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Justin P 9:00 Sun Nov 27
Team V Man Utd (Cup)
Keep Randolph in goal, Reid in for Collins and Ayew in for Sakho with Carroll coming on at some point.

Same formation, strongest team possible

Kouyate Reid Ogbonna
Antonio Obiang Noble Cresswell
Lanzini Ayew Payet

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Infidel 4:44 Wed Nov 30
Re: Team V Man Utd (Cup)
Man Utd have fewer points under Mourinho after 13 games than they had under either Moyes or Van Gaal.

They are going backwards.

This is mid table team. Let's not give them any respect.

kylay 4:36 Wed Nov 30
Re: Team V Man Utd (Cup)
ayew can't tow the line up top, but i have no problem with him on the right so long as fletcher gets the start. I think it's too early to play carroll. Has even had a week of training with the first team? If the game is out of sight, maybe give him 5-10 minutes.

ATM 4:32 Wed Nov 30
Re: Team V Man Utd (Cup)
Kouyate Reid Ogbonna
Fernandes Obiang Noble Cresswell
Lanzini Ayew Payet

Bring Carroll on for Ayew last 20 min / half hour, unless Ayew is smashing it (can't see it)

Bring Antonio on for Fernandes / Lanzini depending on if Lanzini is playing well or not

CryBabies 4:12 Wed Nov 30
Re: Team V Man Utd (Cup)
Hope Ayew starts up top at 14/1 first goalscorer it's the same as what Sakho was on Sunday.

franksfat&slow&wank 3:26 Wed Nov 30
Re: Team V Man Utd (Cup)
lump on but not within 90 mins

I had a dream last night carroll headed the winner in ET

Sven Roeder 3:24 Wed Nov 30
Re: Team V Man Utd (Cup)
I would hope they have squad depth
Mourinho spent over £200m in the summer after LVG had done the same a year ago.

Mourinho cant afford to lose tonight or the murmurings will become grumblings.
If it was Van Gaal or Moyes getting these results they'd be getting slaughtered.

The Stoat 3:20 Wed Nov 30
Re: Team V Man Utd (Cup)
Randolph, Antonio, Reid, Ogbonna, Noble, Kouyate, Creswell, Obiang, Payet, Ayew, Fletcher

Mart O 3:19 Wed Nov 30
Re: Team V Man Utd (Cup)
As PD says below, I'm looking forward to this more than any game of the season so far.

Just hope we have a strong side out.

Marston Hammer 2:13 Wed Nov 30
Re: Team V Man Utd (Cup)
Private Dancer 12:38 Wed Nov 30

Agreed. Just had a tenner on at 8/1

dealcanvey 1:57 Wed Nov 30
Re: Team V Man Utd (Cup)
Against Northampton in the last round they put out a strong side. They wont be taking this game lightly and despite how poor they are in the league their squad depth is ridiculous!

Against Northampton:

Mensah Smalling Blind Rojo
Carrick Schneiderlin
Young Herrera Depay

penners28 1:42 Wed Nov 30
Re: Team V Man Utd (Cup)




Private Dancer 12:38 Wed Nov 30
Re: Team V Man Utd (Cup)
Are we really 8/1?? Bookies obviously think we are shit. Good value imo.

Infidel 12:14 Wed Nov 30
Re: Team V Man Utd (Cup)
Will be interesting to see who Man Utd field tonight...

They are away at Everton on Sunday and will prioritise the League over the League Cup, one would think.

If they play a team of kids and donkeys (and they have a good selection of both) we will be OK even without our star players.

Maybe we'll see Depay, Schweinsteiger, Blind, Darmian, Fosu-Mensah, Ashley Young...

Actually if they pay a full strength side instead it would be somewhat embarrassing for them.

Scraper 12:05 Wed Nov 30
Re: Team V Man Utd (Cup)

Seems daft to swap Randolph. I considered Sunday a warm-up for tonight.

Steven P 12:05 Wed Nov 30
Re: Team V Man Utd (Cup)
Yeah 17/2 in 365 with Carrol anytime at 10/3. Think I will have some of that!

Northern Sold 12:02 Wed Nov 30
Re: Team V Man Utd (Cup)
Depending what team we have out tonight might have a couple of quid on us... 8/1 said this am ??

Steven P 12:01 Wed Nov 30
Re: Team V Man Utd (Cup)
Carrol is back for half hour tonight then?

daveyg 11:00 Wed Nov 30
Re: Team V Man Utd (Cup)
Bilic has said he will make changes.
So a like for like change could see this from the team on Sunday

Adrian for Randolph, Adrian to prove a point and concentrate more,No real difference LEVEL

Reid for Kouyate,good replacement but if he keeps Collins there in a back 3 he will be targeted LEVEL

Fernandes for Antonio,has impressed when asked,does he have Antonio's goal threat ? -1

Nordveit for Obiang,this will be the one that worries me the most,thought he was an impressive signing initially but looks way of the pace every time he plays,can understand why Bilic wants to see him. Would prefer to see him in a back 3 instead of Collins if he has to play as Collins is no better -2

Ayew for Lanzini,should be up to full fitness now and wanting to show his class LEVEL

Fletcher for Sakho,doesn't seem to score enough but may excell against his former club -1

As for Payet being on the bench,then we miss our main threat,neither Lanzini or Ayew are currently adequate replacements,possibly on last year's form both would fill the void but both would have to play out of their skins.

dealcanvey 10:50 Wed Nov 30
Re: Team V Man Utd (Cup)
Bilic has always played one keeper in cup games and one keeper in the league.

When Adrian was on fire it was still Randolph playing in the cup games.

Now he has Randolph as his premier league goalkeeper Adrian will start tonight.

Private Dancer 8:40 Wed Nov 30
Re: Team V Man Utd (Cup)
So by that logic Noble can't be slagged off if some think that Lanzini isn't playing well?? Strange logic that. Some people on here think Lanzini is our most important player and some want him out the side.

Not fussed about who starts but I'm looking forward to this one more than I have any league game this season. Also pleased it gets decided on the night, none of that replay bollocks which is just a waste of everyones time and money..

Mart O 5:33 Wed Nov 30
Re: Team V Man Utd (Cup)
Sir Alf 11:20 Tue Nov 29

Couldn't agree more. And to think that people slag off Noble.

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