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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Justin P 8:22 Thu Dec 15
Team V Hull
Another important game up so soon.

Kouyate Reid Ogbonna
Antonio Noble Obiang Cresswell
Lanzini Carroll Payet

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tazman 2:59 Sat Dec 17
Re: Team V Hull

At home 3-5 2 score more goals than them, simple.


Kouyate Reid Ogbonna

Antonio Noble Obiang payet Cresswell

Ayew Carroll

Chigwell 2:36 Sat Dec 17
Re: Team V Hull
I'll stick my neck and now and predict that Carroll will run out of puff and ideas, and be pulled off without influencing the game in any favourable way.

Private Dancer 1:51 Sat Dec 17
Re: Team V Hull
Hold your horses...I'm a Carroll fan, my comment was directed at those who didn't include him to start against Burnley, now everyone has him to start today. Clueless and fickle.

Spandex Sidney 1:17 Sat Dec 17
Re: Team V Hull
dealcanvey 5:05 Fri Dec 16

I agree with this. Hull are the worst team in the league and we simply HAVE to get at them and none of this fancy passing it around the back and inviting them on to pressure us, we aren't Barcelona.

Say what you like about Carroll's injury problems, he gives defences such a fucking horrible time and Ayew is improving and had a horrible injury, plus we also have 'Tank' Antonio not far behind when that fragile defence needs that final knock down.

Surely he can't send out one up front, at home, against the worst team in the league? Time for us to play on the front foot.

theaxeman 12:26 Sat Dec 17
Re: Team V Hull

Pike Reid Ogbonna Cresswell

Antonio Kouyate Obiang Lanzini


............. Carroll

Love Noble but want more pace and legs in a 4. Got to get payet up the pitch in danger areas and not picking the ball up to deep where he is nullified.

daveyg 10:03 Sat Dec 17
Re: Team V Hull
I've changed it a bit,think both teams will be a bit tired especially later on.I'm putting Antonio up nearer Carroll,just hoping that they both can be on the same wave length as Payet. Lanzini and Ayew to both come on the hour mark.

Kouyate Reid Ogbonna
Fernandes Noble Obiang Cresswell
Antonio Payet
Adrian Pike Nordveit Browne Lanzini Ayew Fletcher

dealcanvey 7:01 Fri Dec 16
Re: Team V Hull

Dont pick our only senior striker available to play?

I guess Bilic will be classed as brainless when he starts him tomorrow..

franksfat&slow&wank 6:37 Fri Dec 16
Re: Team V Hull
yep play carroll we have no choice, don't panic if he breaks down we we'll have a cracking new signing lined up for jan the 1st

Private Dancer 6:32 Fri Dec 16
Re: Team V Hull
So everyone is picking Carroll now??

Some real brainless cunts on here.

dealcanvey 5:39 Fri Dec 16
Re: Team V Hull

Think the key will be to get someone close to carroll. No one near him against Burnely. We just could not get around him. He won every ball that came his way. Just no one there for the second. Very frustrating to watch.

Texas Iron 5:38 Fri Dec 16
Re: Team V Hull
Saw the highlights Hull vs Spurs...

They are completely disorganised in their defensive 3rd...

Get a few of ours in their penalty area...they will panic...slot it home...

Hope Bilic's mob watched Hull's recent games...and have a good strategy to win...

franksfat&slow&wank 5:30 Fri Dec 16
Re: Team V Hull
attack these cunts and take them to the sword, they're fucking terrible

a decent 4 points so far this week, lets make it 7 from 9 and go to Swansea with a swagger

Texas Iron 5:11 Fri Dec 16
Re: Team V Hull
Wot No Noble...???

Worth a try...surely Noble needs a rest...

dealcanvey 5:05 Fri Dec 16
Re: Team V Hull
What I would like to see

--------Kayoute Reid Ogbonna------
Antonio Lanzini Obiang Cresswell
---------------Ayew Carroll-------------

Get someone around Carroll.

J.Riddle 2:36 Fri Dec 16
Re: Team V Hull
Our players are top 10 at best. Bilic has been chopping and changing the team all season due to injuries and because he didn't know what he wanted. End of the day it doesn't make that much difference. The players showed they are capable last year, they are just all underperforming. They need to get their arse into gear and sweat buckets.

We need some top quality to join up in Jan. Don't hold your breathe.

Texas Iron 2:26 Fri Dec 16
Re: Team V Hull
Agree with Sir Alf...
Blatantly obvious against Burnley...and they were a poor side...

We struggled to get the midfield and attack going...Very slow build up giving Burnley time to cut out our attacks in MF...

A CB that can initiate a quick attack is essential for setting up effective strikes against teams.

The current setup is at most times 7 in defense when the WBs Obiang and Noble also fall back to defend...No wonder it's difficult to launch quick attacks.

Chelsea have top top players all over the team and can play 352 or 3511 effectively...we can't

With a good RB we should play...442...451...4321 as appropriate depending on the opponent...home or away.

Will be interesting to see how Bilic lines up...my guess is same as against Burnley...the only question may be Lanzini or Ayew to start. Carroll must start and hopefully some will profit from his flick ons. Antonio as always will be key and should score...as long as Bilic doesn't force him to stay back and defend...

Play Ayew on the right...Antonio supporting Carroll in attack...

camel-with-3-humps 1:04 Fri Dec 16
Re: Team V Hull
Troy McClure

4-4-2 with Fernandes at right back and Antonio up front with Big Andy?

Why don't we bring back Frank Nouble while we're at it? YOU FUCKING PENIS.

cosmo smallpiece 12:47 Fri Dec 16
Re: Team V Hull
Troy McClure every one of your posts suggests you're on a fucking wind up.

Sir Alf 10:36 Thu Dec 15
Re: Team V Hull
Thing about the 3 at the back is it works well when you have one ball playing, technically sound centre back who can bring it out of defence, is comfortable in possession and can distribute well. We don't have one of those. Although we laugh, Sideshow Bob over at the Plastics, may make mistakes but is now covered by that system but does have the technique and confidence to bring it out of defence. Reidy started to do it a little but its not his natural game. It avoids all the sideways and backwards stuff and creates space.

Of course having a quality right wing back would also help. That Moses would have been good in the role ... oh... hindsight and all that. Well a manager like Conte who has always used the system and who saw how to use his pace and ability to get up and down in it. They also have 2 good defensive midfielders to cover for the more creative types. We only have 1.

We are not balanced in any system we play without a right back and a better central midfield player,,, and movement up front.

But... for Sat...has to be same really to start.

Wily Reidy Oggy
Ant Noble Pedro Cressy
Lanzini -----------Payet

Hammer and Pickle 10:06 Thu Dec 15
Re: Team V Hull
SurfaceAgentX2Zero 10:01 Thu Dec 15
I don't need to present any further evidence as to why you really must to fuck off any West Ham United site.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 10:01 Thu Dec 15
Re: Team V Hull
Hammer and Pickle 9:16 Thu Dec 15

Yep. Drunk again.

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