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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

Steven P 2:24 Tue Dec 6
Anyone on here actually think he might be just what we need? I can see the benefits...


Could West Ham United rescue Manchester United hate figure Marouane Fellaini from his Old Trafford nightmare with January move.

The Hammers are flirting with relegation after a disastrous second season under Slaven Bilic.

Eight defeats from 13 games and the second worst goal difference in the Premier League tells its own story.

The East Londoners are one point and one place above the bottom three, a far cry from last season when they challenged for the Champions League spots.

West Ham United manager Slaven Bilic
Bilic is desperately short of quality and

But in recent back-to-back 4-1 and 5-1 defeats to Manchester United and Arsenal, the Hammers have looked weak and vulnerable and the January window cannot come quick enough.

West Ham have desperately missed having the Andy Carroll alternative up front as the big Geordie spends more time in the treatment room than on the pitch.

And a move for Manchester United hate figure Fellaini could suit all parties with Jose Mourinho likely to want to improve his squad to save the club's Champions League hopes.
As well as being a nuisance in the opposition area, the big Belgian is a feisty character and could breathe new life into West Ham's season.

Fellaini has become something of a scapegoat for Red Devils fans particularly after his late cameo against Everton saw him gift his old side a point when he conceded a clumsy penalty.

Used in the right way, though, he has qualities which West Ham are sorely lacking this season and a loan with an option to buy could be attractive to all concerned.

The Hammers lose big midfielder Cheikhou Kouyate in January as well as Andre Ayew and potentially Diafra Sakho so will need to significantly beef up their midfield options.

Fellaini can be used up front and in a holding midfield role and should Carroll stay fit the pair could forge an intimidating partnership.

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Lertie Button 10:11 Fri Dec 9
Re: Fellaini
Fucking brilliant, we're now pretending we're going to sign dead film directors.

Baggins 1:11 Fri Dec 9
Re: Fellaini
Cheers, camel, son!

To be fair, if we were signing him as a back up for Carroll, then fair enough. But as a centre midfielder? Good grief, no thank you.

camel-with-3-humps 1:07 Fri Dec 9
Re: Fellaini
Did like your post about him being a 'unit' and needing it on the bonce, otherwise he's shit. Very true.

Baggins 1:03 Fri Dec 9
Re: Fellaini
"Beef up our style of play"
"Provides physical strength"

So let's go and sign Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The bloke is shit. If he is played in midfield, our fans will hate him.

Spandex Sidney 12:46 Fri Dec 9
Re: Fellaini
He will improve us. Sadly. That's how bad we are.

riosleftsock 10:26 Thu Dec 8
Re: Fellaini
Understand all the posts about style of play etc and how Fellaini doesn't fit that.

My idea is that we need to massively beef up the spine of our team and start to win some games and get some confidence back again.

Best way to do this is being a bit attritional for a while and Fellaini is definitely that sort of player. I'd like a few more thank you.

essexmaniacinexile 2:36 Thu Dec 8
Re: Fellaini
They are not intending to loan. Sale only,thus can't see it happening.

Northern Sold 1:41 Thu Dec 8
Re: Fellaini

Full Claret Jacket 1:32 Thu Dec 8
Re: Fellaini
Dirty snide player. There is a difference in being a hard player and one who deliberately attempts to injure people.
If he concentrated on his game then he is pretty good but does buying more players who can head the ball mean we'd continue with the shite hoofball we've been playing all season.
We need some players with backbone and desire really and not one who will pick up red cards.

Stubbo 1:21 Thu Dec 8
Re: Fellaini
Fellaini for more would be a great option. Provides physical strength in CM that offers an alternative to Kouyate (who we miss from that area of the park)...and it would enable us to forget Carroll, and still have a plan B launch-it-long option. He's very good in the box in the air.

To suggest he's not an upgrade for our squad is ridiculous.

franksfat&slow&wank 11:09 Thu Dec 8
Re: Fellaini
Alf, I get what you're saying but who then?

Sir Alf 10:26 Thu Dec 8
Re: Fellaini
Schneiderlin and Fellaini both not what we want for that central area as an alternative to Noble IMO.

Hair Bear Fellaini lacks technique and pace but has the physicality and size and the German lad while technically good and physically strong lacks pace / mobility to makes us better at closing down or "pressing" when not in possession and being a passing option on the counter. That said, the Schneiderlin worth a punt of no one else who has the pace and mobility is available. IMO.

eusebiovic 10:08 Thu Dec 8
Re: Fellaini
He is bloody shite...

Schneiderlin all day long

paulon 9:40 Thu Dec 8
Re: Fellaini
We wouldn't have got anywhere near a player like him 18 months ago.

Chip Shop Charlie 9:26 Thu Dec 8
Re: Fellaini
normannomates 11:21

Baggins 9:11 Thu Dec 8
Re: Fellaini
"Are the people who think Fellaini isn't good enough for West Ham the same people who claimed we were too good for the likes of Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Benteke a few months ago?"


Walcott, Chamberlain and Benteke are good players. Fellaini is not.

paulon 9:06 Thu Dec 8
Re: Fellaini
Are the people who think Fellaini isn't good enough for West Ham the same people who claimed we were too good for the likes of Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Benteke a few months ago?

Any Manchester United player would walk into our team and improve it at the moment.

Andrew Ware 11:37 Wed Dec 7
Re: Fellaini
No - No and please No.

Some players will never be West Ham - I am old enough to remember David Speedie - never really accepted by the hard core support
For me Fellaini is one of those players

Personally apart from him having the sharpest elbows in the premiership I just dont get Fellaini - £28m you are having a laugh.
Can't believe so many of you think he's a good idea.

bruuuno 11:22 Wed Dec 7
Re: Fellaini
I'd be very happy with felaini, the cunt

normannomates 11:21 Wed Dec 7
Re: Fellaini
Hes a cunt.

But he would be our cunt.

Dicks was a cunt.. but he is a legend in our eyes.

Funny how things can change so quickly in this game.
Offered Fellaini last season?...nah..bollocks to that.

Now?...yes please.

Charoo 11:10 Wed Dec 7
Re: Fellaini
He'd end up being a fan favourite if he signed.

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