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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

andywestham 10:47 Thu Dec 15
'Real' fans
Getting a little tiny bit fucked off now with the no-nothing cunts deciding that the way to show you are a 'real' fan with 'passion' is to be the only two people standing up in a whole row and turning round giving wanker signs and calling people around them all kinds of choice names for not showing 'passion' in supporting your team.

No need for that, at all

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WHUDeano 10:15 Thu Dec 15
Re: 'Real' fans
I'm a bit miffed by all this - there is one unwritten rule in football:

Fans behind the goal, lower tier - always stand, fans on the sides - always sit. Pretty easy rule to follow - anyone who wants to sit in the lower tier behind the goal is an idiot. Anyone who wants to stand in the east or west is an idiot*.

*The Chicken Run was an anomaly in the modern game.

JOHNNY V 9:44 Thu Dec 15
Re: 'Real' fans
After drinking all afternoon the 2nd post was far easier to read I'll give you that, the fact is that it was the overall experience of Upton Park that visiting fans remember not the cauldron of noise that awaited them. Burnley at home would have been shit in either ground.

Johnson 9:35 Thu Dec 15
Re: 'Real' fans
I didn't sit anywhere and that post is completely different to the previous load of bollocks.

JOHNNY V 9:29 Thu Dec 15
Re: 'Real' fans
I had a season ticket in the BML for over 10 years you must have sat in a far better seats than me, when it was good it was great when it was shit it was dire

Hammer and Pickle 9:29 Thu Dec 15
Re: 'Real' fans
I believe I'm a real fan.

Johnson 9:23 Thu Dec 15
Re: 'Real' fans
Every line of that post contains rubbish.

JOHNNY V 9:23 Thu Dec 15
Re: 'Real' fans
The atmosphere for butnley at home would have been no different if not worse at UP, I don't love the ground far from it but that's the truth, we need to stop thinking that UP was rocking for every match it wasn't, for any shit northern teams it was like a morgue

simon.s 8:51 Thu Dec 15
Re: 'Real' fans
Bordeaux have clearly adopted their atmosphere from Marseille. Massive flags with 'ultras' on it, but they created a good atmosphere. We have the hard core fan base, they just need regrouping (that sounds really American). UP didn't scare opposing teams, the fans did.

Worst Case Ontario 8:42 Thu Dec 15
Re: 'Real' fans
I hate the club, but the stadium itself is now quite nice with the roof, and I will grudgingly admit that, if you like that "Ultras" sort of atmosphere, the supporters do well.

simon.s 8:35 Thu Dec 15
Re: 'Real' fans
Toronto is a great little stadium too, although we probably helped make the atmosphere that day ;^)

Worst Case Ontario 8:29 Thu Dec 15
Re: 'Real' fans
I think it's closer for me to fly to London than Portland. I have heard positive reviews about them though.

Agreed with you there too, which fans (stand and sing or sit) are where needs to be better sorted.

simon.s 8:26 Thu Dec 15
Re: 'Real' fans
WCO - go and see Portland Timbers play. I would call that a proper football ground, even out there, and one stand was generating enough atmosphere for the whole ground

Some people don't want to sing and stand. We need to accept that. But do what you can for the ones that do.

Worst Case Ontario 8:23 Thu Dec 15
Re: 'Real' fans
I'm not saying you're wrong, but that I don't think you'll win many people over on it.

simon.s 8:22 Thu Dec 15
Re: 'Real' fans
Don't need to go that far, although I assume you are taking the rise.

Better atmosphere than any game I've seen this season, baring Chelsea.

Worst Case Ontario 8:20 Thu Dec 15
Re: 'Real' fans

simon.s 8:06 Thu Dec 15

You must be joking mate, people around here have a go at other fans for wanting to do up a flag, nevermind something that far.

BRANDED 8:19 Thu Dec 15
Re: 'Real' fans
Yeah. We could play tunes when goals go in and have Balkan Electro Pop played really fucking loudly during the breaks.

simon.s 8:06 Thu Dec 15
Re: 'Real' fans
At a fantastic stadium last night, in Bordeaux. League cup against Nice, and there was probably only 15k in a 40k odd stadium, but behind the goal, was the dedicated singing/standing area, with some cunt with a mike and two massive speakers geeing them up. Made for a great atmosphere, and made up for the banks of empty seats. We could learn a few things from our european neighbors, even seen sort of thing out in the states.

Kidders 7:43 Thu Dec 15
Re: 'Real' fans
After reading many posts on this site I still can't work out if people are happy or not with the move, general consensus is no.
Would be good to get a real feel for the 56k that supposedly attend which could start another thread although I don't fancy counting thousands of yes or no's.
Anyway mines a resounding NO.

mashed in maryland 7:36 Thu Dec 15
Re: 'Real' fans
Everywhere is sold out anyway. Fuck it.

Bungo 7:23 Thu Dec 15
Re: 'Real' fans
stomper 6:32 Thu Dec 15

On this forum more than most, there a very small number of members who keep on posting the same things over and over and over again, creating a quite distorted view as they occupy so much screen time. The majority of people who don't feel that strongly post far less frequently.

I usually take the view that the frequency of someones posts are in inverse proportion to their actual value to any discussion.

Far Cough 7:04 Thu Dec 15
Re: 'Real' fans
I'm in the Bobby lower, it's not too bad there

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