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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Bexley Ironworks 9:18 Fri Jan 6
I like frank
Think he talks a lot of sense. Like the cut of his jib compared to the others on the panel. Shoot me.

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jfk 3:17 Sat Jan 7
Re: I like frank
One of my sons played for Byron Frank seniors son in law trained them with my best mate.Frank senior was always around Sunday mornings showing interest land would put he's hand in he's pocket to drum
Up support and had a genuine interest in grass roots football
Young Frank never bothered far too full of himself the fat wanker

normannomates 3:08 Sat Jan 7
Re: I like frank
Get what youre saying.

Maybe it is a case of revenge with Frank jnr...like the blacksheep lashing out..but deep down he really just wants to be accepted and loved.
Or he just thinks we're cunts to a man.

Gavros 3:01 Sat Jan 7
Re: I like frank
I recall reading a two page interview with Joe Cole when he was at the height of his powers before his injury at Chelsea and it said that Cole would get back from the game and look out immedieatly for the west ham score and Lampard would take the piss out of him for doing so. But this is young mans anger and hate. We did that to the poor bastard. Remember that. I'm sure he just would like to come home now.

normannomates 2:54 Sat Jan 7
Re: I like frank
You cannot knock what he has achieved..and the dedication applied in doing so.

His old man was the same to a lesser extent.

But he does genuinely regard us as two bob..as a club and support.

Personally..i coundnt give a monkeys.

Its a shame for his old man..who is proper WHU

Headtheball 2:53 Sat Jan 7
Re: I like frank
Sums it up that he was the only one who thought it was a penalty amongst the pundits. Couldn't even bring himself to say that we were harshly done over by the ref (yet again!).

Crassus 2:48 Sat Jan 7
Re: I like frank

Mate, then who am I to argue? Genuinely bow to greater knowledge

My point was that he played up but not without provocation

But it is all subjective really, I dislike Hurst more, all based upon personal experience

Oh and Super Ted, he was a cunt of the highest order, even called it on with Billy in the dressing room and came bang unstuck. He returned and scored against us taking great delight in flicking the V's at the SB

Crazy really isn't it. I have just typed that shit with vitriol as if it were this afternoon that they had offended me - bloody years ago

Gavros 2:46 Sat Jan 7
Re: I like frank
I was a contaporary of Lampard at school level. Don't even remember him from back then. In Newham scools, hodges and manny were England level, and hodges especially was head and shoulders above anyone I played against. Have a few mates who were in weat ham youth team at that time and they said he wasn't any good but they also said his dad beat it into him to train and train and train to bring himself upto standard. And that's what he did. I was at the villa away game when he broke his leg and some of us cheweed his departure. How hard must that be to hear your own laughing you off?
Fair play to Jim, we fucked him off long before he fucked us off.

Westham67 2:44 Sat Jan 7
Re: I like frank
Long time ago I watched an interview on Chelsea TV. The interviewer was asking leading questions trying to get him to slag off West Ham and Frank didnt say anything negative

jfk 2:42 Sat Jan 7
Re: I like frank
Minted,theres no dought about that.
Classless,beyond dought.

jfk 2:39 Sat Jan 7
Re: I like frank
I can't be arsed to say much more about the prick.and take it from me he is a one.
I'm West Ham it's my family way,young Frank is a petulant embarrassment to he's family.

Alfs 2:35 Sat Jan 7
Re: I like frank
What did Ted McDougal do, Crassus?

Alfs 2:34 Sat Jan 7
Re: I like frank
Redknapp was wrong about a lot of things but he was spot on in that interview Gavros shares. And Lampard rammed it back down his critics throats - as he should have.

Crassus 2:28 Sat Jan 7
Re: I like frank
I get all that but the fact remains that we gave him some grief and he kicked back

No need to like the bloke, I don't particularly, but neither hold an eternal grudge

Others I do, Savage is a cunt full stop, relegation piss take at St Andrews, Ted McDougall and Peters - same envelope, utter cunts

Gavros 2:21 Sat Jan 7
Re: I like frank
this may have had something to do with it


Iron Duke 2:18 Sat Jan 7
Re: I like frank
There is nothing to like about him.

Man of Iron 2:15 Sat Jan 7
Re: I like frank
Being articulate is not the same as being likeable.

How any true West Ham fan can say they like him after what he’s said about us in the past is beyond me.

I wouldn’t piss on his teeth if his gums were on fire…

wanstead_hammer 2:11 Sat Jan 7
Re: I like frank .
Hermit road 10:23 Fri Jan 6

Alfs 2:02 Sat Jan 7
Re: I like frank .
I like him too. Never stopped really. Felt he was treated terribly by the fans and was gutted when he left.

In a parallel universe I'm sure he has led West Ham to great things, along with Rio, Joe, Michael, Jermaine et al.

jfk 1:38 Sat Jan 7
Re: I like frank .
I know the lampard family well, my mum and pat(he's mum) where best friends they grew up together. I'm friends with natielie and Clair he's sisters.
I know Frank senior well.
He's an embarrassing to them of he's hatred towards West Ham.

jfk 1:25 Sat Jan 7
Re: I like frank .
I agree but he's bought it on himself,West ham will still be going long after he's popped he's fat fucking clogs.
The fat wanker don't get it,does she ?

Anders 1:08 Sat Jan 7
Re: I like frank
jfk because he has developed a pathological hatred of us.

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