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LeroysBoots 3:28 Wed Dec 7

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Side of Ham 6:38 Thu Dec 8
Re: Heartbreaking
You can use it if you like for one of your stories on here Hans Soldi0.

Percy Dalton 6:23 Thu Dec 8
Re: Heartbreaking
F C who in their right mind would want to live in East Ham now.

Fifth Column 6:13 Thu Dec 8
Re: Heartbreaking

To be fair if you still lived in East Ham it wouldn't take you long to get home from Stratford

Percy Dalton 6:10 Thu Dec 8
Re: Heartbreaking
I'm pretty much the same as Ted. I lived in East Ham from 1960 onwards near the Wakefield pub, could get home in ten minutes after the match. Now it takes nearly three hours with the super train services from Stratford to Essex.
Progress don't make me laugh.

Northern Sold 6:03 Thu Dec 8
Re: Heartbreaking
Seeing `the supporting history in their faces'.....

HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a cunt you are Sidey....

Side of Ham 6:00 Thu Dec 8
Re: Heartbreaking
I don't care where we are as i still feel like i'm in good West Ham company and i've always regarded the support as what defines West Ham the football club. Where i sit though i seem to be lucky as there are few old boys who seem to know everyone and seeing the supporting history in their faces and the knowing looks when it's all gone tits up AGAIN just makes me feel at home with like minded followers.

Fifth Column 5:42 Thu Dec 8
Re: Heartbreaking
I was sad at the last match.

I haven't thought about the old ground since then - it's just bricks and mortar.

However, I have hated the OS. But I know there is no chance of going back so what's the point in thinking about it? OK, now I'm thinking about it and I'm depressed.

HairyHammer 5:39 Thu Dec 8
Re: Heartbreaking
mashed in maryland

I understand.

Mace66 5:38 Thu Dec 8
Re: Heartbreaking
I didn't dwell too much on the move and took it all in my stride but the picture of the flattened East stand smarts a bit.

Northern Sold 5:27 Thu Dec 8
Re: Heartbreaking
Home for 22 days a year obviously....

Side of Ham 5:27 Thu Dec 8
Re: Heartbreaking
Gary Barlow had right......Everything changes but you.

Lily Hammer 4:33 Thu Dec 8
Re: Heartbreaking
The OS is our new home, but it will take some time and changes of club/stadium owner policy (and match results) before we start to feel at home.

I've only been to the Chelsea match, and at times, it felt like we could really feel at home, but I appreciate that that match has been the exception so far.

Safe standing, a proper family section and an amnesty on bans standing and swearing will go a long way to making it feel like home, though I won't be holding my breath waiting for those changes.

mashed in maryland 4:33 Thu Dec 8
Re: Heartbreaking
Hairy, Thames Ironworks FC existed for 5 years when organised soccer was still a relatively new sport.

ted fenton 4:32 Thu Dec 8
Re: Heartbreaking
All my history was at Upton Park my dad first took me there in 1958 and all the surrounding streets had Claret & Blue pouring out of the houses going to the home games !! sadly those times went years ago when the East End moved to Essex etc., and Immigrants moved in.

All good things eh.

HairyHammer 4:06 Thu Dec 8
Re: Heartbreaking
I can promise you that quite a few who supported the Thames Ironworks FC would have hated the change of name of their club to West ham and the new artsy fartsy stadium that was The Boleyn Upton Park.

It is called Development and throughout life it happens, and will continue to happen whether we like it or not the future supporters will have to deal with it too.

HairyHammer 3:59 Thu Dec 8
Re: Heartbreaking
Home is where the heart is and as far as I know the heart will always belong to West ham .
I never wanted to move and especially when I heard West ham would be renting the OS I was against it, but what can you do that is life it's happened.
I moved home at 15 and I see Upton park like that first home I lived in with mum dad brothers and sisters it was wonderful and I will never forget it 15 years from birth and it was happy too, but we left it in 1985 Mum and dad now gone but it will forever remain in my heart and mind but it's the past and I have moved on Upton Park will in many minds be similar I guess, it takes time.

Eddie B 3:54 Thu Dec 8
Re: Heartbreaking
It's like a slow breakup. Horrible to see.

Orange Hammer 3:50 Thu Dec 8
Re: Heartbreaking

mashed in maryland 3:44 Thu Dec 8
Re: Heartbreaking
"we as a club" won't exist in 10 years.

West Ham London

Team of overpaid foreign poofs that changes every season

Life bans for clapping too loudly

Prayer rooms in the corporate section

iPhone chargers built into seats

Colours changed to fit in with our sponsors' branding

And cunts like me, Johnson and Penners still sat on here telling us we told you so.

Steven P 3:42 Thu Dec 8
Re: Heartbreaking
So people who rent flats cant call it home.

The state of that reply and you ask me if I AM 12? hahaha.

Eddie B 3:42 Thu Dec 8
Re: Heartbreaking
Yeah and he called your mum a slag.


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