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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Feed Me Chicken 12:47 Sun Nov 20
The Summer Signings
Quite scary how literally all of them have failed so far, will let Ayew off as he had a big injury!

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AVOR 9:14 Sat Dec 3
Re: The Summer Signings
dogshit , other than Fletcher.

The Hammers 9:13 Sat Dec 3
Re: The Summer Signings
Are these new summer signings even good enough for the Championship?

so depressing

Alex V 1:30 Thu Dec 1
Re: The Summer Signings
(answering a post from another thread -
neilalex 1:05 Thu Dec 1
...many of our summer signings have been stand out woeful, regardless of the general malaise. Tore, Callieri and Zaza have been utterly fucking useless. I did harbour hopes for Feghouli but he's going the same way.)

As I've said many times in recent months, Tore and Calleri are imo complete red herrings. They would barely have played for us if others had stayed fit. Don't judge our Summer on the cheap loans we brought in to fill out the squad and maybe unearth an unlikely player. Yes both were exposed probably too early in the first team. They're done and they were never that important.

Zaza has been absolutely awful. He was our marquee striker this Summer. But we could have spent a whole lot more and not done any better. Gamble everything on one player and you are rolling the dice! That's the mistake. That we rolled the dice and lost is honestly not that much a surprise.

All the other signings are somewhere inbetween. I'm quite delighted with Fernandes and Fletcher. Masuaku made a couple of high profile mistakes no question, but generally I still think he looks a great acquisition. I'm disappointed that Nordtveit wasn't given a fairer chance in one position - his confidence looks shot and I think he's been midhandled, hard to tell if he can recover from it. Feghouli has just barely had much of a chance yet - I think with a run of games he could come good and was excellent in pre-season. Ayew is a good player but we didn't need him imo.

Like every batch of signings, it's a mixed bag. Last season Jelavic, Hendrie, Song, Moses, Emenike could be said to not have worked out. It's pretty normal really. I think blaming our problems on signings is missing the point honestly, though I do think the strategy in the Summer was a bit of a mess. The bigger problem is the form of the players who were here already, who we know can do a better job and inexplicably are not matching previous standards.

riosleftsock 8:56 Thu Nov 24
Re: The Summer Signings
"something seems constantly wrong with our ability to buy"

*Looks at Payet, Lanzini, Cresswell, Kouyate, Ogbonna, Antonio*

Yep, you're right.

Trevor B 8:50 Thu Nov 24
Re: The Summer Signings
major departures? one player that barely appeared in the second half of the season and another who could only make the bench? nice one fordy.

gph 12:20 Thu Nov 24
Re: The Summer Signings
Tompkins was a far bigger departure than Moses, who was unmotivated to play for US, and Song, who - well who knows what the fuck was wrong with him, but he wasn't the player he was in his first few appearances for us.

Sesar 12:09 Thu Nov 24
Re: The Summer Signings
"There has not been any major departures though"

Song and Moses

Surfinglizard 11:49 Wed Nov 23
Re: The Summer Signings
I was just looking back at last year's squad. There has not been any major departures though Tomkins was a loss. There is no doubt the Summer signings have knocked a brick out of the wall. The striker situation is a complete joke.
Am i right in saying that NO out and out striker has scored a single goal this season? Antonio, Payet, Lanzini but zero from Zaza (WTF?), Ayew, Sakho and Carroll (3 of 4 have been long term injured which says it all).
I don't think we can blame the scouts, but something seems constantly wrong with our ability to buy and keep players fit and fighting. There just seems to be one problem after another.
I think it will come good but i also think we may lose Payet if not in January, then defo summer next year.

chelmsfordhammer 8:28 Tue Nov 22
Re: The Summer Signings
sniper, he missed three games at the start of the season, hardly in the same realms as our lot is he. I think thats less than payet and payet wasn't even injured, we gave him more time off because he played in the euros.

Mart O 8:24 Tue Nov 22
Re: The Summer Signings
Well, I still think those are large sums of money for most clubs, but I'm in no doubt we'll never get far with these monkeys in charge.

grasshopper 8:03 Tue Nov 22
Re: The Summer Signings
Mart with the amount of money in the premier league, 30-40 m quid on a striker is not really a big deal. Palace managed it and ayew at 20m was actually quite cheap in comparison to the going rate. Regardless of how much we spend, gold and sullivan are not going to bring any success to this club and they are without any shadow of a doubt, it in only for the money

Mart O 7:42 Tue Nov 22
Re: The Summer Signings
'our board are not prepared to invest'

By all accounts they were. 30-4 million pound bids for the likes of Lacazette and Batshuayi. 20 million on Ayew is a lot of money too (still think he'll come good when back to full fitness).

The problem is we're not quite the draw we'd all like to think we are. That the Chairman's plainly retarded doesn't help either. And a vulgar little troll to boot.

grasshopper 6:47 Tue Nov 22
Re: The Summer Signings
Trev B mate, I would have been happier if we had actually recruited some proper players. Usually proper players cost proper money to acquire and since our board are not prepared to invest we are in a relegation scrap. We had great debates about this in the summer, but surely you can now see the true reality of how poor our summer transfer window was and how cheap cutbacks from our board has put our premiership status at risk.

Sniper 4:27 Tue Nov 22
Re: The Summer Signings

I said he'd started this season injured so would be perfect for us given that Carroll, Sakho and then ayew did too

With the signings, they are either the right signings wrongly used (managers fault) or players who were unlikely to fit in. I blame the scouts etc if the latter is true because, whilst I may be impressed with international and European experience, it's their job to know and see what a player is totally capable of and judge whether that can be applied to our league. It's not an exact science, but they've got it horribly wrong this summer.

I personally don't know if bilic has lost the dressing room, that was speculating. But much as I admire him and want it to work out, if he has then it's game over really unless those who do t rate him go and are replaced, but we do seem to have sold or left out players quite often for falling out with him and at some point you have to blame the common denominator (and before anyone mentions ferguson at Man U, he could afford to fall out with players and sell beckham and Stam and so on because they had the funds to sign anyone and pretty much everyone would have been happy to go there. We don't have that luxury)

chelmsfordhammer 1:46 Tue Nov 22
Re: The Summer Signings
sniper, yeah you're right , he only managed 53 games for Arsenal last season the injury prone wanker.

Trevor B 1:45 Tue Nov 22
Re: The Summer Signings


Trevor B 1:45 Tue Nov 22
Re: The Summer Signings
So, where did you get this story that it's all too matey then?

goose 1:44 Tue Nov 22
Re: The Summer Signings
The lack of 'intensity' is either physical or mental. Either way it needs sorting asap.
Lack of strikers is one thing, but it's not like we are missing a tonne of chances.

The shitty defending (imo) is a mental thing.

Biesla will sort this.

Jack_El_Biscuit 1:44 Tue Nov 22
Re: The Summer Signings
Who are the African speakers?

smartkev 1:44 Tue Nov 22
Re: The Summer Signings

Trevor B 1:40 Tue Nov 22
Re: The Summer Signings
I didn't say he had, but I completely disagree with your post and I honestly have no idea where you have got that from?

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