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JAC 7:27 Tue Nov 22
Go Pro Hero
Anyone own one of these or anything similar?

Are they any good,Ive read a few reviews but am still a bit confused.Any help appreciated.

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JAC 6:04 Wed Nov 23
Re: Go Pro Hero
Thanks for all your help everyone.

iphammer 12:14 Wed Nov 23
Re: Go Pro Hero
I've got the GoPro hero 3 black edition its good but the battery life isn't. You only get around 40 minutes battery life when recording unless you buy a battery BacPac. The latest GoPro5 looks good touch screen display and voice activation.

Download an app on your phone called geek and you'll be able to buy something similar for around £30-£70

Northern Sold 11:57 Wed Nov 23
Re: Go Pro Hero
Only thing I found with the cheapo is that the battery can be a bit iffy... sometimes you'd get 15 mins before recharging... other 30-40 mins... but picture wise it was excellent.

Eggbert Nobacon 11:53 Wed Nov 23
Re: Go Pro Hero
and NS is right, some of the cheap ones are as good as they vastly overpriced gopros, me and mates compared while skiiing a couple of years back

Eggbert Nobacon 11:52 Wed Nov 23
Re: Go Pro Hero

if not already booked I did it with these guys


Northern Sold 11:32 Wed Nov 23
Re: Go Pro Hero
I bought one of those cheap Korean ones from ebay... £35... good as gold... used in Cal for surfing ... surprised how well it came out for something that cheap

AFC Hammer 11:11 Wed Nov 23
Re: Go Pro Hero
I have the hero 3.

Its brilliant for skiing and surfing. using either the chest mount or stuck to ski/board looking towards you is cool.

My mrs has used it on a horse riding trip across Ireland too mounted on her helmet.

good graphics and fully waterproof. I'm not sure if the extra benefits of the newest models are worth the extra cost? might be worth saving a bit on an older one.

Lily Hammer 9:51 Wed Nov 23
Re: Go Pro Hero
Make sure they have good strong cages.


hammerintheorient 4:55 Wed Nov 23
Re: Go Pro Hero
Olympus Tracker looks like a practical and more useful alternative to the Go Pro - check out reviews online, though, of which there are plenty

JAC 11:04 Tue Nov 22
Re: Go Pro Hero
DM....Going in a shark cage in South Africa next month and also for paragliding....so need waterproof but also good graphics.Any thoughts?

The Dursley Massive 7:35 Tue Nov 22
Re: Go Pro Hero
Depends what you want it for. What are you going to film?

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