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Uncle Junior 10:20 Fri Jan 6
What's happened to him ' useless cunt at the moment ' so at moment no decent right or left back

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, 5:29 Thu Feb 2
Re: Cresswell
Is Masuaku still injured?

theaxeman 5:23 Thu Feb 2
Re: Cresswell
There's enough room for the landing soldo!

Private Dancer 2:59 Thu Feb 2
Re: Cresswell
Haha....you got me there Sold0

Northern Sold 2:57 Thu Feb 2
Re: Cresswell
How the fuck is anyone going to put any opposition player into the stand?? Fly him there ??

Private Dancer 2:41 Thu Feb 2
Re: Cresswell
He plays like a girl and is more worried about messing his hair up than putting his man in the stand. You'd think if there was one thing the pointless Dicksy would do is toughen this fella up, but no.

franksfat&slow&wank 2:20 Thu Feb 2
Re: Cresswell
the question should be asked if the form continues and aurthur is fit and available

he cant be written off just yet, as shouldn't cresswell but fuck me hes been terrible

stewie griffin 2:18 Thu Feb 2
Re: Cresswell
from what little I've seen of him, I like the look of Tierney. Sessegnon at Fulham looks different gear. Supposedly all the 'big' clubs in for him, but I think we should be able to compete with them with the chance of more first team football

Spandex Sidney 2:17 Thu Feb 2
Re: Cresswell
I think Cresswell needs some competition, looks too complacent like much of the squad to be fair. You kinda get the impression Bilic has his favourites

franksfat&slow&wank 2:16 Thu Feb 2
Re: Cresswell
I agree cresswell been poor for weeks

collyrob 2:15 Thu Feb 2
Re: Cresswell
He's been shit since his injury.

It's not just about been outclassed by top players. He's costing us goals with shit sloppy play.

I think tierney is a better full back. So if we can upgrade our players then I'm all for it.

chim chim cha boo 2:03 Thu Feb 2
Re: Cresswell
Yes up against that fifty million pound player having the game of his life he came up short so let's sell him immediately.

Also not performing to his optimum in a team woefully short of confidence so let's get rid.

Jesus fucking Christ.

collyrob 1:39 Thu Feb 2
Re: Cresswell
I said last year to get Kieran Tierney in, gonna be top top drawer. Pace power fantastic tackler and great delivery of a ball.

Sell cresswell for 12 get tierney in for around the same I reckon.

franksfat&slow&wank 1:32 Thu Feb 2
Re: Cresswell
bad injury and loss of form

shame lets hope he sorts it out or bung Arthur in

dealcanvey 1:30 Thu Feb 2
Re: Cresswell
Dembele has 9 goals in 21 SPL games.

Scott Sinclar has 13 in 20 from the wing so why dont we buy him for 30 mill aswell?

Fuck it.

it is a dog shit league and I would not be risking spending that kind of money on players playing there. It is league 1 standard.

J.Riddle 1:30 Thu Feb 2
Re: Cresswell
Always Ben suspect defensively from day one, but good going forward. Has a good cross and shot on him. Seems to have lost it going forward since Payet not playing and passing to him down the line.

His England debut didn't go too well by all accounts.

I would prefer a RB who can primarily defend well rather than attack so I would sell if we can get good money.

theaxeman 1:28 Thu Feb 2
Re: Cresswell
Oh hang on we're run by liars

theaxeman 1:27 Thu Feb 2
Re: Cresswell
The best young leftback ive seen in years is Kieren Tierney at celtic, 20mil should get along with 35 for Dembele! Next level and all that, might as well get van dijk too

Russ of the BML 1:18 Thu Feb 2
Re: Cresswell
Needs a rocket up his arse like the rest of the useless cunts.

Eddie B 1:18 Thu Feb 2
Re: Cresswell
Hasn't quite been the same this season, after that injury he got pre-season.

LAHammered 12:41 Thu Feb 2
Re: Cresswell
Is Jack Burkett still available

hollocks 12:40 Thu Feb 2
Re: Cresswell
He, Noble, Obiang and Byram are not good enough.

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