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young woody 3:42 Thu Dec 29
Yes or no?

Rumour has it...he is coming back.


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Trevor B 4:49 Thu Jan 12
Re: Defoe
whilst that looks shit, there is no way you can prove he did that on purpose. if it were a player who hadn't asked for a move you would have said it was frustration etc

Sniper 4:37 Thu Jan 12
Re: Defoe

Yes and he then went and acted like a cunt and got himself sent off three times in 4 months when we got relegated

Trevor B 3:55 Thu Jan 12
Re: Defoe
simon.s 3:46 Thu Jan 12

tbf defoe didn't refuse to play for the club to force a way below transfer to his favourite team, he put in a transfer request. albeit a very ill timed request.

penners28 3:49 Thu Jan 12
Re: Defoe

collyrob 3:47 Thu Jan 12
Re: Defoe

collyrob 3:47 Thu Jan 12
Re: Defoe
I hate our club at the moment.

simon.s 3:46 Thu Jan 12
Re: Defoe
Defoe could come back a hero, and Payet is now getting the same sort of vitriol aimed at him that little arnold did.

Funny old game, innit.

Alex V 3:42 Thu Jan 12
Re: Defoe
The irony of course, that what we want Defoe to do at Sunderland Payet has done to us. What goes around comes around.

Yarmouth 1:57 Thu Jan 12
Re: Defoe
Perm strikers - ha..

Yarmouth 1:56 Thu Jan 12
Re: Defoe
Sign him because he scores goals. Don't 'throw' money at Sunderland but give them a serious offer to consider.

So what about sell on value? Extract the most out of his skill on the pitch whilst he can play, when he's past it, employ him a the striker coach for the club because he knows how to score, always has, so his skill and experience would be invaluable to young lads or new to the perm strikers coming through.

I could imagine his knowledge and experience being passed onto a Freddie Sears - know what I mean?

tnb 10:10 Thu Jan 12
Re: Defoe

Sheringham was 38 when we signed him, so unless this drags on for another 3 years I reckon that record is safe.

Sniper 11:51 Wed Jan 11
Re: Defoe
And 265 in 630 overall

Sniper 11:50 Wed Jan 11
Re: Defoe
His league record is 194 in 518

13 Brentford Rd 9:35 Wed Jan 11
Re: Defoe
He's was 35 in Oct.

Far Cough 9:27 Wed Jan 11
Re: Defoe
Why don't we take Benteke off fat Sam's hands then?

JayeMPee 9:18 Wed Jan 11
Re: Defoe
Alex - we will see, of course he needs to move Bentecke on first.

cygnet 9:13 Wed Jan 11
Re: Defoe
Defoe's league record is 194 goals in 384 games.
FA Cup 22 in 28
League Cup 23 in 23
Other Games 25 in 31

Sniper 6:31 Wed Jan 11
Re: Defoe
Despite everyone jizzing their pants over Defoe, I would point out that in the 15 years he's been a pro (with half a season with us in the old division 1 and a spell in Toronto) he's only just broken the 150 goal barrier. It's odd really - I'm sure I read somewhere he averages a goal every 2.6 games in the premier league but only about 11 goals a season.

Alex V 5:26 Wed Jan 11
Re: Defoe
By the same token if Allardyce shows no interest in getting Defoe it might be a signal that he's not worth pursuing.

JayeMPee 3:52 Wed Jan 11
Re: Defoe
When the hell did we start to think about sell-on value?? It certainly wasn't wth Zaza, Callieri, Ayew, Toure etc etc In fact when did we last sell a player at a substantial profit?

If Fat Sam moves Bentecke on he will spend the sort of money on Defoe that we are refusing to spend, lets hope it happens after Saturdays game.

Alex V 3:12 Wed Jan 11
Re: Defoe
Northern Sold 2:17 Wed Jan 11

Thx for the link. Good article - think I pretty much agree with all of it.

goose 2:23 Wed Jan 11
Re: Defoe
they will be FUMING when he hands in a transfer request.

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