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Kidders 10:34 Fri Nov 25
Apple to Samsung
Was looking to upgrade to 6S today but Apple don't seem to budge on their pricing. I use a phone for e-mails, texts and calls so not worried about having a 7 due to inflated monthly costs.
I do like the look of the Galaxy S7 but don't want to regret swapping over after having iPhoneS for several years.

What benefits or disadvantages will I see, glad for your wisdom.

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Spandex Sidney 1:20 Tue Nov 29
Re: Apple to Samsung
Agree on the S7 Edge camera, fucking amazing bit of kit on a point and click camera, let alone a phone.

Mad Dog 11:41 Mon Nov 28
Re: Apple to Samsung
Samsung > iphone

joe royal 11:11 Mon Nov 28
Re: Apple to Samsung
PH337 you mean.

bruuuno 10:53 Mon Nov 28
Re: Apple to Samsung
It's alright Joe, we know you have a Nokia 3310

joe royal 10:51 Mon Nov 28
Re: Apple to Samsung
I'm not telling anyone what phone I have got unless they ask.

Hammer and Pickle 9:44 Mon Nov 28
Re: Apple to Samsung
The iBone7 camera is supposed to be the nuts - only saying like.

chim chim cha boo 9:37 Mon Nov 28
Re: Apple to Samsung
Def, the camera on my S7 Edge is genuinely and very surprisingly good and it even has some nice bokeh in the right circumstances.

It uses a Sony sensor and while it's not quite as good in the dark as my A7S (nothing is!) you can see it's from the same family.

It's a bit over-sharp but that's easy enough to turn down and it shoots RAW.

The best thing though is that it'll take a seventy quid 200GB SD card to add to it's on-board storage. I've got my entire MP3 collection on it, about 30 films to watch at the gym or Chromecast straight to my my TV in 5:1 and of course a stupid amount of photos.

I mostly leave my DSLR at home unless I've got a job on. The screen is big enough and glorious enough to show your work to prospective punters too.

I've even shot some 60fps video of a band rehearsing then playing the same song live (to a click) and it looks quite nice in a lo-fi kind of way.

It's a great phone and I imagine the Pixel is about the same. If you get one you should really get a Chromecast too so you can review photos, play music and watch films by streaming them to your KURO (if you've still got one) via your AV amp. Best thirty quid you can spend.

defjam 8:14 Mon Nov 28
Re: Apple to Samsung
I've been looking at jumping ship to a Pixel.

Had an iPhone for years but now i'm doing the one thing i was against 'Phone photography' so that's pretty important to me and the Pixel has been rated as the best camera by DXO Optics, which is the lens corrrection software i use every day.

I don't listen to music or do anything else on my phones, i don't have FB etc on my phone.
Don't play games either so unless i'm making a call/texting or taking a photo the phones in my pocket.

The only apps i'd need were weather/storm chasing apps so i'd have to buy them again presumeably?
Or can you swap over subscriptions?

Far Cough 7:34 Mon Nov 28
Re: Apple to Samsung
Indeed it is, it's also integrated with an add on module, which will let you an audio or camera module along with a bit more battery capacity

Gavros 7:32 Mon Nov 28
Re: Apple to Samsung
FC is the battery replaceable?

Annoying that Samsung have gone down the wanky iphone route.

Far Cough 7:29 Mon Nov 28
Re: Apple to Samsung
I have just bought an unlocked LG G5, fantastic bit of kit, with 2 cameras on the back, one of which is wide screen, the only downside is the battery life which for me on normal usage is about a day

Dan M 7:23 Mon Nov 28
Re: Apple to Samsung
CamHam 10:30 Fri Nov 25

Bit late to answer. The Pixel just works smoothly and quickly. It keeps surprising me just how much it does exactly what you want it to do.

Highlights are:
The screen quality
The camera
The Google Assistant (which I thought would be a gimmick but now use a lot of the time as it's quicker to do everyday tasks and to be genuinely hands and eyes free in the car)
Battery life (though I did come from a G3 which would give you half a day)
Seamless Google integration (contacts, bookmarks, settings etc)
Split screen set-up. It's just one long press to get two apps to run side by side on the screen.

