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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

Fresh 9:31 Mon Dec 19
Economic outlook 2017
Anyone think we are in for a start of a Mini recession in 2017?
Brexit uncertainty. Labour Party sparking Unions to strike for any reason, Oil prices on the up due to restrictions on outputs.
House prices still unaffordable for most. Inflation on the up. Wages in real terms still very low. All in all I don't think 2017 is going to be an easy ride.

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peroni 11:30 Thu Dec 22
Re: Economic outlook 2017

Toe Rag 11:29 Thu Dec 22
Re: Economic outlook 2017
In India I meant, not in France.


Toe Rag 11:28 Thu Dec 22
Re: Economic outlook 2017
All that economic growth and still they shit in the street.

peroni 11:28 Thu Dec 22
Re: Economic outlook 2017
ray winstone 11:39 Wed Dec 21


Our economy is bigger than France's.

ray winstone 11:24 Thu Dec 22
Re: Economic outlook 2017
SurfaceAgentX2Zero 1:26 Thu Dec 22

My only disgust is that the media in this country are willing to blame Brexit for our economic woes, I think a few years of Osbornomics have seen to that.

Willtell 10:55 Thu Dec 22
Re: Economic outlook 2017
I just kicked a Currency exchange company into touch after they surreptitiously moved the whole operation to an Indian call centre. Their owner is Indian and started the business a few years ago but has obviously got fed up paying English wages.

Needless to say the costs went up, the transaction delay went up and I quickly got fed up with being bull-shited by Indians that used pretend English names trying to make out they were English...

Any ex-Pats out there changing currencies regularly it's well worth contacting UKForex for the best deals...

Coffee 8:40 Thu Dec 22
Re: Economic outlook 2017
Stewie, and just think of all the money it can afford to pay for preparing those test pitches.

stewie griffin 8:30 Thu Dec 22
Re: Economic outlook 2017
Presumably we can stop sending £300 million a year to India seeing as it's so wonderfully wealthy and has such a booming economy.

Bullet 3:45 Thu Dec 22
Re: Economic outlook 2017
ray winstone 11:39 Wed Dec 21

Does this mean we will all end up working in UK call centres for Delhi Telecom, thank you please, sorting out customers 'Ring Dings'?

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 2:06 Thu Dec 22
Re: Economic outlook 2017
Yes. And around the time of Jesus, Britain was part of the Roman Empire.

Don't wake Pickled up.

Gavros 1:45 Thu Dec 22
Re: Economic outlook 2017
Interesting statistic. Around the time of Jesus Indias economy was about 30% of world GDP. Less a story of an emerging economy as an advanced one that I'd slowly returning from a lengthy bout of decay.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 1:26 Thu Dec 22
Re: Economic outlook 2017
ray winstone 11:39 Wed Dec 21

Blimey! There's a thing.

Remind us what the population of India is.

From your disgust, one could be forgiven for thinking that you believe it's disgraceful that the average UK citizen cannot remain 20 times richer than his Indian counterpart.

Typical racist, Little Englander Remoaner.

BRANDED 1:25 Thu Dec 22
Re: Economic outlook 2017
Good news here though


orwells tragedy 1:17 Thu Dec 22
Re: Economic outlook 2017
No he isn't

Hermit Road 12:16 Thu Dec 22
Re: Economic outlook 2017
Branded is a master of the retrospective art of hindsight-investing. That is why he is considerably richer than you.

BRANDED 11:46 Wed Dec 21
Re: Economic outlook 2017
Yeah. India will grow 7.8% this year we're projected to grow 1.8%.

Not really sure what that means except India is growing very rapidly.

That said I just invested in Brewdog, a Scottish brewery that's growing at least as fast as India.

Happy days.

ray winstone 11:39 Wed Dec 21
Re: Economic outlook 2017
Score one for the post-colonial underdog. India’s economy has reportedly overtaken the United Kingdom’s for the first time in over 100 years, now standing as the world’s sixth-largest economy by GDP after the United States, China, Japan, Germany, and France. The milestone is a symbol of India’s rapid economic growth and, conversely, the U.K.’s post-Brexit slump.

I wonder if they'll send us some aid?

ParadiseLost 4:26 Tue Dec 20
Re: Economic outlook 2017
Not sure about a mini recession. I don't think that the pressure on Sterling is completely over and there are going to be lots of headlines about inflation popping up in the UK next year. The inflation will put pressure on wages, that'll lead to increasing industrial action and the Mail will be running headlines like 'It's the 70s all over again!'. No doubt some ingredient in Branston Pickle will become to expensive to import, production will cease and the nation will fall into crisis.

The increasing inflation might mask some of the fall in property prices. I do wonder whether the Government in having had house prices rising for so long (and therefore having a good part of the electorate economically 'happy') now realize it's starting to create some other bigger issues and will need to hit the 'reverse' button.

The bigger story I think is going to be the Euro. No doubt some of the market had a nice little earner on betting on the fall in Sterling and there's enough potential news in the Euro sector to enable people to lock in their bonuses early in the year by breathing hard on the Euro.

The US. Well, unless Trump manages to get himself into a full blown trade war with China (in which case it's going to be fun for everyone) the US is probably going to be into a big growth cycle with the $ increasing in strength. It'll all be quite impressive until reality sets in (probably sometime in 2019) at which point the wheels may come spectacularly off.

Mind you Billionaires (and there are enough of them going to be running the US soon) love a nice crash as it lets them buy up assets cheaply. China beware - a scapegoat may be needed.

, 2:44 Tue Dec 20
Re: Economic outlook 2017
Don't do outrage, never have actually it's a wasted emotion. I will comment on things like exchange rates as and when just as I have about the referendum result being responsible for a drop in the pound's value abroad. right to point out that the pound has oscillated over time though. Funny thing is that when the euro went to over 1.40 to the pound I never found anywhere on the quick to get that rate.

Interesting that mentioning something is called throwing around.

marlonsrightsock 2:38 Tue Dec 20
Re: Economic outlook 2017
comma why stop at that point, why not three years ago when it was bouncing along between 1.16 to 1.20 Euros, then again if you knew your onions you could refer it back to the turn of the year when it spiked at just over 1.40 then you could really throw around your mock outrage

, 2:36 Tue Dec 20
Re: Economic outlook 2017
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