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Q: 2022/23 You are the Chairman what do you do with Moyes?
a. Stick with him obviously, he's delivered two good seasons back to back and will see us out of this dip in form
b. If we're still lingering around the bottom three by the start of the WC then that's the time to get rid
c. What are we waiting for 2 wins in the last 20 PL games is reason enough to sack him, go now
d. I've just got my new Orange & White 3rd Kit with Moyesinho on the back, I can't wait to wear it down to the supermarket, they call me Mr West Ham around here


Overweight and disinterested and who can blame him, should of built team around him

Bought in pile of shit ( tight arse board )
Manager can't decide on a formation
Too many injuries ( shit training and shit training facilities)
Tries to make things happen but has Noble and Kouyate in midfield who play sideways and back and both can't pass

Can you blame him if he goes?

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Willtell 1:02 Sat Jan 7
Re: Payet
Payet is a fantastic player and I suspect that he like most of us, likes Bilic but is despairing of the fuck up he's making of managing West Ham. At Payet's age he wants to be pushed by his manager to keep his French place and be playing the best football.

When we appoint a new manager who runs a tight ship and tactics he'll be fine and start producing again. For that reason and all the others I expect a decision to be made soon on Bilic's future...

Nick QQQ 12:58 Sat Jan 7
Re: Payet
Not a massive suprise really if you take all things into account:-

1/ he had the best season of his career last year. Everything he touched seemed to go his way.
2/ hasn't had a rest due to the euros and for a player of his type that's a lot of football and knocks
3/ we seem to have changed th style of play even since we have changed from 3cbs. We seem intent on playing on the break instead of keeping the ball which doesn't suit payet.. and lanzini for that matter.
4/ history at other clubs suggests when things aren't going well he is not up for the fight or worse sulks. That is pretty obvious from his body language when watching him of late. He is hiding.
5/ believed too much of his own hype and we supported it by giving him a ridiculous deal.

I hope I'm wrong but I can see this getting messy if he doesn't move on this transfer window. As good as he is no point in carrying him if he doesn't want to be here, so even though I'd rather he stayed not sure it makes sense.

threesixty 12:55 Sat Jan 7
Re: Payet
Not sure how much money Marseille have now but I think it's a combination of things. At his age he needs to be playing regularly and earn the best money he can.

I don't think many players in any of the top leagues earn more than 150k a week. And if they do they are at the very top clubs. Arsenal have just Ozil and Sanchez on that money and the next down is walcott at 130 or so.

Arsenal have lots of players in that position so it's not a guarantee he would always play. Perez and Xhaka came for big money and they haven't got guaranteed places.

If he does go it will be to a CL club and right now I don't think there is space. Maybe in the summer but by then we may have sorted out our "project" and he'd be happy.

Wenger is more likely to buy Mahrez next summer anyway.

CR 12:30 Sat Jan 7
Re: Payet
Selling our best player in the January window makes no sense. The money that we will get for him will be impossible to spend on anything good in a January window. Some of it will end up getting spent on panic buys. If we go down the owners will not want to spend anyway and if we stay up they will probably conveniently forget about the Payet money when they do their sums for the summer spend.

Steven P 12:21 Sat Jan 7
Re: Payet
Well for starters £150 p/w (if that is even what he is on without bonuses) is not the salary it once was. For second an example is Marseille have apparently already convinced him to come back and they have the money, let alone psg, Arsenal and Man Utd who are also interested.

Johnson 12:19 Sat Jan 7
Re: Payet

ag ag ag ag

Some of our fans are as clueless as the board.

Crassus 12:19 Sat Jan 7
Re: Payet
I accept that but they are struggling right now and may just knee jerk

threesixty 12:17 Sat Jan 7
Re: Payet
Ok, PSG could do it and could play him in the CL this season. But they just bought Draxler. So I can't see it. Unless they manage to get rid of Ben arfa or someone else. Plus payet is nearly 30 and just signed a 4 yr deal with us. They'd be paying silly money for him and is better than dimaria or more potential than draxler?

Lertie Button 12:13 Sat Jan 7
Re: Payet
We always have had fullbackitus at this club, way back to the days of John Charles and Bobby Howe, where full backs had one good season then were fucking useless from then on. Now it effects the whole team

Crassus 12:11 Sat Jan 7
Re: Payet
Could see him at PSG

threesixty 12:09 Sat Jan 7
Re: Payet
He ain't going anywhere. 150 bags a week say he stays put.
No one can afford him apart from the top clubs and they don't have space for him. Madrid even want to get rid of James Rodrigues who is a similar player to Payet and is very marketable but normal clubs can't do the wages for him.

Unless money laundering Man U buy him (because spending money is ther only business plan) then I can't see who else would right now.

Unless he fancies a long holiday in china..

Roeder-nowhere 12:03 Sat Jan 7
Re: Payet
All the talk of payet drop in performances how about Lanzini? Payets direct replacement he certainly is not the way he is playing.
I think Payet will stay until the summer, sulk, ease up in training and performance whilst stuffing his face with kfc. He'll also be cheaper. Therefore if he really wants to leave get rid now and begin the rebuild hoping there really are 3 teams shitter than us who go down - thibk there are. Maybe the rest of the team will then taje some responsibility instead of just giving it to payet all the time.

grasshopper 11:37 Sat Jan 7
Re: Payet

He wants to leave, can you blame him?

kirok1 11:36 Sat Jan 7
Re: Payet
Definitely a shadow of last year. But then, so is the rest of the team.
However, there do seem to be all too many rumours about him wanting away.

Steven P 11:18 Sat Jan 7
Re: Payet
Not saying I believe it or not and even this guy says he doesn't get everything right as things change but he has been
Getting a lot right lately but again it is the daily star...


stoneman 10:49 Sat Jan 7
Re: Payet
Has he played this season?

No one is bigger than the club, take £40m for him and then spend it on a top quality player like Modric.

Why don't we have any Croatian players?

Sven Roeder 10:49 Sat Jan 7
Re: Payet
Where and by who?

I see him strolling through to the end of the season and off in the summer.
Him and Bilic

Steven P 10:47 Sat Jan 7
Re: Payet
Being reported he told Billic he wants to go in Jan.

goose 8:49 Sat Jan 7
Re: Payet
If he wants to go then he knows where the door is - I wouldn't blame him.
Might actually be easier without him, I think we expect too much and so do his teammates.

Roeder-nowhere 8:38 Sat Jan 7
Re: Payet
Only have to look at Moses as an example. If he played this season as wingback for us would he be having the great season he is with Chelsea??? of course not! We'd see him on the back foot, scoring few goals and getting slated by us for defensive errors. Stick Payet in a decent side and his season would 'miraculously ' become brilliant, goals and assists galore!

Roeder-nowhere 8:34 Sat Jan 7
Re: Payet
Media jumping on the bandwagon about him not playing like last seaaon - as mentioned its the shitness of the other players this season thats making him look bad! Brilliant stats fir him still just no feckin striker to turn his passes into goals. Last season we had a large portion of the side playing well, now its only Antonio and Payet who would look to for inspiration.
Hardly enough posession to get free kicks for Payet around the pen area likewise with corners. 3 last night.He'll go in the summer.. big revamp of the the squad ensuing...

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