I've found that Android phones can feel like they've been put together by a hobbyist and you accept that they'll flicker and crash and do weird stuff, but this is a slick experience. It genuinely feels like a decent-specced computer. The vanilla Android OS is very intuitive as well and feels like it's made for the user not the developer, like Android used to.

I haven't had an iPhone for a while but I'd imagine the new ones are just as good. There's not all that much that one does that the other can't - they're pretty similar devices inside. They're all Haagen-Daz, it's just up to you which flavour you want.

I would say that although I am a Macbook user I like being out of the iTunes environment for my music. Music management on a phone should just be intuitive. You shouldn't have to learn and put up with an idiosyncratic database in order to listen to The Best of Doves on the Tube. My phone integrates well with Mac OS and I can control my phone, download/upload, send messages etc from my Macbook.

The only negative I can find is that it doesn't make a beep sound when you plug in the charger.

ray winstone 1:20 Sun Nov 27
Re: Apple to Samsung

Gavros 4:25 Sat Nov 26
Re: Apple to Samsung
Yes. Virtual party deck with Samsung VR. Experience the joys of a goalless draw against WBA at the OS.

Far Cough 4:23 Sat Nov 26
Re: Apple to Samsung
Will it have a party deck?

Gavros 4:22 Sat Nov 26
Re: Apple to Samsung
From S8 onward all phones will have edge as standard with two versions one normal size, one 6.2 inch screen with extra features and better battery and camera. Should be availabe around April. Blows anyhing Apple have out of the water.

madeeasy 2:49 Sat Nov 26
Re: Apple to Samsung
sorry forgot to add as someone else has worte on here about the edge. the s7 edge is bigger than the standard s7. i got an s6 edge, both that and the s6 were the same size.

yes it looks nicer but doesnt do anything worth paying extra for.

i will be getting the s8 non edge if it is smaller than the standard s8

madeeasy 2:44 Sat Nov 26
Re: Apple to Samsung
i have a samsung s6 edge after years of having a balckberry.

i have had an apple for a few days a couple of times inbetween switching phones and have never got on with them or liked them.

Cant explain why the samsung is better but to me it is. I had an iphone for a couple of days this week whilst i had my screen replaced and couldn't wait to get my samsung back.

im looking forward to the s8 coming out next year and will probably get that.

oh it is easier to transfer files and it isnt a dictatorship like apple.

must say i like steve jobs just not his products

Spandex Sidney 2:37 Sat Nov 26
Re: Apple to Samsung
To be honest Android as an OS has come a REALLY long way even in the last few years and the innovation is so much much quicker and open than what Apple can produce. Or want to produce. They even have got rid of the app drawer (which I never liked) so you can even have it set up like the only thing the iPhone does better (IMO) with the apps in folders on the home screen, which I prefer.

I also have to say that the google software is just streets ahead. I never used Picassa because I didn't like it but Google photos is just unbelievable and if you save your photos in high quality it doesn't even count against your Google Drive storage so you can have an unlimited amount of photos backed up for free in a program that is unbelievably smooth, easy to use and feature rich. I hardly use Google drive now.

And I'm not a Google whore. My music is amazon music (as part of my amazon prime subscription) which works really well through my phone and I don't use any of the google docs or anything.

Having had a couple of iPhones I really don't see one single reason why I would ditch android to be honest and as has been said, it's all about opinions so get the one you want. I had a HTC M8 and it was appalling.

Keep dreaming 12:08 Sat Nov 26
Re: Apple to Samsung
What I said, plus you are out of that apple prison universe.
Chromecast is better then apple TV
Google Photo is superior to any other photo app
Google docs are awsome, so is drive.
The camera is better, and the battery last much longer.

ChesterRd 11:34 Fri Nov 25
Re: Apple to Samsung
Oh, I see thanks. I think I can cope without that.

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