the local traffic warden? It's the minority "fans" who are the disgusting feral pigs and the cause and effect of the problem

Mike Oxsaw 5:50 Fri Oct 28
Re: Playing behind closed doors
Sir Alf 4:02 Fri Oct 28

Think there also might be a bit of "unconscious bonding" going on with some people, too.

Every time the press spit something out about us it gives (some) fans the chance to go all "WE are WEST HAM and don't give a fuck about your poxy opinion", when they clearly do.

But I tend to agree with our resident old git in that the club may be legally prohibited by the terms of the lease from arranging it's own, additional. security.

The last thing the stadium owners will want made public is that they can't steward an event at the ground properly.

The radio issue is a strange one - there was clearly an acceptable solution in place for the Olympics. Why is that not still acceptable/available for everyday use?

Sir Alf 5:06 Fri Oct 28
Re: Playing behind closed doors
J.Riddle 4:08 Fri Oct 28


You are very kind Jimmy. I should have prefixed the "old git" with "senile" :-)

J.Riddle 4:08 Fri Oct 28
Re: Playing behind closed doors
Didn't know you were an old git Alf, never said before :-)

Sir Alf 4:02 Fri Oct 28
Re: Playing behind closed doors
None of us or those in the media know the full facts. There will be contracts in place that designate responsibilities and the club may have only be allowed legally to do so much. But everyone in the modern world wants to blame. The blame culture reigns and in this situation there is an underlying media narrative that wants to stir up emotions about that West Ham stadium being paid for by the tax payer.

I have found as an old git that its best to wait and be considered in judgement. West Ham may be at fault partially but we do not know if and what planning took place.

The modern world is quick to judge and slow to forgive or maybe it was always that way and its just a human thing?

Biggie Biggs 3:36 Fri Oct 28
Re: Playing behind closed doors
If we had to play behind closed doors because of Wednesday , Millwall would be playing behind closed doors every game

Befnal 3:18 Fri Oct 28
Re: Playing behind closed doors
Just as an aside during the last season at the Boleyn police were only stationed inside the stadium for 2 matches.

When you consider the lack of problems you appreciate what a good job the stewards did, which makes you wonder why the club did not insist unequivocally that they should have been retained & paid properly in the London Stadium.

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