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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

ray winstone 3:57 Wed Dec 14
Brum City
Sacked their manager whilst they lie 7th in The Championship, Fat Sam a shoe in?

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Leonard Hatred 12:10 Sun Dec 18
Re: Brum City
That 95th minute Brighton goal wins me £165.


happygilmore 12:02 Sun Dec 18
Re: Brum City
there rioting in the local Jail.

Sven Roeder 9:00 Sat Dec 17
Re: Brum City
Birmingham 1 Brighton 2
Brighton score in the 82nd and the 94th to win.
Gutted ZOLA?

Pub Bigot 9:28 Fri Dec 16
Re: Brum City
My mates a Birmingham City fan and he's utterly confused. Rowett a young English manager who steadied a BC side in a very port position when he took over to a side surfing around the playoff places, for a manager who's been sacked at every club he's managed!

Rossal 8:15 Fri Dec 16
Re: Brum City
Crazy move this Rowett was doing a good job

No sympthany for when this goes tits up, Zola is a lovely man but not a good enough football manager

Sven Roeder 7:28 Fri Dec 16
Re: Brum City
Interviewer: How do you think the Blues will do this season?
Zola : Oh I think we will win the Premier League, Conte is a very good manager.

I hope the Chelsea chump loses his first 10 games & Birmingham back down & reappoint Rowett.
Scandalous decision.

Coffee 7:19 Fri Dec 16
Re: Brum City
stomper 2:00 Fri Dec 16

Grumpster 7:16 Fri Dec 16
Re: Brum City
Brum fans will love him, when all he talks about in his interviews is Chelsea and not them!!

Texas Iron 4:39 Fri Dec 16
Re: Brum City
Was not impressed with Zola at West Ham...

Some good games...but overall didn't deliver much...

Can't blame him for taking the job as it was offered to him.

New owners obviously wanted a big name manager for media leverage ...

Feel sorry for the guy sacked...but Good luck to Zola...dressing room may be tough to win over...

Mike Oxsaw 2:00 Fri Dec 16
Re: Brum City
terry-h 9:12 Thu Dec 15

Maybe the kitchens are fed up with getting players from the west piecemeal and are now planning to run it down then ship the whole club over to their place.

stomper 2:00 Fri Dec 16
Re: Brum City
I like Zola and would love to see him succeed.

J.Riddle 1:56 Fri Dec 16
Re: Brum City
Is Zola a worse choice than Roeder, that's a conundrum right there.

eusebiovic 1:48 Fri Dec 16
Re: Brum City
Sir Alf 10:39 Thu Dec 15

Touching Cloth?
Struggling to suppress the old turtles head?

I thought that about Roeder - but I always suspected he had released a small thimble of pee into his y fronts as well


Sir Alf 10:39 Thu Dec 15
Re: Brum City
At least they can look forward to Zola's nice smiley face after a defeat in the post match interview.

Always looked like he'd followed through to me?

happygilmore 9:29 Thu Dec 15
Re: Brum City
a very strange appointment, destined to fail.

terry-h 9:12 Thu Dec 15
Re: Brum City
Just checked Carson Yeung who still has a faction at the club remains in a Hong Kong prison cell. The majority owner is some other Chinese git I've never heard of. This club seems to be on a downward spiral and Zola should hasten its demise quite nicely.

Keep Right On To The End Of The Road etc etc

I wonder if their fans still blame those two porn guys,whose names escape me?

Sven Roeder 9:07 Wed Dec 14
Re: Brum City
Recall Rowett took over after they lost 0-8 at HOME to Bournemouth.
Has rebuilt them with virtually no money

Zola the gibbering chimp is a crazy appointment

Spandex Sidney 9:02 Wed Dec 14
Re: Brum City

Aren't they like 3 points off second place or something?!

If Slaven gets the push, anyone fancy Gary Rowett? Is it about time these younger english managers get a chance? Everyone rates him, including every Birmingham City fan I have ever met. They must be gutted.

Foreign owners are shit

park chan wook 8:58 Wed Dec 14
Re: Brum City
This should cheer up Gank, brum just appointed Zola west ham related.

ohnobleone 8:58 Wed Dec 14
Re: Brum City
Just confirmed on the BBC They have given Zola The job.

ted fenton 5:31 Wed Dec 14
Re: Brum City
gank = next time next year you will still be a massive cunt !!

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